“Think we’ll upset a few teams this season away from home and whilst I’m not sure we’ll get the win I can see us coming away with a very creditable draw.”

“St Andrews is like a morgue and I think this will rob us of another 10 points easy this season.
Players probably prefer away.”

“We beat them there last season.
I’d settle for a draw now!”

“I Honestly think we will get a draw. “

“Sorry I think we will lose this one”

“I cannot see us getting anything from this. “

“Sheff Utd flying – Can’t see us getting anything. “

“Loss. No shame in it. Move on.”

“We’ll get battered. They’re superb at home and we’re inconsistent.
5-0 defeat. Move on and try to shake it off”

“It won’t take long until a lack of arial strength in our back four is exposed.
We’ll be targeted from Sheffield United onwards until it’s addressed. “

“I studied in Sheffield and all my mates were blades. These were the days when Wednesday was the top team there. I have to say I did enjoy the games at Bramall Lane. Great working class fans. Quite similar to us.”

” pretty poor of Sheffield to give us such a low allocation.”

“Our allocations are bordering on victimisation! look at the size of the sterile areas at home too. You don’t see this at Leeds United or any other high end notorious fan bases.”

“Which stand should the Sheffield United season ticket holders be removed from to accommodate the Blues?”

“Presume there is Sheff U fans above us then ? surprised that the old bill allow that. Obviously nowhere else for us to be housed then, but in that case, why have we been allocated 500 less than Forest got for the same end? we’d have sold them easily!”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Birmingham”
  1. Yes our fans will be above you but rest assured our fans are well behaved not like the forest scum who were seated up there

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