Leicester Fans View On Dean Hammond

“ Sad but understandable that he has left”

“Hammond is underrated. He’s played well for us”

“Always looked solid yet unspectacular. Can be a bit off the pace at times but plays his role very well in this division. Not to say he’s set the world alight, he’s not going to be the difference in winning games “

“Love Deano. What he lacks in quality in possession he makes up for in work rate and ability to read the game”

“He’s a poor passer and doesn’t track runners particularly well “

“If he could pass then he’d be a great player but unfortunately he can’t so in many ways he’s a bit of a ‘make do’. What he lacks in quality on the ball he makes up for in work rate and in setting the tone for the team however.”

“hes just a worse michael carrick basically”

“Definition of solid but unspectacular”

“That player in front of the back four shielding is as important as most others on the pitch these days, I think we’ve been slow to realise that in England.
 Hammond does a great job at it”

“Reads the game well and is an excellent tackler, but looks off the pace at times and gives the ball away sloppily. “

“I think he’s extremely intelligent on the pitch too. He seems to read play very well.”

“Hammond is the enforcer. He breaks up the opposition play and lays it off to the ball players. He looks more comfortable in the premier league than he ever did in the championship. “

“he’ll give his all as he seems to have that type of personality and won’t feel resentful against us.”

“Could certainly do a job at the lower end of the Championship on a weekly basis. He offers so much to a squad but at this level or top half Championship not quite a regular starter. “

“Deserves championship.”

“Let him go if he wants the game time. Decent Pro hasn’t moaned when sitting on the bench or not even making that “

“Good pro, nothing but good words for him. Mid-championship is probably his level now”

“decent player and always got stuck in “

“He really stepped up and did a job for us early last season. He was a major part of our good start. I’ll be sad to see him go but he’s a squad player at best really. Top pro and will do well in the Championship. League One is too low, surely. “

“He wouldn’t get in our team at the moment but I could see him doing a decent job for a Bolton, Wednesday or Charlton”

“ Still got another 2/3 years left in him; but he lacks pace “

“Good. He’s got no future with us and it’s not nice to see a decent players wasting away like this. “

“Good luck Hammond You’ve done a good job for us when needed. “

“Sheffield Utd haven’t any money to spend on expensive loans, maybe we are paying his wages to clear a squad number for this new right back… “

“Hammond is a good pro and a very good and steady player. He’s never been spectacular just a good steady player who does the simple things well. “

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Former Players Update

A few Blades have recently asked if I could grab some views from opposition fans regarding players that have recently left us. I will hopefully make this into a regular feature and try to give an insight of how our former players are now faring.

In this feature I am concentrating on 6 players who were with us last season. Micheal Doyle, Ben Davies, Jamie Murphy, Jason Holt, Joe Ironside and Steve Davies
We start with Michael Doyle who joined League 2 Portsmouth in pre-season after being released by the Blades. It seems the Pompey fans are divided on our former captain

“Another over rated player hasn’t impressed me at all”

“Did he pass the ball forward once?”

“Doyle is a good defensive midfield, but not what we need when need to force the pace”

“Yes we do need to move the ball quicker at home but please stop the constant suggestion it’s all down to Doyle.”

“Doyle Breaks things up, drives us forward and is an excellent captain.”

“Doyle seems to have made a difference”

“Doyle makes a difference tackling and winning the ball on the edge of their box”

Another ex-blade who joined Portsmouth in pre-season was the veteran Ben Davies. Davies has been used mainly in a right back position for his new club who have been very impressed with him

“Ben Davis has impressed me more than any other player this season. His energy is pretty good to say the least and possesses a cross “

“Davies most impressive player for sure and for the full 90 every game. “

“Davies easy most impressive player”

“Davies has been a shining light”

“I think the thing with Davies is he not only gives everything, but from what ive read he also loves being here. He has spoke of his honour at captaining the side on more than one occasion. Surely will become a fans favourite even if only here for the one year of contract he currently has.”

Jamie Murphy meanwhile moved up a division to join Brighton in August and has already cemented himself as a firm favourite with the Seagulls with fans even creating new chants for him

“Murphy has started brilliantly for us, so maybe its time for a chant?
A nice easy one for him could be the ‘White Pele’ chant?
“I saw my mate,
The other Day,
He said to me, he saw the White Pele,
So i asked,
Who is he?
He goes by the name of Jamie Murphy!
Jamie Murphy,
Jamie Murphy,
He goes by the name of Jamie Murphy!” “

“He plays for Brighton,
His skills are crazy,
He loves the Albion,
Jamie Murphy!
Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepson.”

On the pitch Murphy has attracted much praise

“Murphy looked the business, seems to seriously enjoy running at defenders.”

