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“Its getting harder and harder to follow this club. I’m just really really tired.”

“At least fans of Norwich, WBA etc have fun winning promotion
We just exist in limbo”

“Better team won”!

“Lucky not to lose by more”

“Well done Sheffield United, fully deserved their win.”

“fair play to the Blades. They played and fought us off the park.”

“Yep, bossed the midfield, defensively brilliant and full of energy all over the gaff.”

“We weren’t just outfought by Sheff U tonight, we were outplayed. That’s by a team with 5 wins and 2 draws all season before tonight.”

“Outfought and outplayed for long periods.”

“Sheff U, no manager, nothing to play for, showed us what its like to play for the shirt.”

“A team that has been relegated five or six games ago, has just outplayed, outthought, and outthought our team and have utterly deserved to win “

“Sheffield Utd were a technically gifted side tonight compared to us”

“A team with nothing to play for who were relegated ages ago showed more fight and cohesion than we have all season.”

“Disgraceful,that must be the easiest game Sheff United have had all season,against possibly the best side we can put out”

“Sheff Utd didn’t even need to play that well, they scored but didn’t even have to sit back.”

“Managed to make them look like Brazil, didn’t we?”

“Face it, Sheff U had nothing to lose and were playing for pride. We were the opposite.
And like a lot of teams this year they scented blood early on. They just had to shut us out to win it and it’s scarily easy to do.”

“Picking wages up for sod all and damn sight more than at Sheff U”

“Sheff Utd are a Championship standard team but they play with patterns and repeatable actions.”

“Yet again outbattled, and tactically worked out by so called lesser teams and coaches.”

“Annoying seeing the Sheff Utd management team buzzing. They can’t believe the let off they have had with how we have been. “

“The Sheffield players want to put themselves in the shop window. “

“I’m not calling for Carlo’s head but he’s equally culpable for these grotesque performances. He picks the formations and players, is supposed to provide specific roles with a coherent vision. He’s a manager despite how substandard the team is, his mission is to find a way to get the team to perform. Especially against the most abysmal team in the premier league. However how bad our team is , it should be better than Fulham and Sheffield”

“There is no way there was only one David McGoldrick on the pitch, There was at least 3 of them”

“He seemed to be all over us. Dominating our midfield.”

“Amazing how we allowed a 40’year old mcgoldrick to look like prime Cruyff “

“Said the very same earlier….!!!
Dropped into the holes, picked passes out, beat players for fun and he’s pure shyte”

“Among the worst performances of the last decade. Not even basic skills were present. Complete lack of effort, passing, movement, communication, awareness and skill. Pathetic. McGoldrick was made to look like Messi.”

“Imagine how we let a 17 year old have a tap in for his first start. We’re really very nice aren’t we?”

“Beaten by a non league player. Can it get worse”

“One of the worst teams in Premier League history are schooling us at home , what a time to be alive ! “

“That was like watching a Jack Whitehall concert.”

” cheers Everton.”

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By Roy

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tracky wearing spongers…Mcgoldrick tore you all a new bottom hole. Get over it we will be back🥰

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