“Sheffield threw everything at us including the kitchen sink”

“Sheffield United were very unlucky not to get something from the match with the amount of clearcut chances they had & never gave up till the whistle.”

“Got to say I was impressed with Sheffield United first half, they knock it around nicely.”

“We rode our luck”

“Lucky to win”

“Fantastic three points. A bit of luck and a gritty professional defence of our lead !!!”

“I thought that was a superb away performance. There were long periods of that 2nd half where we just bossed it, took control of the ball and just played at our pace.We did get lucky on some occasions, but so did Sheff Utd as we could have easily had 1 or 2 in the first half. It was an honest and well fought game between two keen sides. Positive outlooks for both sides I think.”

“I thought we were in total control second half.”

“Thought it was a pretty decent game which could’ve gone either way to be fair. For a change the ex Saints didn’t come back to haunt us, McGoldricks finishing hasn’t improved any, he should’ve had a brace before we scored, but blew both chances. Didn’t see the Billy Sharp tackle as was clapping and chanting Boufal as he walked in front of the fans after being subbed.”

“McGoldrick’s efforts were a bit tame”

“we had more quality than them in the final third but we were nothing special and if they had a decent striker we would have conceded at least once.
Let’s not forget, this is a team with McGoldrick, Sharp and some homeless bloke as it’s strike force, FFS.”

“Not really sure what Wilder was talking about either, aside McGoldricks 1v1 saved by Gunn, we had all the best chances in that game and pretty much every highlight package shows that. They had 17 shots, but only got 4 on target and they needed a wonder save and the post to stop us scoring more.”

“Small-time northern mentality. They always think everyone’s out to get them and are constantly hard-done by. It’s a sort of Liverpool-lite.”

“These sides should realise their huff and puff is limited and on borrowed time if can’t finish. . You played a sophisticated side that outclassed you (of sorts)
Want to stay up just take your chances against us – we are quite liberal with them.”

“It’s amusing reading that thread from their forum complaining they had the better chances and should have won. The only really clear chance they had was when McGoaldrought got away from JV but fluffed his shot and made it easy for Gunn.
Their keeper made the best save of the match from Adams’ header in the first half. And his earlier shot against the post was really unlucky, cos he hit that superbly.”

“I love the irony of them accusing our players of going down with the merest touch, when despite being pulled back outrageously by their defender, Djenepo stayed on his feet to score the winning goal. And the commentary I was listening to praised Mason for allowing the game to flow, instead of blowing for every niggly little foul, as many of them being made by Sheffield Utd. Thank god he didn’t blow for that blatant foul on Djenepo.”

“Yes we were unlucky with Adams not taking his early chances but we got opened up multiple times and SU really should have scored which would have been a different game. It’s fascinating quite how much the VAR decision changed the momentum of the game. Ignited the away end anyway. Very satisfying victory, and an improvement but not sure that we are a much better team than SU – they are our level and on another day they would beat us.”

“VAR is working out great for Saints. Hotly contested, but a fair result in an even match thanks to VAR. Either side could have one, but justice prevailed through technology……’cos the rest was even”

“Loving VAR right now. Our games are anything but dull that’s for sure.”

“Very very lucky with that JWP handball Can see why Sheff United were fuming.”

“Absolutely baffled that VAR didn’t overturn that. We would rightly be fuming if that was the other way round.”

“Seriously? The ball just hit his arm after travelling through a bunch of players trying to head it. Never a pen and rightly not given.
I wouldn’t be fuming at all.
Pretty much the only thing Mason got wrong yesterday was not giving us a really obvious corner in the second half.”

“I used to think Lee Mason was a fat-headed skate cheat but he’s alright now.”

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By Roy

One thought on “View From Southampton”
  1. Two evenly contested sides, and nothing to separate them, apart from the ref.
    One of worst refs at BDTB for years.
    Cannot contest VAR though, correct decision.
    Difference in this division, you have to defend well, and take your half chances, not just open chances.

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