“Sheff Utd didn’t look too shabby on Sunday so it won’t be a stroll.”

“Hard working team and theyll rely on that more than anything. Palace were pathetic though so its not a great barometer. We should win”

“I felt they made Palace look poor, which is more than we’ve managed in the past 2 seasons. This game will be a slog, make no mistake.”

“they are pretty solid and work as a team however if we perform anything like we did in the second half then our quality should get us the 3 points”

“Tough game but surely our quality should be too much for them.”

“Was really impressed by their performance against Palace. Didn’t give them a sniff and hounded Zaha out onto the periphery of the game. I expect them to try the same with Maddison.”

“Zaha is one of the easiest players to mark out of the game if the rest of Palace isn’t up to scratch, especially because he’s a winger – it was easy to mark him out as you did because of how shit the rest of the attack is. When they had Townsend on form and Batshuayi they had other threats which meant teams couldn’t focus on Zaha so much.”

“SUFC looked like a good solid team. It’s going to be difficult to beat these.”

“We won’t be able to break them down, ending in another frustrating damp squib of a game.”

“Blades play with two wing-backs so we’ll have to be careful with those two marauding forward, but, play like we did second-half on sunday, and they’ll have no choice to bring them back to defend.”

“Sheff U remind me of us in earlier days with 3 centre halfs and a largely English/British squad. The difference with us is we had a few top players like Muzzy and Emile and some bruising big defenders where there game is not as physical with centre halfs acting as wingers! Its a real interesting formation and way to play and thats supported by some bang average players hunting down the ball like their lives depended on it. In theory we should have more than enough know how and ability to win here and I reckon that games like Chelsea will sharpen us up and the errors of today (timing of key passes) will be less against these.”

“These are a good side, but they play their best football when O’Connell and Basham can get on the overlap and confuse the opposition with overloads. Us playing three forwards high up the pitch could completely nullify that – get Barnes and Ayoze high and then it leaves Ricardo and Chilwell to ensure the wing-backs are pinned back.”

“Their centre back O’Connell looks a good player and was instrumental in the build up to the goal as they get their centre backs overlapping. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got himself into England contention and a bigger/more established club comes calling if he keeps the performances up.”

“Sheffield Utd will be a physical team but more than beatable and we should be beating them without too many issues, we certainly have the quality on our day.”

“If we play as well as we can we will win. I don’t think that’s arrogant or overconfidence to say that. Sheffield United have started well and they’ll be difficult to beat but i’d be disappointed if we lose to a team with David McGoldrick and Billy Sharp up top. Defend well and I’d back us to break them down, i’d be less confident if we were playing them at home.”

“If you pooled our squad and theirs to make a combined XI, I think that every position would be filled by a Leicester player.  That said, this will still be a difficult game.  I would much rather play these around Christmas when the promotion euphoria and PL optimism has been knocked out of them.”

“Am actually slightly worried for this game. They play a similar formation to Wolves and they managed to out play us a fair bit”

“Sheff U wont play like Wolves did at the KP. They wont leave 9/10 behind the ball n take a point they will have a go”

“Sheffield Utd will be well up for this I imagine. They seemed to have a bit of a beef with us over the 2 cup games in 2017-18. They did extremely well to get promoted from a competitive league last season with fairly limited resources. Gonna be similar to a Burnley type game so we need a good start. Too often we go to these grounds and get sucker punched early on.”

“I like how Sheff Utd have gone about their business and I’d like to see them stay up, but on Saturday, we should be smashing them off the park.”

“Sheffield have looked solid at the back but without any real spark. They make mistakes so we need to press them from the first minute. High and hard press and we come away with a 3 or 4 goal victory.”

“I could see us having about 83% possession for this game, not including counter attacks.”

“if harvey plays i’d say 3 or 4 to us. if he don’t then we will labour to a 1-0 win i reckon. can’t see us conceding unless it’s a consolation cos we’ve switched off with the game already well and truly won.”

“The post match views from Palace fans suggests that SUFC are basically Cardiff 2.0. They battle hard and close teams down well but not much else quality.”

“the way Chrissy Wilder likes his teams to attack, we should get plenty of opportunities to break on them when they inevitably lose the ball. It should be a good game, I’ve got massive respect for Sheff Utd to be fair, Wilder seems a top bloke and I’m glad he’s managed to get a chance in the Prem. He’s put together the kind of team you’d love as fan base, much like Pearson did with us “

“Wilder is a better coach, absolutely love Nige but his strengths aren’t really tactical coaching. They both get the absolute best out of their players though, the comparisons to Cardiff that I’ve seen are a bit unfair because Sheff United play much better football.”

“I meant more in terms of team spirit, he’s a Sheffield United man he’s got a squad that plays for him and the club, with a Sheffield United lad as captain, the will to play for each other really shows like us under Nige and the title-winning season. You’re in terms of the football they play, that’s why I said we have t be very careful to start well and not get sucked into their game, I’ve got a feeling Bramall Lane will be a nasty place to go this year.”

“I am looking forward to seeing Sheff U – entertaining to watch and it seems they have adapted already to not having as much of the ball as in the Championship which I am a bit surprised about. With respect to Bournemouth and Palace I think this will be a tougher test as Wilder’s system could struggle against high-pressing sides (although to be fair it appears that most teams struggle against this). I think it will be a close but entertaining game. I hope Vardy gets a late winner just to see what his celebration looks like!!”

“they’re this years favourite underdog.”

“They didn’t look great against Bournemouth opening day. It was a terrible game but thought Bournemouth looked comfortable for the most part and just ended up paying the price for not finishing them off.They work hard though and they have the same sort of togetherness that seems so familiar….”

“Will be a tough game. Feelgood factor is well and truly there at Bramall Lane right now. Energy, hustle and bustle, closing down, and my heart sinks at the thought of Billy Sharp coming off the bench for them – he always scores against us. “

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Leicester”
  1. We can no doubt discuss this game further at 5pm tomorrow, but rest assured they’ll be no ‘smashing them off the park’ at ‘fortress’ Bramall Lane. This is an altogether different kettle of fish than in recent times. Don’t be too complacent at what the Blades have achieved and what they’re capable of.

  2. You seem to be repeating yourself.? Weren’t you confident you could beat us.? Obviously you did but I won’t lose sleep over it. A lot better teams than Leicester in this league.

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