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“Don’t like the look of this match “

“I can sense the tension in the crowd already…Hope we come out all guns blazing and nullify them before they get going”

“I think it’s an absolute nailed on away win. We dont have the players for a good old fashioned battle, and that’s what this will be”

“This is exactly the type of team we lose to.”

“sadly I think Sheffield Utd will bully and press us off the park, deny us space and limit our ability to create anything. They will then only need to score one or two.
Another Palace result beckons because I do not see who he can bring in to up our physicality, pace and stamina. Sheff Utd fans will love to turn us over too to rub salt in the wounds.”

“Based on what I have seen so far this season, you can bet that Sheffield United will want this more than our players.”

“A physical battle is what we’ll get and a physical battle is what we don’t deal well with.This lot will be better than Oxford and just as committed. I expect they’ll go 9 behind the ball when they go in front and then nick a second on the break.”

“We have the better team on paper but i dont think we will match their heart and desire.”

“On paper this isn’t even a contest.
On the pitch every time we have come up against a team willing to work harder than us, harry more, push more and generally wants it more we have failed miserably. That is their whole game.
I think we’ll be lucky to take a point. Our only real hope is to get an early goal, let them come on to us and smash them on the break. If we go one down we might as well go home. “

“Man for man we should absolute slaughter them but they will want it more we will have players who don’t like being kicked… so a drew is best we can get”

“They will win easily, simply because they will work harder and want it more.”

“As for Saturday’s game against the bus parkers imo given our recent form I doubt we’ll even create a chance, never mind actually score”

“Their defensive record so far this season is excellent, but they have yet to face us. Our manager will have done his homework, identified their weaknesses, selected the personnel and a system to break them down, their defensive record is about to be smashed.
Maybe I’ll take that lie down.”

“crunch time again for us as we are on a bad run and playing an inform hard working team. mind you doesn’t matter if we play an out of form team as we still lose !
lose this and the rot has set in and we will be bottom 3 by xmas with the games we have coming up after Newcastle.”

“seen them a few times this season, yesterday, away at Everton and one other, more from morbid curiosity than anything else.
the battle. are difficult to break down and are very well disciplined. they probably won’t score a bucket load this season but unless someone finds a way to break them down, or they completely are knackered by the New Year, I see them staying up”

“Got to not be left baffled by them tactically. They seem like a team to me who will, eventually, be worked out in the Premier League. Once one manager really beats a new system, often the others learn from it. But I don’t think it’s happening any time soon.”

“As much as I would like us to tear at them from the off and pulverise them, that is unlikely to happen against their two banks of four and we could slip up against a set piece, or get caught on the counter. We should therefore, learn to be patient and remember that at 0-0, we are not losing. Eventually, we will get a set piece of our own and one moment of quality will make the differece”

“On paper this looks like an awful game for our technically gifted players that don’t really like a scrap but I have a sneaky confidence based on nothing at all that we will win this one”

“I honestly think we will see a positive reaction after the shambles against Everton.”

“be happy to scrape 3 points against a newly promoted team.
no offence but we should be rolling over “a team like them.””

“The players need to be prepared to run their socks off for this one, or we’ll lose. Their cup final.”

“Sheff Utd coming here and their fans want revenge on us on Tevez affairs 12 years ago, so this match will be scrappy as ever”

“I can’t help wondering how many of the players
truly understand the significance of this game.”

“Random newly promoted nothing team. No significance.”

“I see Wilder in his pre match comments has been complimentary about us. Hope we dont fall for his mind games and come out fighting for the 3 points.”

“It’s a pretty sorry indictment of how low we’ve stooped when we’re talking like this about Sheffield f@@@@@g United.”

“If we cannot be optimistic of beating Sheff Utd then i might as well take up knitting on a saturday afternoon.”

“I’ll be disappointed if no one is selling Tevez masks”

“We’ve already played them since 2007. That was the time for the kids and easily pleased to get the Tevez thing out of their system. Doing it every time there’s a SUFC fixture is right up there with putting a “funny” sticker on your car’s bumper.”

“Lets mock them for being above us in the league.”

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