“to me they  look like a championship team playing in the prem”

“I think Sheff had no problem picking up points against frankly rubbish bottom half Champo teams but raising their level against prem teams every week will be too much.”

“if you look at the summer signings Sheffield does have the look of a club building for a play-off spot next season.”

“Sheff U are going to be hard to beat but are a pretty horrible side – over the top challenges all the time, not overly great to watch.  I’d much prefer our ‘style’ over theirs but good luck to them I suppose!”

“Still think Sheff U will struggle. This is as good as they can play I reckon & they struggled. They certainly wanted it more than CP but I feel their, er, robust style may cause them problems in the end.”

“Sheff Utd fans are completely delusional if they think their attacking play is as good as ours – there is no contest whatsoever! They’re pretty robust in defence, I’ll give them that, but that was a very poor Palace side so even that isn’t much of a compliment.

Both looked Championship to me. I’ve got no worries watching that, not exaggerating when I say that I think that’s quite possibly the worst game I’ve ever seen in the Premier League quality wise.”

“There is no Pukki, Buendia, Vrancic, Hernandez, Cantwell, Drmic etc at Sheff Utd as far as I can see, or am I missing something? Time will tell of course, but I’m confident that our focus on attack, and a quality one at that, rather than defence will prove to be more successful in our attempts to staying up this season – sure, we’ll take some beatings along the way, but I don’t think they have enough quality up top to surprise too many teams like we possibly can. “


“Both Norwich and Sheff Utd pretty much showing us how it is done.  Got a horrible feeling we are this seasons whipping boys, again… points going to be very hard to come by.”

“Wish we were in Norwich and Sheff Utd position in the summer, not having to rebuild.”

“I think it’s ok that Norwich and Shef United have picked up 3 points. Puts more pressure on Newcastle and Palace who will also be down there this season.”

“Shef Utd  even though devoid of stars , played as a team / well drill/ everyone know their roles / always look to pass to teammates”


“Fair play to Lundstram..great player…didn’t think he had the all round game for the Premiership….hope he proves me wrong. Who would have thought 2 Oxford players from 3 or 4 years ago playing in the premiership.”

“Only ever seen negative things from Sheffield fans about Lundstram so surprised he’s getting a game in the prem but fair play to him thought he looked a potential top flight player when he was here”

“Did we put a sell on fee for lundstram because I don’t think he won’t be at Sheffield Utd next season on this performance shame we never brought baldock”


“In the premier league and can’t even fill their stadium. What an absolute pub team”

“That Sheffield side are Stoke reincarnated”

“Hope they stay up”


“Sheffield have really impressed their first two games, reckon they might stay up”

“Well done to Sheffield United”

“I’m delighted for Sheffield United. I hope they put a great performance this season”

“That was an amazing pass by Norwood. KDB vibes”

“Really like Ollie Norwood, good footballer. Pleased he is doing well”

“Sheffield United’s #7 looked tidy.”

“Such a boring game.”


“Sheff united looking strong picking up as many points as possible at this moment in the season very important for them.”

“Sheffield United look like they work for each other, always closing down together, going to be a tough place to go for most teams. .”

“Love that result. 4 points in 2 games. Avoiding defeats. Solid start for them.”

“Sheffield have no quality though. They will be really fucking boring to watch if they spend half the games time wasting.”

“they are a horrible team to watch. Some dirty tactics in this game and challenges. But thats what you expect from them, think they have always been a crap team to watch.”

“That roar at full time gave me goosebumps!!!”


“fantastic atmosphere at Bramall Lane”

“Pity the game doesn’t match it”

“Been impressed with Sheff UTD, with the analysis from experts like Danny Mills I thought they were a hoof ball team, couldn’t be more wrong, they play some nice stuff and break fast and in numbers including the centre backs.
I reckon these could stay up as they will provide the other smaller teams massive problems, they may take the odd thrashing but along with Norwich I have been impressed.”

“Decent sides came up this year. Villa showed a lot at Spurs, Sheff U got a point away from home where usually Bournemouth are decent. And Norwich showed a lot against us and won yesterday.
Wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of the crap teams that have graced the Premiership get relegated this year. Palace and the like.”

By Roy

13 thoughts on “Neutral Fans Views On The Blades Win Against Palace”
  1. Hi guy n maybe girls, thanks for you opinions, however that’s all they are, 4 points from 2 games is ok to start with, I think outsiders don’t have a clue about our clubs togetherness, some harsh comments especially from the Norwich fans, well suppose there entitled to there say, I really do think it way to early to be making judgments, I like to say good luck to all the supporters of the PREMIERSHIP clubs, yes large print for obvious reasons, UTB

  2. Typical response from Norwich, all I expected really.
    They’ve got a win and feel they have an opinion.
    Anyway I’m not going to stoop so low, so I say “good luck Norwich, you’re going to need it”.

  3. Think Aston villa are a what they are a championship side meadiocor manager who couldn’t buy a good player if he tried a team of low skilled players back to the championship for you come on you wolves

  4. For the Norwich Fan that says we aint nice to watch and that they are geared up to attack ?

    Two things

    1 , you cant tell me you didnt need any new players so why didnt Delia splash the cash ??

    2 , if your up for it i will wager you £100 that the Blades finish higher than Norwich.


  5. The Norwich fan made me laugh. Look mate, even the government thinks you’re pointless, you don,t even rate a motorway.

  6. Some good and not so good feed back, But we are Blades and ppl expected us to be the whipping boys, true we’ve not played anyone big yet,, But we are a new squad and rebuilding, We strength and depth in all positions and play a style no one can’t understand (as yet) 21 clean sheets in the Championship shows our credentials as a proper defending team capable of keeping the best at bay, We won’t go down but predict 12th which I’m sure will plz all Blades;

  7. I take any comments on the chin all blade fan know it will be a struggle but for the Norwich fans remarks I think they are the delusional team in the league they will struggle more than us long term once pukkie pie boy loses hit touch they’ve no one else worthy playing in premier League
    up the blades⚔️⚔️⚔️

  8. Well if we play crap football at Sheffield United then all I want to say how come all the managers who know about football voted Chris wilder manager of the year for last season and I would love to see all then fans who said we was shit to try and play the way we play and see how long they last ! And as for being dirty plays get a grip it’s a contact sport are player’s don’t fall down for nothing or roll round like they been shot or try to con the ref for fouls and penalties like the top sides do and hopefully var will catch the cheats and they will be serious punished like cheats should be the Burnley manager was right to many premiership plays are protected .

  9. Man city can’t fill their ground either so don’t knock us and what’s blue moon about should be dull moon

  10. Sad Norwich fan pulling us down. Who on earth does he think Norwich are? Take Pukki from them and they would still be in bottom half of the Championship. I’m much more comfortable with having a full competent squad than being over reliant on one player. God help them if Pukki picks up a long term injury. SUFC have no such worries. They are well covered in all positions.

  11. Are some of these fans actually football fans or do they just go to matches for a coffee and a chat premiership blindness and as for Norwich fans don’t get me started

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