“Hardest 3 points we’ve got so far this season” “we’ve been in a game here today.”

“Great performance from Sheffield United. I didn’t expect that” “Even as a Liverpool fan I can say harsh result for Sheffield United. If they keep up that style they will gave A LOT of the “top 6” some scary days.”

“Not many are gonna win at Bramall Lane”

“They have a bit of Yorkshire grit in that side and will be tough to beat for any visiting side especially the top 6 because they will play like this today”

“United were very good… after playing these and Norwich… feels like two teams equipped to stay up.”

“I hope SU put in that amount of effort when they play City”

“thought Sheffield were very good, hope they play that well against City as well.”

“just hope Sheffield play like that against the rest of the Top 6.”

“all credit to Sheffield United”

“Sheffield U were superb at closing us down”

“to be honest that’s probably a harder game than some aways against other top 6 sides.”

“We won’t be the only team at the top to go there and struggle this season. They’re much like Wolves of last season, but without the goal threat of Jiminez.”

“They were superb and with a very loud crowd behind them.”

“Felt like the biggest test ever and we overcame it”

“Sheffield deserved something from that, we are VERY lucky.”

“There is no way in hell we deserved 3 points”

“We were very lucky here. Shef United fair play! Big fan of Chris Wilder.”

“Hats off to Sheffield they’re not pretty but one tough nut to crack.”

“Full credit to Sheffield United, that’s the hardest game we’ve played in a while. They were so well organised and hard working.”

“bit of a smash and grab, bit lucky to get out with 3 points.”

“The clean sheet was due to their lack of quality up top when under pressure more than anything. I’m sure a load of teams are gonna go there and get turned over. They try to play decent footy and have a great crowd behind them. Credit where credits due. They aint bad, they just came up against a side today who don’t know when they’re beat.”

“Thank f**k we don’t need to go there again this season.”

“Glad to have got that out of the way, they’ll give many teams a very tough game this season!”

“Sheffield look like a well drilled team and the atmosphere was cracking.”

“Credit to them. Played very well and look exceptionally coached.”

“Defending for our lives against this lot. Embarrassing”

“poor , lucky and got away with it but take all the luck we can get”

“Got away with one there. Three points though, which is what matters.”

“Manner of the goal was harsh on Sheffield United but I’m confident that if he had stopped that we still would have ground out a win.”

“We take all our chances and that would of been a stroll today. We all know there are those games like that in the league were you just have to win ugly. Another three points. That’ll do for me.”

“Spent years watching United and Chelsea sweep up titles winning like that.”

“Was never going to be as easy as some thought cup finals for these teams just up”

“I like these wins we don’t deserve to be fair. We dont deserve the win today, but we have them and that’s just great.”

“That was uglier than peter reid”

“That was a Carlos Tevez level of ugly and far too ugly for my liking.”

“Sheff Utd played well, they defended well but they mostly had half chances and we missed 3 sitters. We also had 70% possession all game and more attempts on goal. We just lack a bit of creativity in midfield as Henderson and Gini are not the creative players so we will definitely find it difficult to break down teams like Sheff.Utd who rely on physical players, long ball and likes to play deeper.”

“We missed so many good chances. People should calm down who says we were luck. It’s Sheffield that were luck”

“we didn’t play as well as we could and yet still could have put 4 or 5 past them if it wasn’t for poor finishing and a blatant penalty not even going to VAR!!!” “Yea they got a good home field advantage, but our goalie is better than their goalie. They parked the bus and tried to waste time, then when we scored they finally started playing, screw them they got what they deserved. We go what we deserved. Go a Reds!!!!”

“They were also bit snide, and there were quite a few hacks in there. The step on Salah’s arm, although not blatant, was kind of a dick move.
Hope they can equally “raise” their game when City come to town.”

“City will batter them, they have the players in midfield to provide the invention needed to break this kind of team down.  We didn’t really have any creativity from midfield and still created 3 clear chances against them.” “nice to see Chris Wilder, another star of Jurassic Park, hanging out his players to dry in true English dinosaur fashion.”

“like that lad , pulled no punches with the keeper either. If you want to be a top player then don’t make stupid mistakes. Had his team up for it and it looks like they give most teams a game at their place.” “If the likes of Pardew, Allardyce, Hughes had been in charge of Sheffield United today, well for a start they’d have got twatted but if the game did end up going the same way they’d be straight on the TV bitching and whinging.
Got a lot of time for Wilder. I hope he keeps them up – think he will.”

“Really like their manager too. Love the way he talks about the game. Really demanding of his players.”

“I was so judgemental on Wilder, saw him as a bit of an old timer, cut from the same managerial cloth as those pricks Allardyce and Pardew. But the way he’s got them promoted playing this football for what is a distinctly mediocre squad is amazing. It takes a lot of intelligence to do what he’s done, and his self awareness and behaviour off the field is tantamount to his intelligence. It’s an insult I ever thought he was in the same bracket as that parochial minded LMA cabal and I’m sorry I ever thought that. Nobody deserves to be compared to that shower of shite, especially Wilder.”

“Joe Elliott, Sean Bean, Colin Wanker, Michael Palin, Dave Bassett, Joe Root, can you hear me, can you hear me, your boys took a hell of a beating, your boys took a hell of a beating!”

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By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Liverpool”
  1. You was watching a different game we was better than you lot with you 300 hundred million pound team your team are soft cannot take a tackle by real men and you still not won the premiership because you will bottle it like last year and the time before if we had your money and our manager we would of scored five or more goals against you your team was lucky but I will admit we need a goal scorer and we need Billy Sharp back in the team .

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