“This may very well be up there with Bournemouth last season as the most embarrassing result I’ve ever seen.”

“Dominated by Sheffield United in the second half”

“Outplayed for the whole second half”

“Sheffield deserved that for the way they made us look like amateurs.”

“Tactically outclassed by a championship side, at home.” “I think the trouble with most people is that Lampard didn’t manage to get a grip on the game against a newly promoted side, which btw, he knows and had time to prepare for.On performance alone we should have lost this game and the Leicester one as well.”

“We were lucky to get a draw”

“They had two styles of attack, long ball out from the back and crosses from out wide. We failed to stop either happening.”

“Big boys vs a small team (us). We don’t have any identity or can’t keep any possession”

“The most embarrassing thing you can say about that is that we allowed Sheffield f*****g United to come in to Stamford Bridge and totally dictate the game in the second half. Think about that. A newly promoted side came in and they forced US to adapt to them rather than the other way around. We couldn’t do ANYTHING with the ball in that second half. Against a side that doesn’t have a single player who would make our squad and after being 2-0 up!”

“We have a patched up team out there with people either very young and inexperienced or old and experienced. Yes so it was Sheffield United – but they are a f****g hard working decent team – they will finish in the Top 10 and grind out results against other clubs too”

“Doesn’t matter that they are! That team should not be drawing at home with sheff Utd! If people think that group of players drawing is acceptable then we are in massive trouble”

“Sometimes you just got to give credit to the opposition, Sheff U played really well in the 2nd half, this draw is tough to take but we only got ourselves to blame”

“Disappointing to only leave with a point today. But props to Sheff Utd, surprisingly good” “Fair play to Sheff United deserved the draw”

“Well done Sheff Utd! Went to the match. We struggled defensively when they attacked us.”

“Sheffield were all over us 2nd half”

“They look tidy and we’ll organised and know their game plan to perfection. They will stay up”

“you dont take experience off like kovacic for kids when your 1 goal ahead you do that when your 3 up lampard showed total disrespect to sheff utd and underestimated them same showed by playing tomori if you are gonna play tomori at least take zouma out he is having a shocker”

“The problem is the so called seniors Azpilicueta and Zouma give away an easy goal. One gets bullied by f****g Callum Robinson and another can’t time his bloody run.”

“Azpilicueta was culpable for United’s first goal, when he was way too easily beaten by Enda Stevens in the build up and he generally failed to inspire confidence, particularly when confronted with the pace of Callum Robinson”

“Lets be honest even at 2-0 we were pretty shite. Never created more than maybe 2 chances from open play (Kova and Tammys chances). A better performance from their GK for 1 of the 2 goals and for the other if their 2 CBs didnt cock up, we wouldnt of scored. Simple as that.”

“we blew a 2 nil lead AT HOME and drew with a team whose top 27 players have a combined market value of around what we spent on just Morata . they have ELEVEN players under one million quid in MV and their highest MV player is worth less than we sold LUIZ for to Arse at that £8m cut-rate price. NOT ACCEPTABLE”

“How does one draw against Sheff utd?????”

“We also drew 2-2 against the European Champions. Perspective is needed”

“Sheffield are above us due to our stupid goal difference”

“I know it is early stages but these are games that our rivals would win comfortably imo at home. We will face better teams than Sheffield United also”

“Well, if we cannot win at home against a pub side …. I am afraid we will have to fight against relegation and ending up 10th or so would be an achievement.”

“5 points after 4 games against pub teams bar ManUtd. Worst is being outplayed by Norwich and Sheffield in second half.”

“So now even recent PL Champions are pub teams. Priceless!”

“So disappointed when Sheff Utd scored, I crushed my coffee cup and chucked it On the floor of the Stand!”

“Lol you must have been livid mate”

“I’d like to see Frank dressed as a skinhead on the sidelines. Ben sherman,braces,jeans and bovver boots,eith nutting gestures for poor play!”

“Sheff Utd fans singing 2-0 and you effed it up and to be fair they are right!”

By Roy

9 thoughts on “View From Chelsea”
  1. I did post pre match that you arrogance would be your downfall. Chelsea fans still saying ‘it’s only Sheff United’. Get real, Blades we’re promoted because there’re a good team and won’t give in just because you were a great team in the PAST. ??❤️⚔️?

  2. I did post pre match that you arrogance would be your downfall. Chelsea fans still saying ‘it’s only Sheff United’. Get real, Blades we’re promoted because there’re a good team and won’t give in just because you were a great team in the PAST. ??❤️⚔️?

  3. You lot need to get behind your lads. I ‘ve heard better support at Bramall Lane when we were two divisions lower and 15,000 in the ground. Think we heard you sing once. Get behind your side and be the 12th man.

  4. Totally understand how you boys feel but we have a very tactically minded young manager,yes we’re not a team of superstars we’ve spent £45 million we are looking only to suvive and maybe strengthen next season , good luck for the rest of the season ?❤️⚔️ Ps
    We lost 3-0 at home to Southend 3 seasons ago in league one just how do you think that felt

  5. The muppets at Chelsea were saying things pre-match such as ‘poor opposition’, ‘easiest
    match of the season’.They’re not saying it now.What about a bit of praise for an all British side with all British names and costing virtually nothing .No wonder Chris Wider was voted Manager of the Year last season beating so called managers such as Sarri !

  6. Thanks very much Roy, I always enjoy reading these, come win, lose or draw.
    This particular draw with Chelsea was a scintillating game with a happy ending.
    Thank you for providing the post-match entertainment.

    We’re still on the march with Wilder’s army!
    The Blades are up and up the Blades!

  7. We deserved that point and if it wasn’t for the 2 bloopers we caused ourselves we could have come away with all 3 Chelsea line up looked impressive young and exciting yet on the pitch they looked bang average…I’m sure they will gel soon though and then they will be the finished article…if this doesn’t happen by Xmas though I can see Lampard returning to Stamford Bridge as a legend and leaving as a Bellend..I said to my mates straight away that I was surprised that Chelsea would risk signing him as Manager when he had only had 1 season in Championship under his Belt…I reckon It was more Sentimental than strategic.

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