LOAN UPDATE: Motherwell Fans Views On George Long (Taken From The Month Of April)

“I would like to see Twardzik back between the sticks as he is a safer option than Long. “

“I know Long is making a few blunders at the moment but Twardzik was dropped for a perfectly valid reason – he also was making more than a few blunders.  A nightmare at crosses also.  In the recent 2 games against Killie, Long has been criticised (yesterday rightly so) but don’t overlook the fact that Josh Law was in some way responsible for both goals “
“Long was garbage yesterday from virtually the first minute. He missed everything not just the cross that led to the goal.  The first time he caught the ball was in the 32nd minute and Kilmarnock must have had 5 or 6 crosses in that time and a couple of shots.  For a big boy he has no presence about him.  He doesn’t use his height and weight at all and as far as punching the ball goes Twardzik is much better. 
 Twardzik has made some errors but over 25+ games and he’s turned in man of the match performances and kept us from getting right drubbings.  Long has probably had as many mistakes now as Twardzik in a quarter of the matches. Twardzik has a better clean sheet record than Long, and Long has been playing in a team that’s performing much better with a half way credible defence in front of him.
 I said after the match yesterday that Baraclough will have to have a hard think about it.  The stakes are huge now and I’m afraid confidence in Long is being whittled away, something we really don’t need when we are battling for survival.
 No one wants to change a goalkeeper at this stage in the season, in our position, but we just cannot afford any more mistakes.  However it is in goals has to perform. End of story.”

“You have to wonder how many errors will Long be allowed to make before reverting back to Dan?  Seems like he is not any better at cross balls and posisbly not as good a shot stopper as Dan “

“Long was very ropy all of the game ,not just the goal that he missed to let the killie lad in .Long must have tried to get to 5 or 6 and missed them all  “

“Long provided numerous heart in mouth moments.  “

“George Long is mince.  Another goal conceded today that should never have happened.  He looked like a bombscare from the first whistle and it was hardly a surprise when the goal happened.  He has his team mates to thank for getting him out of jail today. “

“ Big mention to George Long for coming back from a honking performance and doing the basics correctly”.

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LOAN UPDATE: Port Vale Fans Views On Neill Collins

“Send Collins back”

“Collins not convincing at all. “

“What were we expecting from Collins when he hasn’t played since October though? “

“Defence poor and I’m hoping there’s a lot more to some from Collins as he just seemed like another Robertson. “

“Collins was either very rusty or extremely lucky to have the career he has had. He still seemed injured to me, not running with any confidence and reminding me of Lines, running to edge of their half and trying a long ball. He should not have started anyway after being out since October and ideally brought in from the bench.  “

“Interesting that collins was one of adams signings for sheff utd in his ill fated stint there as manager, and was one of the reasons he was criticised for his signings. I wonder if he was signed on a recommendation? “

“Question marks over Collins “

“Fairly good debut. Very good in the air but put through his own net in second half, struggled to deal with Dagnall’s runs in behind”

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LOAN UPDATE: Lincoln City Fans View On Kieron Wallace

“the only player to look assured on the ball (Wallace) isn’t ours. And unbelievably we took him off to be replaced by another no-mark who has yet to show any reason for us to sign him! “

“I work with a Sheffield United fan and Wallace is quite highly rated there”

“Kieran Wallace failed to get a grip of the midfield “

“I’m guessing Sheff U will be paying his wages, i doubt it’ll cost us anything. Hopefully all works out for both parties and we can establish a decent relationship as we’ve done with Birmingham.”

“He didn’t look any better than what we already have or any better than Todd Jordan who we have let go. we need better than him”

“Kieran Wallace is more along the lines of what we should be looking at and links with clubs such as Sheffield United who have a number of strong youth prospects can only be a good thing “


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LOAN UPDATE: Motherwell Fans Views On George Long (Taken From The Month Of March)

” “Long had a bad night, but is miles ahead of what we have had since Randy left  “

“I totally disagree with this opinion. And I’m not just saying that because of last night. He looks the part but that’s it. What has he done since he came in to suggest he’s better than twardzik? The other week the caley thistle boys header went through him. He hardly covered himself in glory for countys goals either. I only recall one exceptional piece of goalkeeping from him – one on one vs caley (you could add his save from the initial header last night but his next action made up for it).
I agree he has potential but right now he’s not the answer.  “

“Its wrong to focus blame on George Long last night. In general he was continually left far too exposed by his 2 full backs and central defence “

“The facts are that Long has made as many bad mistakes now as Twardzik in a third of the games.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep chopping and changing the goalkeeper but Long situation is like that of the team, he’s getting close to the last chance saloon. He/we cannot afford any more mistake “

“ Very few had concerns about Long’s ability prior to last night. The first was unfortunate – watched in real time the ball is slowly rolling towards the goal hence his hasty reaction.  “

“ i think long is a good keeper. “

“Before last night Long had done absolutely nothing to suggest he is any better than Dan. After last night he should be dropped. 1st goal – OK it was a free header which was criminal, but a cross inside the 6 yard box is keeper territory and dealing with crosses was everyone’s main criticism of Dan. Great save from the header to be fair, then the less said the better.
2nd goal, what the actual fuck was going through his head? 2 centre half’s there to deal with what was nothing more than a hopeful punt. Laing is clearly watching the ball with one intention – nodding it back to the keeper. If long is coming for that (which he should never ever ever ever ever have been) then scream bloody murder to let laing know.
Long has potential but he cost us last night and we can’t afford that level of complacency in the position were in. Bring back Dan.  “

“I think Long should be dropped next week but it won’t happen. “

“I think Long is a decent keeper, but his spectacular save to howler ratio is every bit as bad as Dan’s which is worrying. “

