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“The mighty Rams take on Sheffield United at Bramell Lane on Saturday 25th. 3pm kick off.
After everything that’s gone on we still managed to outplay a highly respected Stoke side. The players were fantastic and the support was amazing. If we as fans can take that to Sheffield and the players show the same class, we shouldn’t be afraid of anyone in this league.
So let’s outplay and outsing the blades on Saturday. As the ultimate measure of a team is not where we stand in moments of comfort, but where we stand in times of challenge.”

“Challenging game as they have hit a rich vein of goalscoring form. so it’s certainly a tough one but we will fight that’s for sure.. “

“It’s a shame Sheff Utd seem to have hit their straps in the last couple of games. Jokanovic has finally got them firing it seems.”

“Think they are hitting form. Hope I am wrong, but feeling a bad defeat. “

“This game will be a REAL test of Rooney’s motivational capabilities. Last game players would have been angry and in denial about Admin and wanting to fight By Saturday likely to be acceptance that relegation is inevitable and that fight will have gone. I really hope Rooney and the lads prove me wrong,”

“Cant see us getting much at Sheff utd…. Cant fault these players at all. Giving it everything & you cant ask for much more than that!!

“Will be another fine performance in adversity but we end up losing. Everyone still supporting the players and manager with all their heart. “

“Big game. Another chance to send a message of fight, spirit and togetherness.”

“With a bit of lady luck, I think we can get something from the game”

“The team have a real reason to upset the apple cart, win this and negative becomes positive in one stroke. I’m going to do some positive thinking for a win. “

“Enjoyed my 1 visit to Bramhall Lane. They have hit form just at the wrong time but with a bit of luck we might get something out of the game “

“I hope the Sheffield United players realise that even If they manage to beat us and get 3 points there is probably a 50/50 they won’t get to keep them if we go pop I actually intend to go to as many fixtures as possible in case my Derby county don’t make it through this. Yes I have my season ticket and I usually go the 4-5 away games per season – Sheffield is booked in and trips to Preston and Fulham are very much in my diary and it would be great if we can sell out everywhere. “

“Really looking forward to this game. Going to be a great atmosphere with the sell out. “

“I suspect I will be drinking an awful lot of beer before this one and spending most of my £37 worth of match in the toilet taking the pee looking forward to a good day out to support the football oaps and the Academy lads Again £37 for a second division game – shocking – I must be getting as old as my Bladder.”

“Can/will Sheffield United donate half the Derbt fans ticket money to those that lose their jobs at Derby? At £37 a ticket you know it’s the right thing to do.”

“Sheffield united are struggling themselves I heard and that’s with parachute payments!!”

“£37 an adult ticket, club going into administration and we could be bottom very soon. Support has been top class this season, can’t wait to be back on the road on Saturday. “

“That’s great support, but having to give £55,000 to a team receiving millions in parachute payments because of inflated ticket prices when our own club is boracic shows up the football pyramid for the joke it now is. That would probably pay a weeks wages for half our squad. “

“£37 to watch Derby away at Sheffield United, no thanks. Bearing in mind I only paid £15 to watch them in the cup couple weeks back. Cmon Sheffield United you’re pricing families out of the game. Charge £20-25 he the full allocation sold, simples.”

“It’s a disgrace, how can you entice fans back in the ground with prices like that”

“on the flip side though a sold out away end means Sheffield Utd could argue pricing was correct. I do not believe this either. It’s a conundrum.”

“we’ll return the favour by putting tickets on sale the day before the game for a period of 4 and a half minutes. You’ll need a leprechaun’s hat, the original copy of the bible and a dinosaur bollock to purchase one. It’s the Derby way”

“Sheffield Wednesday are a bigger and better club Hope we hammer them come on you raaaaams I be there”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Derby”
  1. I am slightly worried about this game we all know its going to go 1 of 2 wats
    1 we hammer them as the administration has totally floored them leaving them so devoid of confidence they layeth down
    2 They fight like hell to upset us

  2. Whatever your views or team you follow Derby county are big club full of history, a founding member of the football league. It’s sad to see great old teams getting into this position and it’s happening all to often over recent years through clubs being mismanaged and gambling on the lucrative premier league. This could happen to any club in the wrong hands and unfortunately it’s the fans that suffer the most pain. Do the right thing Sufc and donate all the gate receipts from the away end back to the club that needs it the most. We are all part of the football family, and after all, you never know what around the corner for your own team 🔴⚪⚔

  3. Agree with you lot, £37 a ticket is wrong, Shojld be £40 to you lot….
    Dont forget weve got Fumigate & disinfect the away end after your lots gone & don’t forget to close the door behind you……UTB!

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