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“Sheff United will be up there – with their squad and manager it would be criminal if they weren’t – yet we mixed it with them.”

“Tough loss to take although Sheff Utd were for me looking more likely to score for the majority of the game.”

“Gutted, didn’t deserve that. Oh I’d have loved it if Lawrence had scored at the end. Never a sending off but a defo penalty, We fight on us Vs everyone.”

“We did not deserve that”

“the Blades were diving all match long. I know Britain got a significant medals haul in the swimming section of the Olympics, but it might be worth pointing out to the Blades that the Olympics have actually finished.
The fact that despite the obvious body-blow of the penalty, we kept on trying, and probably had better chances from that point onwards. Brilliant. And brilliant from the fans, yet again, who could be heard all the way through the match – unlike the Sheffield librarians – we only got to hear them for a couple of minutes after Roos got sent off, and for some of the closing minutes after the goal.”

“Absolutely robbed. Couldn’t see the sending off or pen as it was down the far end but when the ball bounces off the post in injury time you know your luck’s out. Deserved a point.”

“Not a red card. Not a corner that lead up to the penalty.
Sheff U. should have made the ref their man of the match.”

” never a red card for me. That has to be appealed. Sharp played the ball out to the left wing and then Kelle fouled him. Defenders back and Kelle also with plenty of time to get back. Not a goal scoring opportunity. Sharp conned and intimidated the ref.”

“He’s playing McBernie in, Is it an obvious scoring opportunity…No!, Player back on the line, McBernies not got the ball, If it’s right Shinnie said the ref said it’s a yellow, Then he succumed to pressure from the blades players…and that shows a very weak ref…I hope WR does what I have done and looks at it again, And appeals.”

“Here’s one to think about: the clash between Shinnie and whoever the Blades player was. If Shinnie got booked, the Blades guy should have had a red for shoving his head onto Shinnie’s forehead.”

“On the billy sharp stuff not sure who started the song but it was sang often before the game and during so no complaints about him giving us stick afterwards. It wasn’t just a few dodgy people singing it but the majority of the crowd. I was just stood there confused tbh as the vast majority of people were joining in and I had no idea why. My mate who is a blade was equally just confused by it all.
On the game itself it’s hard to tell. The first half was even and could have gone either way. Second half dictated by the red card. At first I felt Roos didn’t deserve a red but i think on balance it pretty much is and we’d have been begging for it if it was the other way around. There were communication issues at the back for the entire second half that continued but got to consider ourselves unlucky we didn’t ge a point. Not saying United didn’t have chances they did but we could have gotten something. Good to see the fight is still there if nothing else. “

“The more people that are against us for no real reason like you billy sharp, the more I can’t wait for this club to rise again and prove the haters wrong. You’re a league one striker at best billy, get a grip. Just cause you can score loads for the small club in sheffield.”

“Billy Sharpe needs banning for that reaction to our fans”

“I will sleep peacefully tonight knowing that 2,065 of our fans are rent free in Billy Sharp’s head.”

“I think we made Sharp bite today, after his goading of the Derby fans at the end of the game. “

“Was there today , the chants aimed at Sharp were disgusting , his reactions a little bit over the top”

“He is a good player Sharp no need for the nasty stuff.”

“Think its our ‘fans’ that lack class at times.
Fair play to him for sticking it to them.”

“When will people realise the abuse spurs him on?”

“Not just the majority of the match but outside the ground before and after the match and loudly and drunkenly in front of police and stewards and yet nothing is said or acted upon to stop it and that’s where the problem lies not just at games but in society generally. “

“Sheffield United police are useless. Letting all fans leave at the same time surely they knew it was gonna kick off. But instead of breaking up fights and the people throwing stuff they ended up starting on me and my cousin for walking in the middle of the road because we didn’t want trouble on the small pavements. Called the police officer a melon and told him to duck off and do his job. Their were lots of small kids while people were throwing coins and bottles. Was mostly sheff United lot that got arrested tho “

“Know several females today who were intimidated by the behaviour of a few of our fans. “

“Was a good away day. Apart from the lad in front of me threading to cut peoples necks and breaking seats. Also starting singing a horrible song at billie sharp when he celebrated at the end. Hope he gets banned. He was vile. Aggressive for no reason. But the football with a bit boring another day we draw or win that game “

“Great day out today totally enjoyed it – the players did their very best and our crowd were very supportive and a great atmosphere from our fans – Sheffield United deadly quiet “

“Best away atmosphere I can remember and I was there at Leeds, IstanHull etcetera “

“What is it about Yorkshire clubs’ obsession with us? Leeds can’t get enough of us and now Sheffield United fans are all over the timeline. Sad bunch.”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Derby”
    1. I hope Derby goes down too , asking why Billy Sharp was annoyed ? Take a look at yourself you idiots , your fan base is mainly young daft kids , also stop making excuses 😂😂 three points to us

  1. While some of your fans are obviously deluded some I can see are honest and had no time for idiots in their ranks. Let’s repeatedly sing a vial chant about an opposition player and why is he and home fans giving us stick? Idiotic morons can be found anywhere. The pen an obvious hand ball and the defenders were about 1.5m behind Sharp when he was bought down. I belive my words were that’s git to be a red the defender was miles behind him. Overall we just didn’t get anything on target for all the chances we had and it could have easily been a draw or lose. I suppose when your playing like this and still grind out 3 points it is one of those games that promotion winning sides get under there belt. Lastly no one wants to see a club go into administration and the support Derby gave was immense yet ruined by unfortunately a large enough group singing vile chants.

  2. I’m truly amazed that these inbreds don’t understand why Billy gave it back after the final whistle. Little bit of advice for when you get out of lg1 all your stick just spurred Billy on and the icing on the cake was hi. bagging the winner .enjoy league one but Rooney won’t hang around he’ll be off to a bigger club probably Notts County of Burton albion

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