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“Huuuuuge game for champions league qualifications”

“I think it will be tight, relatively boring, and not a load of chances.
That said, I think we will win 1-0.
Classic Mourinho”

“I watched Newcastle play Sheffield utd.
Sheff utd struggled with the pace of Saint-Maximain and Almiron. Sheff don’t have any speed in their line up.
Newcastle played deep and hit them on the counter. I would be interested to see if JM does the same.”

“We need to play with speed against them. They don’t have any quick players”

“These guys are in free-fall.
Even at their best this they concentrated on being solid defensively. I think if we can go ahead we can win the game.
only this is vs West Ham we were so slow and pedestrian, that’ll play right into Sheff U’s hands. we need to be quick”

“Sheffield United have shown a real lack of offensive ability all season long but especially in their games since returning. If we allow them to sit back and congest things that is what they want, score early and they are likely done as they can’t defend well enough if forced to open it up and can’t create chances just by playing a basic game.. Score early, break what they want to do and then for once, cruise to a comfortable win.”

“They could very well be completely knackered by the time they play us”.

“They look turgid. This should be another win and a clean sheet to boot.”

“They’ve looked like utter shit in their games after the break. We should be expecting 3 points.”

“They have become rubbish, the injuries and scheduling have exposed all their limitations.
They are a championship team at this moment and we should expect to take 3 points if we play properly. I don’t see how they are going to score a goal unless we make a mistake.”

“They don’t look anywhere near the team they were before the break, which was pretty pleasing on the eye and solid defensively. Couldn’t beat struggling Aston Villa and were hammered by Newcastle. I think Henderson is a huge miss for them, arguably been the best goalkeeper in the league this season. O’Connell at centre half has also been a miss.”

“O’Connell is a more important player for them. We were after him as a LCB. he’s a good player. I think he’s got a bad injury.”

“They’ve lost 2 CB’s.
That’s the heart and soul of the way they play their system.”

“Typically they’re going to have their best defenders back to play us which will make them a different team. O’Connell has been their best defender and he’ll be back. We’ve been linked with him this season. An unglamorous option for us perhaps?”

“Three month lay off bad news for a side like Sheffield United who had played so well and above themselves for the first 7 months of the season. They’ve lost all the momentum they had”

“Need to smash them, get it dusted early and avoid knocks. Things shaping up how I thought really, the “streaky” sides – Leicester, Wolves, and Sheffield have lost momentum and look like shit…condensed schedule will bite their thin squads as well I imagine.”

“In their last game, they looked like they were back to pre 19 form in the 2nd half. Dangerous team with a solid backline. Hope we do win but but with our away record, they probably think they’re up for this”

“It’s a shame they’ve a while to sort themselves out before they play us.”

“Sheffield Utd should have won when they played us at WHL, they are organised if not spectacular, and are well capable of beating us in our current set up”
only this is vs West Ham we were so slow and pedestrian, that’ll play right into Sheff U’s hands. we need to be quick

“I’m a little concerned that we have a 10 day wait for our next game, as we don’t usually play that well after a long break. It’s a delicate balancing act between playing too much and big gaps between games.”

“This seems like one of those occasions we help a team in shit form restart their season”

“4 games for Sheffield United. 1 goal scored, 8 conceded, 0 wins and 1 point?
Step forward Tottenham Hotspur.”

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