“ Long isn’t filling me with confidence “

“I would still stick with Long “

“ Long has been ok “

“Despite the England youth caps he is behind the ex St Mirren goalie Howard in the pecking order at Bramall Lane so we shouldn’t be expecting miracles. “

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LOAN UPDATE: Tranmere fans views on Harrison McGahey taken from the past month

“McGahey seems to cause chaos. “

“If McGahey is a professional footballer, I’m an astronaut.  “

“Can’t help thinking it’s the Rookie from Sheffield Utd that is letting us down”

“ Perhaps it costs us more if he does not play some part of a game. No reason why he is picked ahead of others”

“Early days but McGahey looks a disaster. “

“How does McGahey get a game”

“McGahey needs to be on the bench”

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LOAN UPDATE: Motherwell fans views on George Long taken from the past month

““Only players in our team who I thought deserved credit were Grant and Long. “

“Would that be the same Long who got lobbed by a cross then didn’t have a save to make the rest of the match? In all fairness though, he did command his area very well on the odd occasion a cross did come in. “

“He made a couple of decent saves but nothing out of the ordinary. His kicking was garbage at times though.”

“Long is doing fine”

“Long has been very impressive”

“Thought Long got beat far too easily at the goal…..was there a small deflection? If not, you really shouldn’t get beat at the near post.  “

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Blackpool Fans View On Steve Davies

“Let me know when he goes, I will give him a piggy back to the south yorks club.”

“Good luck for the future Steven”

“Not a great player, but none of them are.”

“Another of our bigger wage earners off the books.”

“Always driving our better players out – well played, again!”

“Can’t blame him”

“What a relief for him.”

“Howard. Harris. McGahey. Basham. Davies. Us BFC fans fight as well go support Sheffield United”

“never had a run in the team and can’t blame him for wanting out of our car crash of a football club….”

“Davies wanted to try something different… Like a normal club.”

“He looked a good signing at the but his time here has been a failure through injury, lack of fitness and lack of service”

“After getting relegated with Bristol City he was given the
chance to continue at Championship level with us and has
probably regretted it ever since.
Very poor body language of the ‘what am I doing in a dump
like this’ variety…..and never did enough here.
The joy of getting out will probably give him a boost and
he may do well but I have my doubts…..time will tell.”

“He’s leaving on the hope he impresses Sheff United and they gain promotion cause he knows we are already down….”

“He’s wanted out since last summer and played like it too.”

“A league one club is like promotion compared
to this current set up…”

“The club is rotten from the top down. You can’t blame anyone for walking away.”

“Good luck to him, he’s doing the right thing.”

“Davies is not a great player but he is top scorer this season.He must have a poor attitude if he doesnt like being dropped for Telford.”

“‘Not enjoying the football’!!!!!!?????????
None of us are enjoying the b@*%!y football. We’ve got to stay, he should be made to too.”

“Why are we not taking that option that we have on him as he is was one of our better players”

“I liked him could of scored a lot of goals at a decent championship club good luck to him in.”

“A move to a club with modern training facilities and he would be a handful once fully fit.”

“Was ok fully fit and motivated….
if the blades dont go up then im sure that he will come back and haunt us next season on our mission to the conference”

“Shame to see him go, and if things don’t work out for him at Sheffield, he could always go back to playing snooker.
He was brilliant at that and doesn’t seem to have aged much either.”

“Steve Davies has played under 4 different managers at Pool and failed to make an impact under any of them. He won`t be missed.”

“Isn`t he our leading scorer with 3 or 4 goals.Prolific by our standards.”

“Shame really as think Davies is the type of striker you could build a gameplan around”

“TERRIBLE player.
As I said from day 1.”

“League 1 player at best.”

“Davies  can finish but he’s bone idle. He’s also great at falling over and complaining to the ref. We won’t miss his hapless efforts as a targetman, you couldn’t slide a Gazette under his feet when he “leaps” for a header”


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Motherwell Fans Views On George Long

“I’m a fan of Twardzik but Long is a class keeper. He looked really confident in the air, made some smart stops and just a generally top keeper I think.”

“Long looks decent”

“Long looks a good keeper, commanding and made a few cracking saves to keep us in it. Don’t think he had much chance with any of the goals.”

“Long looks promising”

“George Long is a cracking keeper on football manager!” 

“Looks like George Long likes to command his box”

“Fair bit of experience behind him for a young keeper. Imagine he’ll have featured in some of Sheffield United’s big cup games prior to this season. “

“We needed a commanding goalie”


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Tranmere Fans Views on Harrison Mcgahey

“Awful awful player has been caught out all afternoon.
Leave him on the M1 on the way home.
What wrong with Josh Thompson.
No show from any of our players today bar fonners and Danny. Surprise surprise.
McGahey though is c**p”

“Agreed he is a big donkey him and dugdale Jesus Christ we are fcking awful.”

“Is it fair to judge the lad after being thrown in to a new side a couple of days after signing. I thought he had been brought in as cover for Danny, but Danny played. Question is more about why was he put into the starting line up so soon after joining us.”

“No pace at all. Their strikers played off his shoulder comfortably all afternoon.”

“McGahey’s first appearance made Lairds debut horrorshow look merely ‘below par’…”

“McGahey to the bench next week”

“He was absolutely hopeless today! At fault for the 2nd goal for sure”

“He made a mistake that cost Tranmere the second, but it is only one game and maybe he will get better, but in relation to the other players, he wasn’t being helped to have a good game in all honesty, when hie teammates played well enough, (insert sarcasm here), to create 1 shot in the first half.”

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