“These are the games we struggle with sadly. Something GP and the boys will need to resolve next season.
Unquestionably if we play to our best we could turn them over Newcastle levels.”

“I know we should win by a country mile but we’re the Albion – it’s never that easy is it?”

“We have an almost innate ability to find a way to not win these games “

“They aren’t a terrible side really and we struggle against the lower rated teams.
They are relegated and will be playing freely.
Suspect we will stand a better chance of beating West Ham and Leeds.
I would be disappointed losing to them, but would happily take a point. “

“I don’t think for one minute the Sheff Utd games is going to be a walk in the park. This one could go either way so for that reason…..”

“It won’t be easy as the Blades can now relax knowing that however they play, they are gone. Relegated sides usually pick up strange results.”

“I think we will be looking to be tight at Sheff United and certainly not lose the point we start with. Our record against the lower sides (excepting Newcastle) is pretty dire.”

“Got 0 – 0 written all over it. “

“Can’t see us going a third game without scoring but only a 1-1 draw for me.”

“I would happily take a point at Sheff U.
I think it will be a very difficult game for us , we have struggled against them in our previous 3 prem games against them. I think they will be out to prove a point after getting relegated and have nothing to play for but pride – a very dangerous animal.”

“We should be beating teams like Sheffield United !
But that’s not the Brighton way ….
Expect us to lose to them but then pick up 3 points by drawing our next 3 games: Leeds, Wolves & West Ham”

“Settling for a point against an already-relegated side with nothing to play for other than pride wouldn’t be great.”

“At this stage of the season I am not turning down any point, we can draw our way to safety.
That said let’s just flipping win, we are better than them.”

“If Sheffield play like the other bottom half sides against us, let us have the ball up to the final third, pack the box with tall defenders, then a 0-0 draw.
If, because they have been relegated already they come out and play attacking football against us, it could be a 0-3,or 0-4 rout. I’m hoping they decide to go out in a blaze of glory, and attack us, as we’re so much better against that. “

“The reason that weve performed so badly against the bottom half sides is that they tend to sit back and defend and we struggle to break them down. Sheffield Utd have no real reason to do that now.”

“It’s about time we gave someone a spanking.”

“We should go there and absolutely kick the stuffing out of them”.

“Time for the team to absolutely destroy them….
Anything other than 3 points will be an utter disappointment. “

“I’m confident that we will win.”

“I just feel like the team is now playing without fear and I’m thinking we’re gonna ‘ave em’ “

“Expecting Sheffield to play with more freedom and leave some gaps at the back as a result that we can exploit”

“think they are down now and will likely play more squad players ready for next season”

“Blades players won’t be risking much, none will want to pick up injuries especially those looking for other PL moves in the summer.”

“Sheffield. My last away day. Sheffield Tap, Devonshire Cat & the Triple Point Brewery. Unquestionably one of the best away days ever for pub/ale selection.
This weekend sat indoors drinking Aldi American IPA. Sad.”

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