Derby Fans View On Conor Sammon

“Time to move on, can’t fault his attitude though. No puns please, I won’t take the bait.”

“He really needs to find a club that will play him and he can settle at. Good luck Conor.”

“I love the effort, the physicality, the fitness, the determination…but how he ever got a contract as a professional footballer is beyond me. Could he make centre half? Good bye and good luck. “

“Not really a surprise, amazed that the blades have taken him given he flopped at Ipswich and Rotherham but maybe a drop down a league will help. “

“Sammon is an athlete who can play a bit, and has made a career through having a fantastic attitude.
I wish him all the best – he’d be suited at a club who play percentage balls for him to chase down.”

“Such a team player…best of luck to him. “

“About time!!
This move is make or break for him really needs to make an impression an do well. To save his career I’d say league one is his level should be looking to get double figures, will be interesting to see if him and sharp r first choice could work well. “

“Good news for all involved. We get him out of our hair, he gets game time and a chance to resurrect his career while Sheffield United get an internationally capped striker with Premier League experience.
He might be absolutely dire but I hope he does well and earns himself a deal at the end of the season. Would never begrudge the guy a career just as long as he’s not on our books”

“he may not have the best end product but his work ethic would surely create something for our midfielders to score some! “

“He’s a top fella, down to earth and when I spoke to him he really liked derby and even though the stick he gets he still tries his hardest, he isn’t the greatest but no need for any stick, good luck to him! “

“Some fans are too hard on him. Yes he isn’t great but he’s a professional. He still puts in a shift whenever asked upon him and I expect he’s fully aware that he’s become more of a ‘laughing stock’ at the club yet still gives his all.I think he’d score a few at a lower level, maybe League One. He was doing alright in Scotland before he came here, so perhaps he could return there. Rangers maybe? Anyway good luck to him.”

“He’s just need games time and don’t think he’d get that much here this season coming up anyway, he’s a honest pro who try his best for the team so good luck Sammo “

“I personally think he’s just not at this standard ! Lower league 1 maybe even league 2 he might do well , his determination and desire might see him through”

  “Just a loan? Damn.”
“With the right type of players up front with him, he could be an asset. Does a lot of unselfish work, and I would have thought he could do a job for a newly promoted team to the Championship, or any team that struggled last year and has mid-table as a target for the coming season.  Will not score many goals, we all know that, but by creating space and tying up one central defender he does give nippy players opportunities to exploit.  I hope he settles and does well.”

“ Even without Clough they are taking our rejects”

“Good move for him, though I’m not sure their fans are likely to cut him much slack if he doesn’t suddenly start banging them in. “

“Good luck Sammo, just not good enough. Not his fault though. “

“Sammo and Sharp to tear League One. SCENES. “

“Decent move for him to be fair. I was thinking League One but not as high as Sheffield United.”

“good luck to him, at best it’s about 2 divisions higher than he should be, at worst, it’s still the wrong sport. “

“Sammon can well work in a team that uses him correctly, he gets into promising positions and is an exemplary hard worker.  Hope he does well at his new club and that the coaching staff there have him practicing finishing.  We Derby fans won’t forget him anytime soon, he certainly is a special one.  i have been too hard on him in the past, i would much rather have the likes of him a player that tries his best always than some lazy arsed star in his own mind type.  Good luck to him.”

“Good luck to him. Can’t fault his character, just his finishing. “

“best of luck to him, never lacked effort, sadly that’s not enough for where we want to be, can’t say he’ll score a hatful for them but he’ll roll his sleeves up and put a shift in.”

“Good luck to the fella. Got too much stick to be fair. Massively guilty of it myself. Took my Clough anger out on him. Not his fault a poor manager paid crazy money for a poor player.”

  “Holy smoke, SU fans stating there new strike partnership is the new SAS “

“We wish you well Connor. We hope that you do a good job there. We know that you are a hard worker. “

“Connor could be a very good player for Sheffield United.”

“Sammon is a team player always gave 100 per cent for the Rams,i can understand his need for regular game time and wish him well”

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Leeds Fans View On Billy Sharp

“Price is about right. Was hoping we’d get Murphy the other way. Decent left winger.”

