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“Well, I’m sure everyone is excited to see what happens on Tuesday night. Will the blades of Sheffield strike the final blow in the managerial reign of Neil Warnock? Will the club that he loves and supported as a child be the club that brutally ends a career in football management that has spanned over four centuries? We’ve been the victims of a lack of a plan on the pitch. I can only imagine that Warnock’s instructions before and throughout the game are thus: “Man mark so you get pulled out of position and leave huge craters that you could drive busses through, then if you get the ball, hoof it to the corners… Don’t kick it that hard… Oh its gone out again has it… Do the same again, but try kicking it different? Why isn’t it working? The players aren’t good enough… The ref is useless… (insert every excuse here)”

“With the rumour before the Reading game, that Neil Warnock has two games to save his career at Boro, would you rather Boro lose tomorrow night and Warnock gets sacked or Boro beat Sheff Utd and Warnock stays?”

“Pretty certain we will lose anyways”.

“If he was on the verge of the sack, I’m sure Gibson would be aware that it would be better for it to happen before he played his boyhood club. Warnock’s last game being a defeat against Sheffield United is not how he’d want to end his career. “

“Sheffield will be the decider, a heartless performance and NW will be gone, The squad is so inbalanced and lacking champo fighters.”

“Warnock is never gonna get anything out of this squad. On paper we’ve actually got quite a technical/ball playing team and Warnock only does well with his lumps.”

“Bring on Sheff Utd and a gob full of excuses.”

“In the home of steel it looks like knives out for Warnock. Our attack is blunter than James and opponents have been cutting through our midfield like a hot knife through butter. “

“It’s only a little thing, but I’m getting sick of him saying he can’t pronounce the names of anyone slightly foreign sounding.
It’s lazy and borderline offensive.
Ikpeazu is not hard to say.
Lea-Siliki is not hard to say.
Jokanovic isn’t hard to say”

“Another defeat im afraid. Probably one of the more easier games to predict. Sheff Utd have hit form at the right time after a shaky start.”

“We’re definitely not winning this, a draw at best.”

“the Blades will probably put 2 or 3 past us. If we can’t beat a team with a defence held together with duct tape and a second choice forward line, what chance have we against a team that has found their feet and are on the up?”

.”Sheff Utd could put several past us if the Reading game is anything to go by.”

“They needed a 90th minute penalty to beat a 10 man Derby, and only had 1 other shot on target despite having that man advantage for half an hour.
They apparently did not play particularly well.
Their big wins have been against a badly struggling Hull and Peterborough.
Obviously we are also badly struggling, so it might be more of the same tomorrow, but it’s not like they’re storming the league right now.”

“It doesnt matter how you get results though. They are 4th in the form table, and they have a far better man in charge of their team. They will be there or there abouts end of the season imo.”

“Of course it matters how you get results.
We beat Forest despite playing poorly because Forest were awful, and we were then shown up in the next two matches.
If their 3 wins in 4 were against very poor sides in and around the relegation zone, and they struggled against one of them with a man advantage, then it might be a sign that they’re not actually that good.
I’m fairly sure they’ll finish above us this season, as you’d expect with their squad and manager, but I’m not overly threatened by their recent results.”

“Despite their problems Rooney has at least got Derby organised & solid. We are neither. If we play man to man then we will look as disjointed and soft centred as usual. 10th game of the season and already I can barely be arsed to be bothered”

“I just don’t think it’s that crazy to think that we could beat Sheff Utd as they haven’t started all that well themselves.”

“Sheff Utd are only 3 points ahead of us. In fact, if we win 2-0 then we go ahead of them. I don’t think it’s that far fetched to think we can beat them.”

“A do or die match against a club Warnock has deep connections too.
I’ve got a feeling we might pull off a surprise win here, which might not actually please some given the prevailing mood as it would likely save Warnock’s job”

“We are so close to being a very good team, Warnock has done well in my opinion with the players he has brought to the club. Bola and Djiksteel show why they are so important to us. We couldn’t have foreseen Spence and Coulson being needed, but I think if we could bring them back, we should as it would balance the team out a little better and results may turn in our favour.”

“Sheff Utd teams have always seemed to me to be a rough and tumble team. They get in to you and I dont think we have anyone who will be able to handle them Already worried if Im honest and I really hope I can come on here after the game and say I was wrong”

“I expect Sheff U to try and bully us”

“How many goals will Sharpe get?”

“Billy Sharp hat-trick .You heard it here first”

” Wouldn’t complain if we reached out for the likes of Chris Wilder”

“Chris Wilder would just be The Neil Warnock Appointment – Ex Sheffield 54yo (3-5-2 flat) “

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Boro”
  1. That’s the most well thought out set of comments I’ve seen so far for months. Hard to disagree with the majority of them, and I agree Utd are not the best ( yet) but we’ll see. Warnock will depart anyway, hope Boro get it turned around. UTB

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