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“Well done tottenham.
You managed to interpret how 2020 has been for the planet as a whole into a 90minute footballing performance. Quite clever really.”

“The game today was like the one at WHL, us having the ball but being outplayed except this time Sheffield got the goals they deserved”

“I cant believe they have battered us”

“Sheffield absolutely dominated us in the second half.”

“Sheffield United have a fresh and motivated squad.”

“we had the more talented team and squad. Sheffield Utd have a clear game plan, everyone knows what to do and they scrap for everything.”

“32% possession and 3-0 up. Quite simply they wanted it more.”

“To be fair Sheffield United have almost everyone back in their box defending but then again they had four or five men in out box for their second goal.
Conclusion? They work harder and are better than us, sorry but it’s as simple as that. “

“If Jose blames this on the VAR decision he’s lost me. We got dominated in the second half.”

“Bergeroasted us today.
Our scouting completely overlooked him.
Was even in our price range.
Total failure by our scouting and player acquisition department.”

“Sheffield has WAY LESS money and we lost by three to them. today was not a financial failure.”

“I don’t know if there is a stat for time in possession near the opponent’s box without testing their keeper, but I bet we are top if there is.”

“Pretty nice passes side to side does nothing vs an organised team, you need to fight for the ball and some damn movement.”

“We had some stupid% possession and a handful of shots on goal: every team struggle against masses defence: SFU are rising high in the league take a lot of points playing like this. The fault is not ENIC, but our defenders switching off (Sanchez, Aurier, Davies especially). GLC needed to impose himself a little more.That’s why we lost. They’re international defenders: they should be able to stay goal side.”

“Once that goal was ruled out Sheffield were going to do what they do – sit in and make it exceptionally hard to score.”

“Can’t defend, can’t attack. Not an ideal situation.”

“Wilder’s plans outclassed Mourinho’s”

“Chris Wilder is better at being Jose Mourinho than Jose Mourinho is at being Jose Mourinho.”

“we went top heavy and with too many runners it meant that we were relying on space in behind, which didn’t exist cause Sheff Utd were deep. Wilder then got his team to sit even deeper knowing that we didn’t have the guile to hurt them.”

“He obviously felt Sheffield struggle when players run at them, and I’m sure that’s true and it sort of worked in the first half, but something was missing. Second half they got super organised, and that’s always difficult but we move the ball too slowly.”

“Got turned over by McBunny and Mousset.
Banter club is an understatement.”

“Worth remembering Sheff Utd missing half their team and had 3 days less rest than us. Abysmal.”

“The team we put out there today had more talent than Sheffield Utd could ever dream of. This is purely a coaching and tactical failure and nothing to do with quality of player. “

“Had over a week to prepare for this match and we get embarrassed by a Championship side.”

“Sheffield was missing first choice defenders. We essentially got beat by a championship team today.”

“Sheffield Utd team is hardly full of world beaters”

“Was a classic smash and grab. Been a problem all season!”

“Newcastle beat this load of brick 4 nil ffs”

“Every one has beaten this Sheff Utd team since the restart… yet we submit like a cheap whore on a good tip”.

“On a lighter note, Sheffield will do 3 years in the premier and toodle back to the lower league’s”

“Losing 3-1 to Sheffield United is a low point. Perhaps people need to realise that young hungry players can outplay so called stars or dross like lamela.”

“The Brighton game was much worse. We deservedly lost by 3 to a worse team than Sheffield United.
Tonight, we were better for long periods but defended in an utterly gutless and brainless way. sexy”

“what a disgrace that was..
I am honestly embarrassed right now, absolutely pathetic just like the rest of this season so far.
Mourinho is a joke too and doing as bad a job as poch, maybe worse…”

“This team is not inferior to Burnley, Norwich and Sheffield United. If it isn’t 4th, it should be 5th or 6th minimum even in a bad year.”

“Mourinho and Levy are useless as varicose veins to a wooden leg!”

“Not felt like this since I saw the exit poll last December.”

“It’s not all doom and gloom we are only 8 or 9 quality signings off challenging for the league next season!”

