“Pointless game.”

“I thought this was our best performance of the season by far.  At times we played some really good stuff and outplayed United for large parts of the first half.”

“The game was there for the taking and if we had scored that pen, would have gone on to comfortably win I think. The positive is dominating a prem team who despite the changes had more money on the pitch then our whole club is worth.”

“First half hour I thought we played some good stuff, opened them up and looked dangerous getting forward. The winning of the penalty was just one of a number of nice moves into dangerous areas.Then came the inevitable regression as we cannot sustain the pressure indefinitely although we were still competing well in the game when we fell behind.They probably couldn’t believe their luck going in at 2-0 given the balance of the game but sadly that’s the way we seem to operate these days – bucket loads of possession, some nice passing and moving around the midfield, some decent play getting forward, but then nothing by way of a final ball or killer instinct. Just wasteful, hesitant or poor decision making – take your pick but it happens every time we get into advanced areas and means we are struggling to convert our possession into goals or even decent goalscoring opportunities. It seems Mowbray’s frustrations boiled over which they rarely do which probably sums up the ineptitude of the referee tonight. An abysmal performance from him who I think was just looking forward to an easy and comfortable night out and a routine home win. Sadly not the first time we’ve had to endure that particular referee and won’t be the last”

“The difference in the first half was the keepers. Their keeper saved a penalty and the rebound whilst ours clapped at a perfectly catchable cross. Leutwiler prefers to punch than catch and it drives me mad. Poor, poor goalkeeping. The second goal should have signalling least a double change at half time but Mr Play It Safe did nothing. When he eventually changed he kept his two banks of four when I thought we should have gone all out.”

“Last nights game was very reminiscent of last season with the set up and way they played but predictably shipped a few crap goals and didn’t take their chances. Yes good opposition but who’d made about ten changes so essentially a bunch of strangers so we saw plenty of the ball.  Maybe reinforces the more pragmatic approach of the first team recently.”

“We played well last night, not a lot you can really fault from the performance apart from actually testing the keeper, our goalkeeper & Smallwood. Dreadful players that really shouldn’t be playing for us again if we want to progress.The biggest thing is though, we are struggling to score goals, far too many “cute” attempts at through balls and making that final pass, we were trying to walk it in at times. I also don’t see this changing anytime soon, we’re in for a long frustrating season on that front I think.”

“They had two shots, and made ‘em both count. Good reason why they are in the PL, and we’re in the Championship (yes, I know there are more reasons than one).”

“Interesting stats on this one. You’d expect a team with such domination in stats to win the game comfortably or at least draw. But when you can’t keep the ball out of the net at your end and fail to take your chances at the other end this is where it leads.”

“When stats like these don’t lead to a win, it should be a one off-just one of those days etc. But with Rovers , I think it is becoming a pattern.”

“2 really shite goals to give away from pretty much the blades only chances”

“Rovers played well and were the better team throughout.The young team were knocking it around towards the end really nicely. Future is bright with these kids.Sadly, we gave away 2 of the softest goals I’ve seen away.”

“Wasn’t bothered about the result before the game. Not quite sure how we managed to lose” “I’ve seen us play far worse and win games.”

“Horribly let down by two goal keeper foul ups and a penalty kick as bad as they come.” “We have plenty of possession but we create very little with it.”

“Mowbray got sent off for lecturing a BallBoy about lifestyle choices. This is true, believe it or not.”

“Mowbray was initially yellow carded for leaving the technical area. He spoke to a ball boy about the time he was taking to give Rovers players the ball back. He must have said something to the referee because a red card was produced within seconds presumably for something he said.I honestly don’t know what Mowbray thought he was doing by speaking to the ball boy. That’s completely out of his remit. All this ‘good human being’ is bollocks in my view and in my view he has made a fool of himself. Uncle Tony indeed .The referee was poor all night and his inconsistency was about as bad as I have seen.”

“Reading his comments in the LET about wanting to teach the ball boy about ethics, honour, integrity and personal values the ref probably did everyone a favour. He does come out with some nonsense does old Tony.”

“Somebody needs to talk to TM about the ethics, honour, integrity and personal values of picking Smallwood/Evans in midfield and giving Leutwiler an extension despite not being good enough to start in League 1, let alone for a Championship club.”

“Wish we had ball boys who slowed things down and helped the team out when defending leads. The one at Sheffield looked at least 16-17 and was no doubt a youth team player well rehearsed  in such things. Our ball boys are young children of Primary school age by the looks of things. We could do the same but don’t. “

“Ravel Morrison is a dirty bastard. Shocking tackle on Travis”

“Ravel Morrisons tackling on Travis was shocking!”

By Roy

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