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“A very tricky game. After an excellent start to the season Sheffield United’s form has tailed off after the Covid-19 break. Won’t be surprised to see them turn it around against us though.”

“Sheffield look absolutely awful since the restart no goal scored 6 goals conceded.”

“I had a feeling this would happen. When a team has an unexpectedly good first season, there is always a big drop off the following season. With the covid break, this practically feels like the next season.
Still if there is one team you want to face when you’re struggling it is us. Maybe charity fc will be back after Southampton borrowed from us in the last game.”

“Do Southampton have Egan back for this? Their defence is built around its continuity, without we should be splitting them apart.”

“They’ve been shite since the “restart” so you never know”

“Sheff Utd out of form, so that guarantees they’ll knock us out of the FA Cup at the weekend”

“Sheffield United lose back to back games?? u know what that means they gonna beat us on Sunday in the fa cup quarter final”

“Sheffield utd getting tanked 2 games in a row. They must be saving themselves for the weekend”

“If we do somehow find a performance (and that’s a HUGE if), then it’s likely to be Citeh, Manure or the Chavs in the semi. That could be painful!”

“To be fair, anybody left now is a probable loss. If we beat this lot I think we will lose in the semis to presumably one of Leicester / Chelsea, City or United.”

“Remember not getting a shot on target against Phil Jagielka when he was forced to go into goal about ten or more years ago. Think they will be well up for this and not sure Arsenal will.”

“We will change all our starting 11 we got game against Norwich 3 days after Sheffield.”

“Oh for fk’s sake. Not another fg match. Hasn’t this fgseason finished yet? Probably lose. It’s a shithole ground where we’ve never really got anything apart from a win in the rain and mud in 1990-91. In fact, we’ve had some f***g shit performance up there over the last few visits.”

“The match that determins whether I’ll be watching any more footie for a while
The chance to win something and qualify for Europe………….low prize money though which is precisely why we’ll rock up with half the side missing……albeit its very hard to work out what our ‘first team’ is anymore.
Lose this and just sling yer hook and fuck off. Win and go all the way and you’ve given yourself a shot at redemption – simple as”

“Beat an out of form Sheffield United and you might just convince me our season is salvageable.”

” if we beat Sheffield Utd the dream is alive again! If we lose it’s over”

By Roy

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