“Nice to see the Blades back at Goodison.I hope we smash them, but it’s good to have Sheffield United back in the top flight.”

“A mixed bag so far for them and its early doors yet, but ive got them down as 1 of the sides that might struggle this season, so a pretty straight forward home win for Marcos boys? Time for Everton!
We have yet to hit our stride this season, our form and the players are very much up and down, we could do with getting a little run together and whilst its still early doors, a win under the siren will certainly be very welcome.”

“Anything less than 3 points and I’ll be disappointed.  They are not good and we are home.”

“It’s important we win this game.”

“Confident on this one”

“Confident we’ll beat these.”

“Should be a straightforward win.”

“Depends if we go one up or one down If we go one up we should be beating this lot of relegation fodder by three! But if we go one down I can see another 90 min debacle because our heads will drop” “Past caring, tbh.
We’ll beat these, lose against City and then draw with Burnley away. Predictable crap.”

“5 games in and I could barely care tbh.”

“We’ll probably win but who’s arsed?”

“Let’s win this in despite of DCL”

“These have barely looked like scoring so far, we’ve got a good record at home.
Got a feeling it’ll be like the Watford game, score early and then do nothing much for the rest of the game”

“Similar to the scene from The Running Man where the old lady bets on Schwarzenegger’s character making the next kill, I don’t want to do this but I’m putting my money on utd rolling our soft underbelly over and tickling us until we done.
Only kidding, we will win but they better do it with some style to make up for some of the rest of the performances we have had to endure this season already.”

“If i was Chris Wilder, i would simply tell the players to get the ball up front and hustle for Corners and free kicks in our half. Chuck it in the box and you can get as many goals as you want.
I’m hoping we blow them away but think they will cause us a lot of problems playing basic direct football.”

“These set up well. Centre backs attack like wingers. Should win at home though.” “We should win, but it’s no gimme, I remember they went to Stamford Bridge and got a 2-2 from 2-0 down and also got a late point at Bournemouth.”

“Feel like Jags will do to us what he did in the derby a few years ago. If we don’t get the win here, could turn ugly for Marco.
Thankfully, it’s at home so >should< be fairly straightforward – as Chelsea thought against these too”

“They are a good team. Well drilled. No superstars, but all know their job, Shouldn’t take it lightly. Everything comes from the wing.”

“Be as tight as a nuns un.”

“Doesn’t formed next big thing at Everton lundstram play for them? My prediction, he plays a decent 6/10 game, and people lose their minds saying how they can’t believe we’ve let another superstar slip away.
We’ll win but nothing is easy at the moment.”

“A warm welcome home for Everton legend John Lundstram”

“Ollie Mcburnie hat trick incoming. We’ll win 5-3.”

“We will dominate them in possession , pint drinking and booooing
can only see one result ..

“I feel Sheffield United aren’t as bad as many people may expect, and can see us having a hard time of it on Saturday to be honest. That said, I predict… three-nil to Everton”

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By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Everton”
  1. A decent lot of supporters at Everton. Much better than the other lot across the park. Blades need to get some luck for once. VAR should be stuffed where the sun doesn’t shine!

  2. Funny reading these comments after the game. Talk about smug apart from one or two. Two poorly performing teams today. One winner. UTB!

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