“He must be on big bucks for us to let him go so cheaply “

“According to rumours, he earns around 14k per week. “

“I’ll never know why we signed him. If he’d been Italian he’d have been hammered on social media. I have him down as divisive as well but that’s just me. “

“ To be fair about it mate, most Leeds fans thought he was a great signing for us when we got him. Just because it hasn’t turned out so, shouldn’t deflect from the standard of player of some of them we acquired last season. Sharp, along with Adryan looked great on paper, but as we all know, even some very top players like Falcao for instance, sometimes don’t produce the goods, for some unexplained reason. I think he needs to go though. “

“In fairness to Sharp he scored 5 goals last season and Morison only scored 2. I think if he had more chances he could have hit double figures.I would keep him!”

“Me too. I think hed benefit greatly running off wood up front. “

“Given that he had been failing elsewhere, his best years were in all probability behind him. “

“Cant say im that bothered about sharp leaving … i think i always wanted him to do well and be a great signing for us but never looked close to happening.”

“Would rather see Morison go than Sharp..but 500k is a decent fee imo.”

“If it’s just one to go I’d sooner it be Sharp.”

“league one and with wingers he will be banging them in”

“Both would do a job at L1..especially Sharp.
How ever..I don’t really want us to be helping out the rapist lovers..that whole club disgusts me after the Ched Evans affair.
In fact feck em..I would sooner see them rot in L1 for a good few more seasons..and then hopefully get relegated and eventually go to the conference.”

“sharp, not impressed one trick pony. “

“Why’re we even considering selling Sharp? OK, last season didn’t work out. Another season at least IMO & if it doesn’t work fair enough “

“Be a shame if Sharp leaves for Sheff Utd. Decent squad player to have but he obviously wants first-team football.”

“We really need to keep Billy Sharp”

“Would rather see Doukara leave Leeds than Billy Sharp “

“personally like sharp as a player “

“We dont need Sharp. not saying hes bad but i think 500 k is a good deal for a 29 year old who doesnt score much and is on big wages “

“Absolute banter when sell Sharp to SUFC and don’t get Murphy in the deal “

“Don’t see the point in selling Sharp if we don’t get Murphy”

“Will be gutted to lose billy sharp BUT gaining jamie murphy from what i hear and ive seen will be so worth it natural left winger. “

“I’ll be proper gutted if we sell Billy Sharp. He is a super talent, just needs time to fire for us”

“I like Sharp but he’s a 442 striker and little else. Reckon he’ll do well at Blunts “

“I for one wish him well “

“I wouldnt mind it being a loan with a view to a possible permanent, just in case he rediscovers his goal scoring form and starts belting them in “

“BillySharp is a predator in the box,he never really got a run of games in the side to build any sort of confidence or momentum.
that was solely because the type of player he was didnt fit into our only workable system.
Personally i never truly think stats tell the full picture and can be grossly missleading at times, i rate Billy Sharp and i think given game time and a strike partner he will grab you bag full of goals.
One stat worth note his leeds career hasnt even taken off, majority of his apperances came off the bench, id be interested in seing his stats like shots per goal against the very wasteful antenucci in my opinion. “

“Scored 11 goals in the last two seasons
Hasn’t scored 15+ goals in a season since the 2010-11 season
His most prolific period for goals was ten years ago when playing for League One club Scunthorpe United
Sharp did win two games for us last season v Boro’ (h) & Huddersfield (a)
A striker on a downhill spiral i suspect “

“He averages around 14-15 goals per championship season made more impressive the fact most of his goals and games where when from his time at Doncaster and they were struggling to survive. I admit Billy Sharp had a disappointing season last season but he is without doubt the second best striker at the club maybe even the best“

“He is the typical journeymen striker that have had the occasional reasonable season but never been quite good enough to move up to the next level.“

“Sharp is an average Champs player imo, never going to be the star but will get a few goals. Should be a good signing for league 1 “

“I wanted/want Sharp to do well at Leeds, but I think he is on the downward slope. Yes he’s been good in the Championship over his career, but the last couple of seasons haven’t been very good compared to his previous form.  “

“League One about right for him”

“Sharp has always been a complimentary striker rather than a main striker. He is a 15 goal a season striker in a team where the main striker will get 20+. As a main striker he has never really done it. He is also the sort who will score 6 in 5 matches then go 20 without a goal  Happy to see him leave”

“Best deal for both clubs and player.
I like Billy but he is never going to play many games.”

