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“A quirky stat.
All of Brighton’s previous 24 league meetings with Sheffield United have been in the second tier.”

“Whilst Sheffield Utd are doing well they seem to have had a easy time of fixtures can only remember them playing Liverpool & Utd at home”

“Oh come on, they have surpassed all expectations and done excellent so far, you can only do your best against what is in front of you, and that they have done and then some.”

“They drew away at Spurs, beat Arsenal and drew at Chelsea. As well as drawing with Utd and giving Liverpool a scare.
Otherwise, great point”

“I think a oppo team are due a hefty beating from us, it’s been coming and I think it will be Sheff United or B’Muff.”

“I think Sheff Utd are a very good side and well drilled. That said, so are we, and this could be the game it all comes together”

“Just seen Fleck is out, that is great news for us, I’ve been so impressed by him whenever I’ve seen him this season”

“SheffU are unbeaten on the road for ELEVEN months, as of today. Remarkable.”

“Their unbeaten away record has to end sometime”

“Their unbeaten away record must come to an end and we are due a ‘perfect’ game.”

“Can’t see us being the first side to knock out Sheffield Utd”

“Hoping for a win but only Liverpool and Leicester have conceded fewer goals than Sheffield so expect this to be a tight game. Wouldn’t be unhappy with a draw from this one but just have a bad feeling about this one and am concerned that with United’s physical style we may struggle. Hope I’m wrong.”

“Think Stephens will be back as feel he will be more suited to the Sheffield utd physical game which I think will be their way of stopping us playing. They will be looking to keep their run going and certainly won’t be afraid of us just like they showed against liverpool”

“Have you actually watched Sheff Utd play this year?
Warnock doesn’t manage them any more, they are the furthest thing from a physical team. They play free flowing, attractive football.
It should be one the games of the season.”

“These are a very good side.”

“Funny isn’t it ?….. when the fixtures came out , I suppose most teams were looking at 3 points at home to Sheff U . I know I was !! … they have done amazingly well .”

“Really looking forward to the game Saturday, Potter v Wilder is an interesting one! Hopefully we can inflict their first away defeat!
Sheff Utd have been almost unbelievably impressive this season!”

“the question does remain on how Potter tackles a possession based wing backs side similar to our own?
My guess is that he’ll set-up exactly the same as them and rely on us having better players. “

“Tight game but potter had them beaten twice last year so hopefully that’ll carry on”

“Both games (and wins) over Sheffield last year was a struggle in first half and complete domination in the others. Their CBs dont overlap a lot if they dont have the ball…”

“walk in the park”

“Think this lot are massively overachieving.”

“I think this will be a very difficult match. Not seen Sheff United to know if they any good or not? My pre-season relegation tip with Watford and one other club.”

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