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“Seriously what’s the point in football? You can’t compete with the likes of City so you are playing for nothing.”

“It’s simply not a level playing field for us. We should look at joining some form of cup where losers don’t get knocked out…”

“I don’t expect much more either tbh. I just continue to live in hope like I’ve been doing since about 1968. It’s too late to give up now and start supporting someone better.”

“with it being a 7pm kick off it can only ruin a maximum of 4-5 hours of everyone’s weekend.”

“Yay a game to determine if we scrape into the Europa league again only to get knocked out against the first half decent side we face!”

“First match this season I’ll deliberately not watch. Hope we win so I’ll feel bad.”

“Just want the season over, us not to finish 7th and end up in the Europa conference and Woolwich not to win the Europa league. This clearly means we will finish 7th and Woolwich will win the Europa league.”

“Don’t care.
Nothing to play for, and these dickheads will keep making the same mistakes they’ve been masking all season.”

“Literally who cares – passing interest.”

“Probably give this one a miss as still nauseous after Wembley.
Anyway there’s always Call the Midwife and Line of Duty !”

“Thank goodness United won their last match against Potter & Hove Albion, after losing the 6 before that. We need Dr Tottenham to stay away”

“More than likely labour and make hard work of the game . If we are lucky might scrape a2-1 win I, if still suffering a league cup hangover Sheffield could nick a 1-0 win . Who knows what Tottenham will turn up Sunday.”

“Sheff have nothing to lose so will be playing with pride, so we need to watch out. If we see a passive, negative approach and we lose or draw this game, then its clear the players have completely packed up for the season.”

“Weirldy,i feel confident we will score 3 or more goals in this.”

“Hopefully some of them will be at the right end.”

“We will bottle all 5 games left bar Sheffield”

“As long as winks and sissoko aren’t anywhere near the pitch we should win this easily”

“If winks starts this game I’m not even going to bother watching as it will tell you everything you need to know.”

“The way things are going, i reckon we will lose 0-8, to the worse team prem team in a while and at the end Harry kane will run to the camera ,rip off his shirt to reveal an Woolwich tattoo shouting ” had you fooled ya bellends” ,before announcing he has signed a 5 year contract with Leyton Orient.The photos allegedly for the shirt sponsorship are just a smoke screen”…

“Already pumped for this one, by Sunday I will be a nervous wreck.
Hopefully will settle back to glancing nonchantly at the screen and being relaxed once Sisokko starts pointing at nothing, winks plays another five yard pass to the centre back and Aurier screams into the air as he’s penalised for another needless foul. Hoping son does not cry.
6-5 Spurs”

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By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Spurs”
  1. Just to let you all know We are Sheffield United.
    Your not playing Sheffield different team all together.
    We may be going down but we are Team that are proud of our roots our team but most of all our Name which my friends is SHEFFIELD UNITED.
    Thank you.

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