“A quality striker walking out of the door simply because of the lack of foresight to provide him with pacey wingers, to provide low hard crosses into the box for him to feed off, when the opposition fumble a clearance.
Instead he was having to feed off scraps from high long balls which is an alien part of his game or boxed out wide into corners. The crowd then loses patience with him and he is benched and then struggles for game time, as we employ ridiculous diamond systems which lead to us finishing 15th in the league.”

“Shame he didn’t get the service he needed cos he would have got us 15-20 goals no problem.
Good luck Billy lad.”

“Watching a striker of his quality play on his own up front did him and Redfearn no favours in the end. He was never going to run 40 yards and bang one in. Why Redfearn persevered with that tactic is a mystery.”

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Millwall Fans View On Martyn Woolford

“Woolford was an ‘ok player’ good luck to him.”

“I liked Woolford, was good for a decent cross when needed and chipped in with his share of the goals..”

“At best he is nothing more than average.”

“Never rated him. He’s better off up there with his fellow degenerate northerners”

“Did not usually let the team down, but never got the pulses racing did he? “

“He had his moments, just not enough of them.”

“Think it’s fair to say that we got far more out of Woolford than anyone ever expected us to.”

“He was an honest player so credit where credit is due, never sulked when out of the team. The goals he scored last game of the season before last against Bournemouth and away to Fulham will be remembered. Good luck to him. One of the nice guys in football.”

“He is a useful asset to any league 1 team and will score over 10 a season.. Good luck to him never sulked even when Leeds move fell through”

“To be fair he probably played under the two worst managers in our time barring Spackman, and two seasons our worst teams.
Like others have said honest pro and will do well in lge 1.”

“we should have kept woolford”

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Motherwell Fans View On George Long (Taken From The Month Of May)

“Baraclough admit Long is pish and get him out and play twardzik next week get him game ready for the play offs. “

 “it wouldn’t bother me if Long didn’t play for us again “

“Let’s hope we dont bring Long back.  So much better out there.  One of the main reasons we are were we are just now. “

“All our keepers have been poxy this season. Mind you, with that defence… “

“Twardzik is at least a shot stopper. Long isn’t. “

“Long has made at least three times the mistakes in fewer matches.
 Also Twardzik has had MotM performances in him when Long doesn’t.
 And finally Long takes about 15 minutes to distribute a ball from feet or hand and doesn’t have a clue what to do.”

“I am not defending Long but I don’t know about the 3 times as many errors, I an still remember Dan against Dundee , Aberdeen , and a few others chucking them in.he also was at fault for the goal that put us out of Europe.He is generally a good shot stopper , but poor at criosses. He definitely isn’t the answer, probably Long isn’t either.  “

“We needed an experienced goalie in ja uary. Long was probably the only guy wanting to come here. Like many young players they are inconsistant and make mistakes. He has won us points so lets not make him the scapegoat when there have been other seniors either hiding or dismal All season. “

“Dan has to come in. long easily wastes a good 5-10 minutes of a game setting up kick outs. its infuriating watching it.
Dan is a better shot stopper and they are equal in crosses. its a no brainer for me”

“  I was happy when we signed Long as he seemed too have ticked all the boxes…. Unfortunately his has cost us severely. I would have brought back Dan 4 weeks ago. Now it might be too late.”

“The only reason Sheffield United let George Long come on loan to us was that we had to guarantee that if he was fit he would play. So unless we can send him back, Long will be our keeper for the next 3 matches. “

“So, let’s blame Long for everything. Yesterday he pulled off a few good saves, did well to narrow the angle for Gows 1 on 1 and made it virtually impossible for him to get his shot on target. At their equaliser yes he was partly to blame but I felt it was the keepers ball when O’Brien tried to overhead kick it out. So let’s blame O’Brien as well. Nobody had many great words for Hollis or neilson but we finished 2nd last year. Long us young, just getting 1st team experience so of course he’s going to make errors of judgement. “

“Long had made over 90 appearances before coming to us.”

“Both our goalkeepers are pure pish, mistake-ridden fannies… “

“Twardzik must have improved significently since he was dropped in January. He is murder. Long isnt much better but not as bad as Twardzik.”

 “I have seen comments about Long slowing the play down but I saw him rushing to the 18 yard line with no-one looking for the ball. “

“ Looks like to me like either Long doesn’t communicate well with his defenders, or they don’t communicate well with him. Don’t mind him but for a guy that ‘looks’ like a keeper, he doesn’t dominate in the way he should. Either way, it’s cost us points more than once this season. “

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More than 100 people voted in the End Of Season Awards and i’d like to thank everyone who did take the time to place their votes. Here are the results…….

