“Played them off the park at times first half but once again no cutting edge up top”

“Sheff United are the poorest side to come and win at Deepdale this season but punished us for 2 mistakes”

“In the first half we battered them but they had the best chances and went in 1-0 up….that sums us up at the moment.”

“They were absolutely crap in that first half and we gifted them a goal. “

“Should have blown them away 1st half. Unlucky in the grand scheme of things. We have a good team. The goals will come. Keep the faith.”

“We were definitely not outclassed. They have 3 players who cost 20m+, 3 who cost 4m+ and a couple of Citey loanees.
No one could gave argued if we got a point. Even 3 would not have been undeserved. “

“Overall we played very well. Unlike the Burnley game where we struggled against their quality today we matched Sheffield quality wise even though their team cost more than 80m and I wouldn’t be surprised if their wage bill is more than double or even triple ours.”

“We were not outclassed by a team with as I said a half-time several £20m+ players but gifted them the goals”

“You virtually batter the top of the league in the first half without actually laying a glove on them ….how daft does that sound? “

“We played well against top of the League and controlled the games at times, it’s just the usual story of lacking a decent striker that let us down. Riis looked devoid of confidence to me.
I was talking to a few Sheff Utd fans who were getting on a mini bus and they all said that the better team lost today. “

“We were good in that first half , just the goal threat didn’t materialise. The second we were fairly comfortable against a side who had two players who cost twenty times what arise cost .. in the end I’m trying to be positive but the way we are playing is doing my head in.”

“Played very well first half and with investment could have been a goal up, 2 mistakes let Sheff Utd in, I’m not going to criticize the players because they are doing their very best.”

“that first 40 mins was very good and with a 20 goal striker we would have been in front.
Once behind everyone knows we aren’t going to score……hence mistakes creep into the defence too…”

“We may have been the better side in the first half but I certainly didn’t think were in the second half.”

“I thought our first half was really positive and anyone not knowing would have thought we were the team at the top of the league. Goals change matches and we gifted Sheffield U a goal just before the break which lifted their crowd who’d been shocked by our dominance. It gave them something to hang onto and I thought us likely to get an equaliser up to gifting them a second.”

“Its becoming rather deflating this season and unfortunately looks set to continue. Yet again today we play well and dominate without scoring and lose a goal against the run of play and you can physically see the heads drop. Sheff U almost went in 2 up but for woodman. Second half was the same until the subs, which were simply baffling, Riis excepted. “

“Blades were too good for North End today and North End couldn’t hit a bus if it hit them. “

“We had some possession and got stuck in, but we never got behind them did we? One decent ball into space that Parrott screwed up. We need more than that. No speed to make the most of our ability to win the ball back, and attack on the break, into space. “

“1st 40 minutes we were fine but we didn’t score, we gift them an opportunity & they take it.
2nd half we gift them another & they take it.”

“McBurnie today gets the ball and looks after it bringing others into play for shef Utd to get up the pitch, subsequently scores, Burnley last week Rodriguez holds up and links play brings players into the game, Riis is miles off it. Shit scared of getting clattered for a lad of his size and should be doing more as should the rest of our strike force!”

“With a couple of Championship pedigree strikers, we’d be top three tonight. “

“If my aunty had bollocks she’d be my uncle!!
We haven’t got the strikers – we aren’t top 3 and won’t be any time soon.”

“We were on top, but we failed to make any proper chances. Could have had prime Gary Lineker up top, and it’s pointless if nobody plays it into areas he can attack. We’re never getting anywhere if the only way we can reach our strikers is in front of the defensive line- cause nobody else has the pace to overlap it!”

“If we sign anymore Irish Men then i’m out”

“Have just seen that Richard Wood, a Rotherham defender, has scored more then us this season.”

“Preston Nil End”

“Anyone who chanted “you don’t know what your doing” to Lowe. I’m telling you, you are a bad bad idiot”

” Ched had his Sheff U shirt on under his kit today.”

“Evans seems to have been brought on to set up Sheff Utd goals”

“Seriously though how bad is refereeing in this country and the time wasting/kicking the ball away and play acting is just as frustrating as the lack of investment in the playing squad
from the Hemmings family.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Preston”
  1. Have to admit first 35-40 mins we were never at the races . But having been gifted the first goal against the run of play i thought we got stronger n controlled the game and there was only going to be one winner .

  2. Hardly think the first goal was gifted – the only gifted part was the skill of Iliman Ndiaye to send the defenders for a hot dog while he danced around them to slot one home

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