“They’ve had a decent enough start and certainly no whipping boys. Will be involved in the scrap but have a decent chance to stay up.”

“Tough game this. I’ve been really impressed by them.”

“a tough season is suddenly getting even tougher. Let’s hope the strikers start talking their chances”

“They’ll be looking at games like this as the sort of games they need to win to stay up. Will be a tough one.”

“Hoping we go and attack this game. They’re a good footballing side, this isn’t a Burnley away type game so I don’t think we need 3 at the back or packing the midfield.”

“One thing we must improve on this season is our record against newly promoted teams! Let’s start by taking this next match against Sheffield Utd with the same level of commitment as we played against Man U! Must go for the win!”

“I just hope we manage to put in a better performance than we did last time we played there in the EFL cup in 2014. We were atrocious that night.
Blades so far remind me of Hudds two years ago. They’ve got a good fighting spirit and they’ve kept their momentum going from the end of their promotion season. But they are a limited side in terms of quality.”

“Sheff U are a very limited side from what I’ve seen on MotD. Having momentum from last season is fine but will only carry them so far. Our high press and non-stop effort style will not suit them at all and as long as we turn up for the first half on the day it should be a comfortable win, even 0-3 perhaps.”

“They will look at our away record and feel that we are one of the poorer sides on the road and this is one where they will be pumped up with the crowd behind them to try and get points on the board and like Huddersfield two seasons ago use their good start to be the foundation to keep them up.”

“newly promoted sides seem to either bomb completely at the start of a season or have a good start followed by a steady decline, After promotion some teams seem to find an initial surge of adrenalin that can only be sustained for a short period before normality sets in.Sheffield United so far have made the best start of the three promoted clubs and sit one above Saints on 5 points after a win and two draws, but with due respect to the Blades they do not seem to have the firepower to keep this up, so it is Saints job to bring them back to the ground with a short sharp shock.That means keeping it tight at the back whilst taking our chances up front and controlling the game.The good news is that they are not prolific scorers and 2 of their 5 goals scored so far have been last minute equalisers so that should tell us something.”

“would be a huge 3 points if we can win at Sheffield Utd. Must be on the front foot as they have a good home defensive record. It will also be a physical game and we can expect little time on the ball. It’s the sort of test we need”

“Billy Sharp will inevitably score… and if he doesn’t, McGoldrick will!”

“I noticed David McGoaldrought was playing for Ireland, either him or Billy Sharp is bound to score against us”

“- Redmond still out
– Danso suspended
– Obafemi & Bertrand both training & in contention
– Djenepo sounds 50-50.”

“Fingers-crossed Adams does “an Abraham” and scores goals against defences he’s used to scoring against.”

“Went to Sheffield Utd away in ‘91 and Tiss n shearer won it 0-2. Very hostile outside the ground after towards saints fans wearing shirts. I didn’t as an 18yr old to avoid. Fans should think if this going to Skatesville. No colours on the street, no trouble”

“You can understand them being concerned about away fans infiltrating the home areas after ‘Coombsey’s Commandos’ assault on their Kop 40-something years ago!”

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