“Typical fudging Tottenham. Seen it a million times over the years. Show up to a tough away ground in our nice pale blue kit. Look nice and tidy on the ball and get turned over because we have fudge all backbone.
Utterly fudging shameful to lose like this because in a million years, they aren’t 3 goals better than us and on the night they haven’t been 3 goals better than us”.

“no excuses (other than crap VAR decision). Mourinho is washed up.”

“The referee is a wanker. Looks like he pisses sitting down.”

“If the Kane goal isn’t wrongly disallowed and Norwood is sent off like he should have been, then we probably go on to win.”

“We have better individuals than a lot of the teams around us but we are non-existent as a unit.
The VAR decision was farcical but we didn’t deserve to win the game.”

“Dominated the first half but looked listless after that terrible VAR decision.”

“As much as we were poor, if that goal counts it’s a completely different game. We would have had the momentum. Instead it swung Sheff Utd’s way.”

“We have created precious little tonight and the players shouldn’t let their heads drop Like they have but I can’t really blame them: it should’ve been 1-1 and 10 vs 11 but it was neither. At elite level tiny fractions make big differences. VAR won the game tonight.”

“It was a referee game . The momentum gone the players played knowing they where get rubbed so they played distracted”

By Roy

18 thoughts on “View From Spurs”
  1. Totally agree about the goal being written off, ridiculous decision. But , as one of your lads said , we clearly wanted it more. Serious question. Do your players really want to play for Morinio?

  2. The only comment I agree with is the var decision and the Norwood decision,but we remember when at WHL we had a goal chalked out for a toe nail being off side,its swings and roundabouts,but spurs showed very little passion,soft southerners springs to mind.

  3. Well don’t forget we had a goal ruled out at their ground for an uncut toe nail being offside. Plus a goal disallowed when the goalkeeper had the ball sat in the back of the net.

  4. Brilliant comments lads, there’s some comedy masterpieces in there, I particularly like the the comments about being 8/9 quality players off a good team and the interpretation of 2020 into 90 minutes of football. Nice to see you still have your sense of humour after that, not sure I would. ?⚔️⚪ UTB

  5. Best team won quite simply, Blades showing the grit they had b4 lockdown, coming to the Lane looking nice and prancing around is only going to end 1 way unfortunately UTB

  6. Championship side? Sounds like a bad loser to me. Look at the table. You were lucky to get a point against us at your place as well. You can always try next season.

  7. Little old Sheffield as you want to call us is great cause wot you do is put SHEFFIELD FC on the map the FIRST & OLDEST football club in the world on the football map , but we are SHEFFIELD UNITED FC & you avnt got a good record here at beautiful down town bramall lane in recent years, & as for the lundstrum toe nail being off side wi the championship side at the Tottenham stadium if that’s wot u want to call it ,, wot goes Rnd comes rnd,,, enjoy rest ov ya season

  8. Your making my giggle and up north it’s to early to giggle,VAR WORKED PERFECTLY and at best would have been brought back for FK,in 4 years of the plumbers reign I’ve never watched in comfort⚔️

  9. To the knob that said they got beat by a championship side, no you didn’t you got beat by a newly promoted premier league side.

  10. VAR decision was perfectly correct, whether it was fair or not is a different question, you’d have to ask John Lundstram that.. ahem.

    As for your ‘superior’ squad, well, under TWO different managers, and looking down from two places above you, you have singularly failed to beat our ‘Championship’ team. I’d perhaps re-evaluate either your squad, or your opinion…

  11. If that goal wasn’t wrongly ruled out and Norwood was sent of and Tottenham had turned up for a game you don’t want much do you it was ruled out in the first half at one nil so you had plenty of chance remember first game when ours was ruled out we didn’t stand crying we got on with it

  12. Worst Spurs team since we ho relegated. Mourinho has had his day and we need to sack him before we end up in a relegation battle next season.

  13. If SHU are a Championship side why are they above Spurs in the Premier League table? Interesting comment that we are 7 quality signings away from a great team. Is the answer just buying League places?

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