“well it wasnt pretty but we got the 3 points! so job done!”

“Awesome result! Great strike by Harvey, but wow we don’t half make it nervy for ourselves, felt like I could hardly breathe last 5 mins”

“Good result, questionable performance. We will face much better sides this season and are going to need to improve massively if we want to carry on winning.”

“Great result at a tough place to get one…plenty of teams will lose there this season.”

“Didn’t rate them, worked hard which is fair enough but ultimately just a lump the ball in the box team.”

“Kind of embarrassing to have to park the bus against this team, but I’ll take the three points however we can get them.” “We really are turning into a deluded billy big spuds lot of fans when they use embarrassing against teams that give there all. A lot of us really have forgot what we were all about now t

“Great win at a tough place. Sheff Utd will trip a few up this season”

“Think they deserved a draw, tbh.”

“Bramall Lane will be a horrible place to go this season”

“Got a praise the lads, lesser teams would have crumbled against that kind of play. They became overly aggressive and tried to bully us, but we stuck at it and won.”

“Sheff Utd will beat many average sides at home. I like how they look to get the ball into quality areas before crossing. Not a team who lumps and hopes.They will however get picked off by the top sides on the break”

“Got to give credit to the blades. Whilst they are unspectacular they are very good at what they do. They will make a lot of teams look average this season and didn’t really allow us to step out of 3rd gear. I reckon they’ll stay up comfortably.”

“Well we shithoused that one. Ugly, but a win away so…. Perhaps it was something to do with the weather, but same for both sides and it didn’t seem to affect Utd who I thought were very good, and surely won’t get relegated.”

“Worth mentioning, although Brendan got it right eventually Wilder had our cards marked for majority of that. We weren’t great but still got the 3 points. This team has another 2-3 gears to go into.”

“Any team that takes points from Bramall Lane this season will have to battle ****ing hard for them. Brilliant result and I’m ****ing delighted”

“Sheffield werent a very demanding opponent, I expect more from BR and the lads”

“Not sure Sheffield United have enough quality to stay up, but they played with great fighting spirit, they gave us a really good test today.”

“For anyone who has complaints about the performance, please take into account the type of game this was. I tip my hat off to Sheffield United because they fought like lions throughout the entire game. They were first to so many balls and though they lack Premier League quality, they gave 110% throughout. They reminded me of us in our first season upon our return with the heart they showed.”

“Teams will struggle at Bramall Lane this season.”

“Sheffield are a decent side who play with heart and conviction. It augurs well that we could go to such a tough ground and win”

“I don’t think Sheffield United will lose more than 6 or 7 times at home this season.”

“Sheff Utd were good value, tough team – strayed over the line a bit but were generally decent.”

“I don’t get the Sheff Utd praise. Distinct lack of quality and bankers to finish 20th.”

“they turned it into a championship game”

“they were so bad they did not deserve to have ball on our side of the pitch,but ya 3 point is great”

“They’re poor and they stink of Cardiff. Today we’ve shown how to counter their bullying tactics, and they will be beaten more often.”

“It was old fashioned tactics in an old fashioned stadium with an old fashioned, blood and thunder atmosphere.”

“has any team who comes up and “battle hard” and is a “tough place to go” ever stayed up? isn’t that just code for they have a big man up front, they’ll probably take a point off arsenal but ultimately they’ll score 25 goals all season and then fu ck off”

“Sheffield United aren’t dissimilar to Burnley and Stoke, so I’m pleased we were able to walk away with limbs intact, heads held reasonably high, and most importantly, 3 points in the bag.”

“They are relegation bound, but at home, on a long unbeaten streak at the start of their Premier League return, this was like a cup tie against a lower division team giving their all – a totally different proposition to playing them later in the season when their confidence is low and the initial euphoria has worn off.”

“Thought they were horrendous and look destined to be relegated”

“Sheff U were literally sideways, sideways and then hopefully hoof a cross in. Repeat. No dynamism”

“No other PL team plays like Sheff U. Maybe Burnley I’ll give you. Possibly Newcastle (when Carroll is fit, which will be hardly ever). Everyone else tries to play through you on the floor, even when behind and chasing the game. Quite frankly, I’d rather defend a lead against a team that does that than against a team like Sheff U. It’s hard to nick the ball away and counter when it’s 20 feet above your head. It’s really not easy to look good against that style”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Leicester”
  1. You lot are deluded we play the ball on the floor most of the time over do it at times. As for you how many times did you play long ball over for Vardy. As for maddison what a complete cock diving about like Billy Elliot to com the referee. As for you fans remember when you were just alsorans before your big investor came on board so don’t talk like billy big bollocks saying that think you will finish 6th

  2. Which match did you lot watch,not the same one as we were at,,,you must like our grass on pitch,you lot spent more time falling and rolling around,,,hoof ball,dont make me laugh,,,,Good luck for season anyway

  3. Another set of deluded tosspots. Was a good game y two decent trams . Its our 3rd game in we are finding our feet. Weve won one, against a side who beat man u. lost one( harshly and to a wonder strike) where our keeper had nothing to do apart from pick the ball from the net twice
    We need to learn get punished for errors at this level. And got a point which shluld have been three away to Bournemouth.
    Time will tell but have to laugh at you lot saying we are route one? Hoofball? Direct? Physical? Not since the days of Dave basset and warnock have we been that. Have had so many comments and compliments on our effective positive attacking style of plsy from various other fans, opposition managers and media they cant all be wrong but you lot on here spot on? Come off it.

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