Player Of The Season: JAMIE MUPRHY

(Runner Up: Chris Basham)

It says a lot about the season when only 4 players received nominations for this category. Individually the majority of the players mirrored United as a collective: Terribly inconsistent. Jamie Murphy himself went some through poor patches of form, particularly at the very start and very end of the season, but he was still comfortably United’s most dangerous player throughout the campaign. When he’s in the mood he looks to be someone playing below his level. He contributed to most of United’s best moments of the season with wonderful goals against Doncaster and Gillingham whilst also showing his talent by giving Kyle Walker a torrid time in the two games against Spurs. Harry Maguire won this award last season and United were unable to hold on to him. All Blades will be hoping that the same thing doesn’t happen with Jamie Murphy and he is still in a Blades shirt next season.

Young Player Of The Season: LOUIS REED

(Runner Up: Che Adams)

Louis Reed was surprisingly thrown into the team on the very first day against Bristol City and stayed in and around the squad for the entire season. In a season that continued to frustrate, Reed was held up as a major positive throughout most of the campaign. His passing ability and calmness in possession had many fans believing he was a future England international and he was introduced into the national sides u18s squad in March. Somewhat inevitably given his age his form dipped towards the end of the season and he was taken out of the side for the play-off games. Despite this his displays, particularly against top flight teams, point to a great future for Reed and it will be interesting to see how he develops next season.

Most improved player: CHRIS BASHAM

(Runner Up: Kieron Freeman)

It’s fair to say Chris Basham didn’t initially make a positive impression on United fans. In his early games he looked slow, clumsy and seemed to add nothing to the United midfield. He was eventually dropped from the first team at the end of September after a number of poor displays. Although he did have a good game in midfield against Bradford when he was brought back into the side he really started to show his worth once he was moved back to centre half. Here he looked dominant, calm in possession and his whole heated displays turned the opinions of the United fans. He was comfortably United’s best centre half all season but even when put back into midfield he looked a different player to the one who had started the season so sluggishly. Despite his success at centre half he looked even better in midfield and it’s a shame we couldn’t see more of him there due to United issues at the back. In the end he was both United’s best centre half and best central midfielder. Not many fans who witnessed those early performances would have seen that coming!

Best Signing: MATT DONE

(Runner Up: Chris Basham)

United had been in desperate need of a striker all season but as the January transfer window drew to a close it looked as though The Blades would fail to bring in any of their targets. Then at the very end of the window Matt Done was brought in from Rochdale. Done had spent most of his career as a steady but unspectacular left sided midfielder but after he was moved up front by Rochdale early in the season his career had been given a new lease of life. He had scored 10 goals for Rochdale when he came to United and was among the top scorers in the league. His form continued with United as he scored 4 goals in his first 3 games. Aside from his goals his workrate, pace and energy quickly endeared him to the Blades faithful. Unfortunately for Done and United he picked up a few niggling injuries towards the end of the season and was missing for much of the run in. He came back as a sub against Swindon in the play offs and immediately United looked a far better and faster outfit. He started in the 2nd leg and whilst he didn’t make quite the same impact he still managed to net a typical poachers goal. Clough has been criticized for his transfers this season but no Blade will be complaining about the signing of Matt Done.

Best Team Performance Of The Season: SOUTHAMPTON (H)

(Runner Up: Bristol City (A))

United had quietly navigated their way to the quarter finals of the Capital One Cup where they faced a Southampton side who had made a superb start to the season. Indeed the Saints were sitting in third place in the league and talk of gaining Champions League qualification was beginning to sound less foolish as the weeks went on. The Blades meanwhile had failed to win a home game in the last 4. Once again though United raised their game in the cup and did to Southampton what they themselves had been doing to Premiership sides all season. United got in their faces, defended superbly and created numerous chances. The 1-0 scoreline wasn’t a fair reflection on the game and The Blades could have won by 3 or 4. It was a fantastic performance after some truly woeful displays at Bramall Lane and pointed towards a brighter second half of the season. Rather predictably the next game saw United labour to a one all draw at home to Walsall.

