“I just can’t see us winning again this season. The end of last season was bad enough.
Sheffield United vs Palace will be like a Cup Final to see which is the worst team in the Premiership on current form. “

“To lose at Sheffield is unthinkable.
This quite awful side has amassed 17 pts,a negative GD of 42 and the table doesn’t lie”

“Yet another defeat,third in a row,apparently a new unwelcome record for us.
Sheffield,on the other hand,with their paltry points total and poor performance overall,should be an easy three points for us and put us in an unassailable position as far as any possible relegation is concerned.
Things must change and I think a 2-0 win is achievable.”

“I did watch the City game but with a total lack of enthusiasm. Glad of the early ko so I could get on with something meaningful. Can’t believe I felt like that! Anyway last week we play a skillful, pampered team, next team up and it’s the complete opposite … Shef Utd.
Here’s a chance to show how far we’ve really come.
A big win, I feel.”

“Our record against relegated teams in recent times is impressive:
2 years ago = W 5 D 1 L 0
last year = W 4 D 2 L 0
so far this year (against the current bottom 3) = W 4 D 1 L 0
I see no reason why this record should be broken so it’s
a Palace win for me”

“Sheffield Utd playing for pride and looked more like last season’s team against Brighton. I don’t think it’ll be easy, but I think we showed in the first half of the Leicester and Man City games that we’re not that bad.”

“dour 1-0 to us.
roy sets up to defend(as usual) but we do ’em “

“Probably a nil nil draw, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we won. The players and manager have surely targeted this game to secure survival, rather than the far more difficult games we have otherwise.”

“we’ll have 10 men behind the ball, a couple of counter attacks, usual substitutions that provides nothing new.
This is a game where we could blood new players but Roy will serve up the same turgid rubbish we’ve seen all year.”

“They will try against us very hard but we should be better organised and have better quality. “

“They’ll be targeting this as possibly their last win in the league.”

“This game will be a much greater challenge for us than perhaps many expect.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended with honours even.”

“For some weeks now I have convinced myself that this fixture will be a certain 3 points for us. Probably the last win of the season. But, after recent performances, I’m not so sure and I agree with Willo (especially after his prediction about yesterday’s match!) that Sheffield seem to be having something of a revival since their PL fate was decided. It will not be the foregone conclusion that many of us expected. “
“Cant see us winning this one either”

“I think the way things are going Palace lose”

“Four straight defeats in a row,then Roy should go!!”

“Lose at Sheffield???Such further woe,Roy must GO!!”
“It will be a major disappointment should we become the vanquished at Sheff Utd.
HOL will be awash with those boiling,steaming and raging and I for one will be in the hot kiln of my bate.”

“i predict boredom”

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By Roy

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