“is anyone actually surprised at that result, I mean really?”

“It’s the worst possible result in the worst possible way.”

“Absolutely crap match”

“To be honest I thought we would win that game even when 1 down. The amount of possession we had we should have won. Totally lost our Shape when we changed formation. How on earth can’t we get the ball in the back of the net. We have a good team on paper are we just unlucky or is the good team on paper only though my blue tinted glasses.”

“That was as bad as I’ve seen since I got a season ticket.”

“7 points from 6 easy games is terrible. A win today and things would have looked fairly rosy. But the manner of the performance and losing by 2 goals is just a kick in the head.”

“I honestly can’t believe how bad that performance was. It really couldn’t have been much worse, and we have thrown another season away because the top 6/7 looks way out of reach for us.
Losing 2-0 at home, to Sheffield United. My God, we are now at ground zero.”

“Getting beat at home 2-0 by Sheffield United is unforgivable.”

“You can’t expect to lose this badly at home to Sheffield United and get away with it. Tactically inept.”

“Gameplan at 0-0 = pass about the backline, wait to go down the wing and cross to 3 big CB’s against 1 striker.
Gameplan at 1-0 down = pass about the backline, wait to go down the wing and cross to 4 big CB’s against 2 strikers.
Gameplan at 2-0 down = cross some more against a back 6/7 that Sheff Utd had expecting the same garbage over and over.
I have never in my life seen a manager make 2 or 3 changes in a game and still have the same shocking get it wide and cross mentality.7 points from Palace, Villa, Bournemouth, Wolves, Sheff Utd, Watford.
Get in the bin.”

“That was easy for Sheff Utd to defend against yet we cannot defend set pieces very well and get caught out on counters to easily.”

“Ashamed, absolutely disgusted with this latest shambles, never, ever looked like scoring or deserved to, the best TEAM won without breaking sweat.”

“Sheff Utd have won today as they adopted tactics and a game plan.
Something we never have.”

“Sheff united didn’t even need to commit players. They had their game plan and stuck to it. Fair play to them.”

“Credit to Sheffield UTD, they were hungrier.”

“I was impressed by how well Sheffield United defended today. I couldn´t imagine us being so disciplined.”

“I’d be surprised if we didn’t win more away games than they do even with how bad we are. Bunkering and praying you can hold on and score on the odd counter or set piece is how you might survive relegation. It is not how you push top 6.
Did you enjoy Allardyce? Because although he was meh at it, that is what he looked to do.”

“Their second was a great through ball and a nice finish through Pickfords’ legs.”

“Silva said “we controlled the game”, Nonsense.
You control a game of football by creating chances, putting the ball in the net, and defending solidly, especially from set plays.”

“Great away performance from Sheffield United. The type we should be looking to replicate tbh.”

“They rarely rode their luck. They were difficult to play against, and allowed us just three shots on target all game. “

“They scored 2 goals with one shot on target how is that not lucky”

“they defended properly and made themselves hard to play against. We don´t do that away from home. We play the game like we´re City or Liverpool.”

“I don’t think we’d be happy if we went away to Bournemouth and got outshot 15 to 2 even if we did win. I know I’d be glad to win and asking questions by Monday.
And making yourselves hard to play against still is admission that you aren’t good enough and if the other team clicks you can’t win. It’s praying for luck.”

“we had 71% of possession and 15 shots compared to 2 for Sheff Utd. Once Mina’s freak goal went in we had little idea and Sheffield scored again with a rare foray upfield.
They were very lucky to hardly threaten and score two but it says as much about our own failings as well.”

“Scoring two goals on two shots is riding your luck. Sitting deep and not trying to really attack for an entire half is riding your luck.
They got lucky they were playing a team that has no idea how to attack.”

“It’s not riding your luck. It’s having a system and sticking to it. These got 2 at Chelsea and were unlucky to leave there with only 1 point.
They set up how they set up and we played right into their hands. Excellent management from Wilder. “

“Well played Sheff Utd. Proper manager, proper recruitment policy, proper team ethic and clarity about what they’re trying to do.”

“Chris wilder is no mug. What he’s done at sheff united is astonishing. He must have saw that and thought we are in here. Good managers play to their strengths.”

“Well played to Sheff Utd,they have a decent boss there”

“There is a lot of good British managers that get overlooked that probably know a lot more about our club and where we should be. U only have to look at our prediction league to see how cocky we are. Jags in his interview was very magnanimous but you could tell he thought it was an easy win”

“Its embarrassing that we cant do the simple things but Sheff Utd can.”

“They played like a boxer who’s realised you can’t hurt him with your best punches”

“Their keeper did nothing but catch easy balls it’s disgraceful”

“Their keeper had nothing to do”

“Their keeper was having a chip butty on his line, he had nothing better to do, Everton didn’t fancy shooting today.”

“We’re far too easy to play against.
Give away goals and have no clue how to break a team down.”

“Virtually no noise till just before kickoff when the teams come out,  then after kickoff all goes quiet again,  apart from utd fans.  Ive been in livelier morgues im telling you.  No atmosphere what so ever.  The game?  I think that is our worst performance ive seen at goodison since i cant remember. I refused to go under BFS.  One save their keeper made.  Absolute dross. We got turned over by a rag tag company of grafters.  Shocking. “

“Proper classless fans, this Sheffield United lot. Boring goading, similar to Midlands clubs.”

“I’m not even arsed anymore”

“Give it Moyseh till end ut season”

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By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Everton”
  1. Martinez, Koeman now Silva. We keep getting managers from “smaller” clubs because they have done a good job either keeping them in the premier league or finishing in the top half. That’s not good enough for Everton. We need a top manager . We still need a more goal hungry striker . It’s no good having 70% possession every game and not winning. My last point, we look like we are going to concede every time we’re under attack, our central defenders are poor at best. Not impressed by Yerry Mina at all.

  2. Could be fighting relegation battle on this performance. No urgency from anyone. We play across the back for so long the opposition have time to nip to the toilet. Still think we got the players missing tactics.

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