Best Single Performance From A Player:  CHRIS BASHAM V BARNSLEY (A)

(Runners Up: Jamal Campbell Ryce v QPR (A), Che Adams v Spurs (H))

United fans had been calling for Chris Basham to be moved into midfield for weeks but with so little options at the back he was still mostly used at centre half. With Terry Kennedy now back from injury though Nigel Clough was finally able to use Basham in the middle of the park. He didn’t let his manager down. From the first minute he brought the sort of strength and energy to the midfield that United had been crying out for all season. He was also often the furthest man forward when the Blades were attacking and on another day he could have had a hat trick. Not only was Basham excellent but his display seemed to rub off on his midfield partners. Paul Coutts enjoyed his best game in a United shirt and Jason Holt scored a wonderful goal. The performance against Barnsley was head and shoulders above what had been seen recently and a huge part of that was due to the presence of Basham in midfield.

Best Single Moment Of The Season: CHE ADAMS 2ND GOAL AGAINST SPURS

(Runner Up: Michael Doyle’s cockney walk against West Ham)

If truth be told United were second best for most of the second leg against Spurs. After Christian Erikson’s stunning free kick Tottenham were fully in control of the tie and looked more likely than United of scoring the next goal. Then Nigel Clough threw on Micheal Higdon and the 18 year old Che Adams, a player who just two months previous had been playing for Ilkeston in the Evo-Stik League Premier Division. The two changed the game almost instantly. Higdon’s power and strength caused the Spurs back line all sorts of issues and afforded Adams space to do damage. His first goal came just 3 minutes after coming on and before United fans had the chance to say “We’re back in this”, Adams scored a second goal which saw Bramall Lane erupt. In the blink of an eye this young lad had changed a game that just a few minutes earlier had looked well beyond The Blades. Louis Reed almost capped the perfect comeback by firing just over before Erikson restored Spurs’ lead and took them through to the final. United had come so close to knocking out their illustrious opponents and for one brief moment it looked as though United had pulled off the biggest shock of all.


(Runner Up: Jamie Murphy v Gillingham (H)

Murphy’s sensational strike against Doncaster completed a crazy few minutes that turned the game in United’s favour. Just moments earlier Paddy McCarthy had been sent off for a late challenge in the area and a penalty was awarded to the hosts. With the Blades down to 10 men and looking like they were about to go a goal behind it seemed a long way back but Harry Foresters penalty was saved by Howard and just 3 minutes later Murphy had put United in front with a stunning solo effort.

Best Away Day: BARNSLEY

(Runner Up: Bristol City)

A poor run of form had seen United go from being outsiders in the automatic promotion race to looking like they may slip out of the Play-Offs. 7th placed Barnsley were just 3 points behind the Blades by the time the Oakwell fixture came around and were 9 games unbeaten. The form book was turned on it’s head though as United produced one of their stand out performances of the season to comfortably brush aside their South Yorkshire rivals in a 2-0 victory. The sold out away end who approached the match with understandable worry ended it toasting their first win at Oakwell in 7 years.

Worst Away Day: YEOVIL

(Runner Up: Chesterfield)

United were all but sure of a play-off place by this point in the campaign but there could be no excuse for such a poor display against a side who had already been relegated a week previous. In fact this was only The Glovers 9th win of what had been a torrid season for them. Afterwards a clearly angry Nigel Clough said only John Brayford had come out of the game with any credit whilst the dispirited Blades following left Huish Park bemoaning the fact their side had only managed one attempt on target against the worst side in the league.

Worst Team Performance Of The Season: FLEETWOOD (H)

(Runner Up Yeovil (a))

The defeat at home to Fleetwood topped of a terrible week for United that had seen them pick up just one point out of 9 following similarly disappointing displays away at Crawley and at home to Peterborough. United not only gave away two incredibly soft goals against a Fleewtood side who had only won 2 of the last 7 but also created almost nothing in front of goal. United put in a fair few awful displays throughout the season but none topped this fiasco.


(Runner Up: Paul Coutts)

From the moment the 2013/2014 season ended a striker had been the top priority for Clough and United. Marc McNulty had been brought in but he was seen as one for the future rather than the here and now. As the new season approached The Blades seemed no nearer to the acquiring the forward they longed for. Then just 5 days before the first game Micheal Higdon was signed from Dutch club NEC Nijmegen. He arrived with a decent reputation following success with the likes of Motherwell and St. Mirren in the Scottish leagues and all in all it seemed a decent signing.  He was surprisingly given the captains armband against Bristol City and was a real handful in the first half, getting a goal and causing the City defence all sorts of problems with his height and strength. Unfortunately that first half was as good as it got. Poor performances saw him relegated to the bench and all in all he only started 12 games and scored just 5 goals. United had searched all pre-season for a striker and were still looking for one 12 months later.

