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“Much the better team and should have won.”

“We would be winning these games If we just shot more.”

“2 dull teams, boring”

“a better side would have buried us there”

“Sheff utd are a rubbish football team because any decent side should have slaughtered us today.”

“4-1-4-1 formation at home to Sheff Utd. Another poor performance and embarrassing result” “A draw is embarrassing.”

“First half was pretty turgid. We matched them for effort (which I didn’t believe we would) and had a lot of possession and field position without really doing too much threatening. It was notable how much time they were wasting and how many times they fouled Haller in particular but also anyone else they could with almost no protection from the ref and few fouls given. The time wasting was odeous as well. Second half they had to come on to us and it meant we had space to run into and created 4/5 chances that should have resulted in at least one goal, After that the theatrics returned, rolling about, throw ins that take 2 minutes, throwing the ball away to stop us playing it. All endorsed, allowed and facilated by a ref who occasionally blew his whistle at people but declined to enforce the laws an book anyone.”

“Baldock should have been second-carded twenty mins ago for screaming foul and abusive language on the touchline and dissent / intimidation of an official.
That tactical foul on Haller was shocking – would have liked to see the ref give a straight red for tackle from behind with studs up.
I really hope the FA crack down on these snidey fouls. They ruin the game as much as anything.”

“Appalling run of results. Home defeat to Palace. Awful away defeats to a League One side and team in the bottom 3, and now can’t beat Sheffield Utd at home.”

“I find the first thing I have to do is say congrats to Sheff U. They carved us open on at least 6 occasions but weren’t clinical enough in front of goal. With the one exception we saw repeated instances of great chances going straight at our keeper or being blasted wide. Depending on your perspective you can say that Sheff U were wasteful or that we rode our luck big time. Three at the back worked well for Sheff U”

“A point is a fair result in the end.”

“Thought we were awful and lucky to get a point.”

“blades far better side second half”

“we were cut open with ease”

“Frustrating as hell, but props to Sheffield. Make it tough to find a gap or clean shot.”

“That’s the most shot on target Sheff U have had in a game all season and they missed the target twice from 8 yards out… I’d give Pellegrini a break if we were playing free-flowing football up the other end but we aren’t. We have good individuals but a rather poor team right now”

“Sheffield deserved their equaliser. a point at home against a newly promoted team that had more significant chances than us is a problem ”

“great one lads, we almost looked like a championship team this time

“we looked like a championship side”

“The standard set by the captain is just laughable. I’ve never seen such a slow, lazy tackling performance from him over a number of games. John Fleck ran towards him today and did half a dummy, then just strolled past Noble like he wasn’t there. Yes he makes the odd good pass, but he’s done.”

“I bet Haller would have scored 7-8 more a season playing for Sheff Utd. They can actually cross the ball”

“Chris Wilder wudnt accept the level of effort and desire shown by us if he was our manager…a lot of our lads need a kick in d hole badly

“Pelligrini is utterly useless. A lot of money spend on a tosser. Chris wilder owned him”

“Anyone else amazed to see the amount of people in the stadium wearing West Ham / Sheff Utd half and half scalves? Absolutely baffling.”

By Roy

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