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“Lots of factors pointing in our favour for this game!
So we’re going to lose.”

“I don’t think this will be that easy a match. I’m sure that The Blades will be desperate to break their duck as they won’t want to be cast adrift early in the season I’ve a mate who’s a Blades fan and he’s already prepared for relegation , they’ll be up for this”

“Happy with a draw at their place”

“I believe that if we can take maximum points here the psychological benefit for players and fans alike would be massive – I’d go so far as to suggest that I’d feel sure we had what it takes to stay up, and that we need to be looking up rather than down for the rest of the season.
A bit mad I know, but it’s just how I perceive Leeds in relation to Sheffield United at this point.
Know also that if we draw or lose I see no great significance beyond the points dropped, and that I really don’t like Wilder, miserable, whinging, graceless individual that he is.”

“Wilder fan here i’m afraid. 🙂 I even mentioned his name when TC left for the job here. He’s a real throwback in many ways, worked his way up the football ladder and done a solid job wherever he’s been. Obviously continuing it so far at Sheff Utd. If you ask me he should have been given the Chelski job not Frank. Its who you know and all that.
Make no mistake about it he will want to put one over us on Sunday especially with the extra Yorkshire edge. Bielsa is a big scalp for everyones resume. Who will come out on top in this game of Chess. My money is still on White.”

“Games against the Blunts are hard, uncompromising and not the prettiest to watch. There will be an odd goal in it in a low scoring game IMHO. I think we will edge it”

“Think Sheff Utd over performed last season so thinking we will have enough in the locker to turn them over.”

“Would take a draw, but think we are a better team than them, so want a win TBF, think they will be bottom 6,so will give us some idea where we are.”

“Think we’ll win, as I’m expecting them to play defensively, and we’ll have too much in attack for them to cope.”

“we are a team on the up, signing internationals whilst they sign mediocre championship players probably in preparation for their impending relegation. In all seriousness they are the kind of team that could cause us problems, overloads and balls in to the box for target men, conceding a penalty is extremely likely and Sharpe should be odds on to get a goal.”

“Will be extremely interested (as I’ve said before) to see how stylistically the game will be played when you play Sheffield (or another defensive team). Very very compact and can quickly counter. “

“Sheffield will let more spaces in the middle than the previous rivals and Pablo could create many game situations without so much pressing from Sheffield”

“Is their keeper Henderson injured ? Egan was sent off last night so he’s a none starter. On their forum they’re already moaning & whinging about everything creating a very toxic atmosphere on there.”

“They lost Henderson over the summer. A Blunts pal of mine was worried about that alone, not to mention voicing concern over Jagielka’s current ability.
Still didn’t make it easier when I reminded him we’re above them in the table just now”

“Could this be the season Shef united implode. I think Henderson returning to Man U is going to hurt them a hell of a lot as IMO he is one of the best keepers in the league.
The added red card from last weekend only strengthens our chances of a win here. Lets be honest these are the games we need to win.”

“ Sheffield United are lacking a big part of their safety net in Henderson this time around and I wouldn’t be surprised, should they not get some points early on, if they found it hard to climb back up again”

“Personally quite like Wilder and what he has done with the Blades, overlapping cbs are cool. They are similar to us with their system being the key in general over the individual.
But the loss of Dean Henderson is huge imo, he was vital to their form last season given they dont score much (only scored more than one goal in 8 or 9 league games i think).
Not saying Henderson is solely responsible but without him it would have been a relegation battle for Blades imo.
Now they have an inferior replacement and they still arent scoring.
They are desperate for attackers imo, any side that relies on ageing lower league strikers like Sharp and McGoldrick plus McBurnie who hasnt looked up to it in the Prem so far will struggle for goals.
Given there success was built on a fantastic young goalie and a well organised side (credit Wilder for that) i think they will find this season much harder.
2nd season is always harder, they dont have the momentum of promotion and they are still relying on the system over individuals which is fine but they needed an exceptional individual last season and they dont have him now.
Suppose the question is can the very clever Chris Wilder system cover for the loss of a very talented individual?
Imo as things stand it will be very difficult, with 2 or 3 quality signings especially in the attacking positions though then very possibly.
Blades are a well organised side defensively, we are very solid offensively.
They dont score we cant stop conceding.”

“I’ve been banging the Henderson drum nonstop since watching both Blunts games. Ramsdale doesn’t inspire confidence in his defenders, Egan is OOA, and if any side can take advantage of that it’s us in our current goalscoring form.
I just have this horrible nagging feeling that it’s all too convenient”

“You have to admire what Chris Wilder has done but have to worry for them. How long can they compete with clubs with far more spending power while they rely on players like an ancient Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick?”

“Wilder has done well for them, he’s Blunts through and through and is undoubtedly a good manager.
What grinds my gears is his refusal to give Bielsa credit where it’s clearly due, and his constant harping about how Leeds get all the media attention while the Blunts don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

“I said they’ll come down to earth a bit this season and already I think they’re missing Henderson. Their defence looked noticeably less organised this time around, lacked creativity and flair, and McBurnie just doesn’t look up to this level at all. “

“McBurnnie is a championship striker imo!
Second season syndrome for the blunts possibly, I’ve predicted them to finish 14th, maybe lower if their board panic & sack Wilder whom has done a fantastic job in such a short space of time at Bramall Lane.”

“One season wonders?”

“would enjoy seeing them relegated.”

“I think the signings of Lowe and in particular Bogle will prove to be good business long term.The keeper Ramsdale from Bournemouth for 18.5 million is also good business. Not as good as Henderson but still a solid signing.Not sure they will emulate last seasons results but I don’t think they will get themselves in to trouble either. Decent run club with a decent manager, play some good stuff and the team itself seems to be pretty solid. Fair play to them.”

“At least us and Sheffield United have managers who have a clue.”

“I reckon basham has missed the train and will NOT be arriving on Sunday”

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