“Murphy glides past defenders with ease”

“He looks good. real quality and great movement when on the ball. “

“He runs at defenders on both sides and knows where the goal is. “

“What i loved about murphy last night, wasnt only the fact that he took on and beat his man. But the fact that every time he did he put a pin point pass to one of the players waiting in the box..
Something weve been lacking for years. Exallent game last night. “

Jason Holt failed to earn himself a contract at Bramall Lane following the Blades failure to gain promotion and he now finds himself at Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers. He has notched a couple of goals this season but the ‘Gers faithful are still a little undecided on him

“holt is a good players defo but no strength and bullied to easy”

“I like Jason Holt a lot “

“I’d like to see more of Holt, to me he disappears far too much. “

“We’re a better team with Holt in the side.”

“Holt doesn’t look fit”

“holt didnt have a good game, however id defend him because so far this season holt has looked good linking up with our striker”

Steve Davies was another player on loan at United last season that didn’t quite do enough to earn a full time contract. Now at Bradford City he has so far failed to find the net this season but some supporters at Valley Parade are happy with him whilst others remain far from convinced.

“He is starting to show a bit of form and keeping out Big James”

“He’s the type of player who will get his fair share of bookings and he has left his foot in a few times and the cards he’s got have been deserved. However if you tell him to tempur his aggression you would stifle his improving confidence”

“I think a good Davies is better than a good Hanson. Need a run and get his match fitness/sharpness! Needs a goal too! “

“Had a great game yesterday but for me the jury are still out . “

“there is a he’s a league one player and it’s no doubt down to quality.”

“I actually don’t think Davies is that good”

“Yes Davies workrate is there but who would put Davies in front of Hanson on a regular basis”

“If Davies is going to make it at City, he has to look a heck of a lot better than he has so far – and if he’s going to prove himself superior to Hanson who has done so much for this club, then I look forward to it”

And finally Joe Ironside left the Blades in the Summer and signed permanently for Alfreton Town where he had been on loan the season previous

“Ironside, since the league started he hasn t won one single header yet we still persist in humping the ball up there “

“I believe joe ironside needs that extra sting , but I am supporting everyone to come good in good time.”

“ I can think of some of last year’s team who would not have run for the ‘lost cause’ ball in the 4th minute of injury time like Joe Ironside”

“well done to Joe Ironside for not giving up getting the pen when all looked lost and putting it away. “

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Loan Update: Oldham Fans Views on Micheal Higdon (Taken From The Month Of September)

“Higden, deceptively effective, very heavy and very slow but could be a good signing, a real experienced player with a bit of know how.”

“He has the turning circle of a large oil tanker. “

“Big Higgy gave us a physical presence, which is more than what we’ve had. He makes Ron Futcher look like
Linford Christie, but at least we’ve got something to aim at. “

“I didn’t think it was too bad today but some cnut ruined for me…
After 10 minutes he had decided that Higdon was shite, lazy, not fit and had no right to walk into the side and was here for an easy ride. He slagged him all game long! “

“Higdon looked a real asset when in a forward two”

“Higdon needs support, although I would fancy my chances against him in a foot race. “
“Higdon contributed once he had team mates close to him.”

“higdon was a handful all game “

“Higdon will do well for us.”

 “Higdon was crap”

“Higdon shoild have buried the rebound fromm Poleon’s shot at the end of the first half. “

“if we are pinning our hopes on Higdon then we r in trouble. Hippos are more mobile than him which wouldn’t be so bad if he could hold the ball up. Ud struggle getting a stamp under one of his jumps.”

“mom for me was Higdon”

“i thought higdon put a right shift in tonight, won practically every header, not all finding their target, granted he is slow but i thought he was good, poleon doing the running who i thought was excellent, thought both worked well together, definately looked dangerous in attack tonight”

“He’s good Higdon.
Told my boss he wont settle at BP cos hes a unit and the fans will hate him. Seems Im right. 2 games 2 direct contributions to the scoresheet.
Fuckin shit fat slow bastard.”

“ A goal, an assist, hitting the post, holding the ball up, winning headers, being in position for other chances”

“Higdon is exactly what we need.
Different to the series of lightweight strikers we’ve got on the books and he’s smart too. “

“Ironically Higdon is ideal in a 451 or 433 to hold the ball up and bring in the other two attackers (433) or midfield.”

“Thought Higdon played well”

“Higdon is a great addition, certainly can bully”

“Decent finish from Higdon, followed by an awful one”

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Loan Update: Northampton Fans Views on Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Taken From The Month Of September)

“The boy came in and did well, took his goal well and played his part. “

“DCL took his goal superbly”

“DC-L played well and took his goal well”

“Calvert Lewin seems to be the ideal replacement for Toney but he needs time to learn the game and it’s too early to be relying on him week-in and week out.”

“DCL had a fantastic game. “

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Loan Update: Halifax Fans View on Julian Banton (Taken From The Month Of September)

“Banton didn’t look like an RB “

“the defence looked much better in the 1st half and then for some ridiculous reason Banton was moved to right back”

“Banton was ok.”

