“We’re in League One and have beaten more premier league teams than the mags”

“Pity we didnt play Premier League opposition every week”

“Even though they’ve both had somewhat depleted sides out, that’s two premier league teams beaten quite comfortably. The less hustle and bustle and shithousery the game is the better we are.”

“Not really a premier league 11 though was it? 10 changes..”

“Can only beat the team the opposition out out. 8 changes for us.”

“And perhaps this is our best team.
No one knows, especially jack ross.”

“I actually felt hopeful for this season after our defending v Portsmouth in the play offs thinking he might sort our defence. Similar tonight in a way though I now fully expect to be disappointed.”

“Seriously – was that our reserve team? It’s hard to tell – bar the keeper virtually all have featured in the league. Great result, but not knowing our first XI is part of the problem.”

“Sheff Utds main concern is premier league survival this season, and given all the changes they made, them losing this game won’t arse them much as had they played their first team and lost”

“Sheff U made 10 changes from their team at the weekend, so their players were likely trying their best to get noticed to put them in the running for selection in the next match.”

“It’s the arrogance of Prem players. Our lads are reserves are fighting for a shirt (or more specifically a contract). They can’t be arsed. We’ve seen it from the other side enough times.”

“It’ll still be a side better than most league one opposition we face and we also made changes too.”

“I think the opposition’s mentality and attitude to the game has a lot to do with us winning as well.”

“all Burnley and sheff utd are interested in is stopping in the prem league and don’t take the competition seriously hence the reason they got knocked out in early stages last season.”

“The premier league sides outside the top six see the League Cup as an inconvenience now sadly. 11,000 crowd and ten changes says it all about Sheffield Utd’s approach.”

“Prem sides make stacks of changes. It’s no wonder they struggle to play coherently or even take it seriously if that’s the message of importance the manager gives them. Are back up players are much of a muchness compared to our supposed first team as well. It makes it easier for us to tweak a few players around.”

“looking at the results of others, Premier League teams think the cup is an unnecessary distraction and they are better off out. “

“It’s great that we won but it should be league……league….league.”

“We probably had more shots in this game than our last two league games”

“Against a reserve side yes. Fleetwood drew with Liverpool U23s. Oxford beat WHU, Burton beating Bournemouth. Doesn’t mean they are great sides either. This game means absolutely nothing. “

“As if us beating Sheff Utd is giant killing”

“An upset maybe, but not a Giant Killing. Sheff Utd will never be a bigger club than us. They’re a Mid-level Championship club at best – didn’t once sell out 32k Bramall Lane during their promotion season”

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By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Sunderland”
  1. As a Blade I agree with most of these comments,last season we lost to Barnet then went off on a unbeaten run in the league to gain promotion,I disagree that you are a bigger club than us,we too have a good past history equal if not better,but thats by the by,I agree i f you played in the league like you did last night you will get promotion. As for us we were lucky enough to find a Manager with a vision and a system that has taken us to the premier from the bottom of nationwide. Best of luck to you for the futire.

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