Worst Single Performance From A Player: IAIN TURNER V FLEETWOOD (h)

(Runner Up: Jay McEveley v Swindon (A) (Play-Offs)

Iain Turner had actually made a good start to his Blades career with solid displays in the JPT followed by an excellent performance against Swindon in his first league start. He had shown enough in the games he had played that few United were worried about him filling in following an injury to Mark Howard . Slowly though his performances deteriorated and he was soon making the sort of mistakes that has seen him spend the majority of his career as a back up ‘keeper. Fleetwood was his worst game. First he got done at the near post with an effort from just inside the area then at the same post he late in a tame shot (or what is it a mis-hit cross?) and United’s found themselves 2 down. Another thing that stood out about his performance in this game was how he spent the entire first half shielding his eyes from the sun. Why didn’t he wear a cap?

Most Disappointing Player: MICHEAL HIGDON

(Runners Up:Jose Baxter, Stefan Scougall)

Before the season began many Blades fans said “We could get top 2 but it depends on what striker we bring in”. Michael Higdon was seen as the last piece of the Jigsaw. Something we missed the season previous and a striker who could earn us 20 goals a season. The fact by the end of the season he wasn’t even on the bench shows just how badly wrong the signing of Micheal Higdon went.


(Runner Up: Going 3-0 down on the night to Swindon in the 2nd leg of the play offs)

Despite all the frustration and dismay United had managed to secure a play off place and they started superbly in the first leg against Swindon. With Basham back in midfield and Ryan Flynn fit again United set about The Robins and scored an early goal thanks to Kieron Freeman’s shot from just inside the area. After the goal though United seemed to slowly resort back to the poor home displays they had produced for most of the season. It didn’t help that an injury to John Brayford meant Basham had to go back to centre half. Without him in the middle of the park the United midfield was often bypassed and Swindon deservedly equalised. They then truly took control of the game and looked to be the side most likely to score a 2nd until the introduction of Matt Done turned the game back in United’s favour. In the final 15 minutes of the game the Blades created numerous opportunities and Steve Davies missed a golden chance by failing to properly connect to a Jamie Murphy cross when just yards from goal. United were well on top at this point but seemed to be destined to have to settle for a draw.  Incredibly though in the very last minute it got worse as Nathan Byrne, who had been a thorn in United’s side all night, hit a speculative effort that somehow evaded Mark Howard and nestled into the corner of the Blades goal. United now had to go to Swindon a goal behind with their  promotion hopes dangling by a thread.


(Runner Up: Paul Coutts)

It wasn’t just Higdon’s poor displays and lack of goals that disappointed Blades fans. He also seemed to be forever walking a tightrope in a disciplinary sense. He stupidly got sent off against Chesterfield and was, rather embarrassingly, even taken off before half time at home to Swindon after seemingly doing his best to get sent off for 40 minutes. After that Swindon game Higdon all but disappeared from the first team as Clough seemed to have finally lost patience with him. If as rumoured he is offloaded in the summer few United fans will bemoan his loss.

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LOAN UPDATE: Lincoln City fans views on Kieron Wallace (Taken From The Month Of April)

“Wallace was instrumental, driving forward and causing panic in defence, and his through-ball for the first goal was superb. “

“Wallace looked below par. “

“Maybe a bit early to say this, but he seems a bit of a nothing player”

“Say what we like about Nolan, he is a better player than EWallace on today’s evidence.”

“The midfield is causing the problem, completely non-existent. Everington, Keane and Wallace are individually and collectively hopeless and hardly touch the ball”

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LOAN UPDATE: Port Vale Fans Views On Neill Collins (Taken From The Month Of April)

 “Collins is dodgy. He contributed to their first goal “

“Collins is too slow”

“I think Collins looks a good centre half but not match fit.  “

“when Collins challenged clumsily for t”he ball on the half way line in the second half he then turned round and blamed Veseli!