“Banton was good before being moved to right back”

“His lack of experience showed for their second goal, but otherwise looked the best player on the pitch. “

“At least Banton cared”

“Banton looked very shaky”
“surprised at the amount of votes for Banton for man of the match. The “defending” for their second goal and for when they got a chance in stoppage time was comical”

“interesting to see the players have been out warming up for 20 mins and the 3 sheff Utd lads have been in there own little group away from the rest of the squad”

“i wouldnt be surprised to see the sheffield lads asking for there loans to be cancelled as it cant be doing there development anyy good”

“This stint will be doing the sheff lads a world of good ! It’s called proper competetive football, they can either step up to the challenge (which they seem to be ) or be cast on the ever increasing soccer scrap heap”

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Loan Update: Halifax Fans View on CJ Hamilton (Taken From The Month Of September)

“He caused trouble down the left”

“CJ was poor today, and often spoiled a good attack with some careless play.”

“I thought CJ had an ok game to be honest – he’s lightweight but he was involved with both of our goals to be fair to him.”

“CJ looked like a frightened little kid again and offered nothing.”

“Hamilton too lightweight I thought”

“Quite frankly, the two young loanees (Brooks and CJ) in the game yesterday were excellent and almost steered us to victory.  If the third one plays on that level too, he will be a good investment. “

“Hamilton has improved with every game”

“CJ caused havoc”

“cj had a blinder”

“Cj caused all sorts of trouble down the left”

“Hamilton was a constant threat down the left  with his pace.”

“Hamilton was man of the match”

“Hamilton tore them to pieces 1st 25 min “

“Our best players are the loanees!!”

“we had been having success with CJ upfront but he was left on the wing where he had his worst game for us.”

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Loan Update: Halifax Fans View on David Brookes (Taken From The Month Of September)

“Brooks – quiet first half but grew into the game and had a very good second period. Looked after the ball well and scored a superb goal”

“Some great touches and passes. Pretty solid all game. “

“Looked like the young kid that he is in the first half but came into it in the second and took his goal well.”

 “Brooks excellent on the ball despite his small frame “

“Brooks was good today, thought he left the defence a little bit vulnerable at times but he worked hard and showed that he has quality”

“Brooks showed some lovely feet and ball control “

“Brooks looks as though he has something about him, “

“who wrote those lads off (Brooks and CJ) before they ever set foot on the shay pitch, know about the game. “

“everyone has given brooks and cj the dj the credit they deserve, they’ll be gone in 2 weeks”

“Brooks has been absolutely mint despite looking approximately 12 “

“Brooks ran around like a headless chicken”

“Brooks was playing it around well”

“He’s ok but a bit lightweight”

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Loan Update: Halifax Fans Views On CJ Hamilton (Taken From The Month Of August )

“I like a lot thought why bring those kids in from Sheffield, similar thoughts when they came on for the last 15mins, why subject them to this but I have to say they & Macdonald contributed heavily to turning the game our way. ”

“Hamilton has a nice touch, speed & a good left foot”

“Good to see him net as he looked a frightened little kid against Wrexham so the goal might do him a bit of good.”

“He was very positive today”
“Hamiltons finish was superb”

“Brooks & Hamilton make us look a completely different side” 

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Loan Update: Halifax Fans Views On David Brooks (Taken From The Month Of August )

“Pleased with Brooks contribution of playing simple passes and keeping a cool head. Almost played a great through ball to Tuton. He needs to go on the Mick Kennedy (if anybody remembers him) diet at the Shay cafe! Has a good pedigree with Man City and obviously has talent. “

“Three kids brought on, but somehow they turned the game on its head. How old are Brooks and Hamilton?”

“Brooks although slight in build totally bamboozled the Barrow midfield with his ball skills & left them kicking at fresh air”

“genuinely thought Brooks did really well when he came on and looked solid”

“Talking to a Man City fan at the game who has watched Brooks come through the ages for them. Big things were expected, but he just didnt grow physically, he said he was always an outstanding footballer. Let him go and he ended up at Sheff Utd.”

“The two young lads from Sheff U changed the game”

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Loan Update: Northampton Fans Views on Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Taken From The Month Of August)

“As for the young centre forward Calvert-Lewin he did pretty well but is a bit light weight and shudder for him on wet pitch against L2 cloggers. Was not entirely convincing in the air although he did manage a couple of decent headers. Very promising for one so young and for those who doubted CW for signing him – you were proved wrong. Very useful reserve to have and am pretty certain will score goals. One for the future. “

“Calvert-Lewin continues to catch the eye. “

“He looks lively”

“Dominic Calvert-Lewin had me purring, the turn and shot second half was pure class. Whatever we got for Toney, this boy is worth a lot more.”

“He is a barely capable squad player”

“I disagree about Calvert lewin I think the lad is going to be fine for us. He’s got a great leap on him and a good touch, problem we had today is we were just blindly aiming balls over the top. Needed to pass it round them not over them.”
“ Everyone was raving about Calvert – Lewin after the Blackpool game and now he’s not up to the job? Are Barnet that much better than Blackpool?”

“Calven-Lewin was asked to play almost as a target man winning balls in the air, I don’t think thats his game.”

“Calvert-Lewin looked exactly what he is, a young lad playing a men’s game with little support”

“He Runs around like a headless chicken.”

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