“Collins worst signing ever! Great player ain’t he silly own goal then injured well done page fantastic signing!!!!  “

 “Collins started ok but had nothing to do. Only time he had to do anything he cocked it up for their first then got injured. Another crock. “

“Collins man of the match for me by a mile. Rock. “

“Collins were excellent at the back. Collins had a very good game, reading the play and getting great distance with his headers. “

“I’ve not been impressed with Collins to date but he was a rock in the defence. Fantastic performance “

“Thought Collins was excellent, won all he had to win,and was on the back of other defenders all game “

“Collins mate today you were magnificent! “

“Second half was better, if only due to the individual character and determination of individuals such as Collins “

“the lad Collins has made a huge difference to us . He was a rock at the back”

“Well done Neill Collins. Excellent game again.”

  “Collins was excellent tonight”

“Id like to mention a bit of praise for Collins, he came in for quite a bit of stick on here after the Orient match, but since then has been excellent, a real rock, was brilliant against MK, apparently solid against Scunny and very good again tonight, would like to see if we could sort a deal out for him next season, a potential centre back partnership of Collins and Innis. “

“I’d have given Collins MOTM tonight. He was outsstanding. “
“Collins had a blinder and we looked better when duffy went off lol. I would love to see inniss and Collins at the back next season that would be a solid defence! “

“Collins was our best player”

“Collins was solid “

“Collins has been a rock at the back and from what I’ve seen is very vocal, just what was needed. “

“Collins was the rock on which our performance was based”

 “Collins has been a great loan signing. “

“Collins was like a man possessed”

“Collins is starting to show why he has enjoyed such a good career”

“Collins is a great leader”

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LOAN UPDATE: Motherwell Fans Views On George Long (Taken From The Month Of April)

“I would like to see Twardzik back between the sticks as he is a safer option than Long. “

“I know Long is making a few blunders at the moment but Twardzik was dropped for a perfectly valid reason – he also was making more than a few blunders.  A nightmare at crosses also.  In the recent 2 games against Killie, Long has been criticised (yesterday rightly so) but don’t overlook the fact that Josh Law was in some way responsible for both goals “
“Long was garbage yesterday from virtually the first minute. He missed everything not just the cross that led to the goal.  The first time he caught the ball was in the 32nd minute and Kilmarnock must have had 5 or 6 crosses in that time and a couple of shots.  For a big boy he has no presence about him.  He doesn’t use his height and weight at all and as far as punching the ball goes Twardzik is much better. 
 Twardzik has made some errors but over 25+ games and he’s turned in man of the match performances and kept us from getting right drubbings.  Long has probably had as many mistakes now as Twardzik in a quarter of the matches. Twardzik has a better clean sheet record than Long, and Long has been playing in a team that’s performing much better with a half way credible defence in front of him.
 I said after the match yesterday that Baraclough will have to have a hard think about it.  The stakes are huge now and I’m afraid confidence in Long is being whittled away, something we really don’t need when we are battling for survival.
 No one wants to change a goalkeeper at this stage in the season, in our position, but we just cannot afford any more mistakes.  However it is in goals has to perform. End of story.”

“You have to wonder how many errors will Long be allowed to make before reverting back to Dan?  Seems like he is not any better at cross balls and posisbly not as good a shot stopper as Dan “

“Long was very ropy all of the game ,not just the goal that he missed to let the killie lad in .Long must have tried to get to 5 or 6 and missed them all  “

“Long provided numerous heart in mouth moments.  “

“George Long is mince.  Another goal conceded today that should never have happened.  He looked like a bombscare from the first whistle and it was hardly a surprise when the goal happened.  He has his team mates to thank for getting him out of jail today. “

“ Big mention to George Long for coming back from a honking performance and doing the basics correctly”.

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LOAN UPDATE: Port Vale Fans Views On Neill Collins

“Send Collins back”

“Collins not convincing at all. “

“What were we expecting from Collins when he hasn’t played since October though? “

“Defence poor and I’m hoping there’s a lot more to some from Collins as he just seemed like another Robertson. “

“Collins was either very rusty or extremely lucky to have the career he has had. He still seemed injured to me, not running with any confidence and reminding me of Lines, running to edge of their half and trying a long ball. He should not have started anyway after being out since October and ideally brought in from the bench.  “

“Interesting that collins was one of adams signings for sheff utd in his ill fated stint there as manager, and was one of the reasons he was criticised for his signings. I wonder if he was signed on a recommendation? “

“Question marks over Collins “

“Fairly good debut. Very good in the air but put through his own net in second half, struggled to deal with Dagnall’s runs in behind”

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