View From Chesterfield

Blades 2-0 Chesterfield

“Please could we have a go at not conceding after 2 or 3 minutes of the start/re-start in the next match? and shit, maybe even try to take advantage of one of the ten + corners we get “

“Well done blades frustrating for us but caught napping for both goals. Whilst controlling most of the play we did nothing.
Not good enough that we couldn’t score on balance of play.
Che adams just like a young kevin davies good player. Him and Sam morsy for us looked the 2 genuine championship players.”

“Sammon played ok I thought found his level”

“Well done United.
Disappointed. But on a day where there wasn’t much between the teams, it was a case of Adams having a blinder whilst we’re still papering over cracks at full back at midfield. We were unlucky at times, but sometimes it doesn’t happen.”

“Two ordinary sides, I thought.
We enjoyed possession but lacked the quality to capitalise whilst gifting two soft goals. Credit for the finishes, mind. Our right back Talbot guilty for the first and that seemed to effect him for the rest of the game.”

“neither side will trouble the top six. The bottom six might be a different story, though. And after another litany of departed souls over the tannoy I’ll be wearing a black tie for my next visit to Bramall Lane. Are they sponsored by a funeral parlour or summat?. Our young Yank made a difference however the Blunts either hacked him down or he lacked the nous/experience to deliver telling pass Someone in the post-match pub suggested last season’s side would’ve pi**ed it today, an argument it’s difficult to deny. ”
“Sheffield United looked a poor side”

“We’re still above the blunts in the league”

“There’s no shame in losing to club with a massive budget compared to us as long as we gave ourselves every chance in our preparation and during the 90 minutes. “

“I wouldn’t imagine many sides will win at Rammel lane”

“Did anyone see the Blunts kit for this season, no bacon stripes they look more like Stevenage “
“Blades stewards. Slate em when they “go over the top” but they need slating when they go “awol”.Why were fans allowed to stand in the aisles to watch the game,surely a safety issue.And as for the leary behaviour of the fans on the concourse at halftime,not something to be proud of with stewards totally ineffective. “
“Only good thing to come out of Sheffield is chesterfield road”
“I’d add Pulp & the Arctic Monkeys plus Jack Lester to the small list. “

“….and ABC and The Human League.”

“Richie Humphries folks. Richie Humphries. “

Pre-Match View From Chesterfield

“Thick Deedars getting mardy (over that Tevez billboard). They still get wound up over the Tevez thing, when in fact all they had to do to stay up was beat Wigan at home, and even if Tevez hadn’t scored on the last day and West Ham had drawn, Sheff U would have still been relegated cos they lost to Wigan “

“Fantastic….that’ll make them bleat even more”

“good photo opportunity for after our victory on saturday”

“It appears Carlsberg do do Billboards”

“What I didn’t understand about the “Tevez Affair” is that Javier MAschereno also played in the same game and had the same agent and deal as well.
West Ham should have been stripped of all points that they got whilst using both players that season. “

“Tevez is vilified more than Mascherano as he scored the goal that (in theory) relegated them. I also remember Sir Trevor being part of the investigation…hardly going to sanction his own club so heavily, was he? It was a farce from the start. “

“Also the fact that Mascherano barely played whilst he was there and only lasted half a season. He made 5 starts and a couple of sub appearances before leaving in January to join Liverpool on loan so wasnt even a West Ham player when it all really kicked off at the end of the season after the Blunts had gone down. “

“The point I can never quote get across to the Clowns is .
IFTevez hadn’t scored at Trafford …and the game had finished 0-0 …Sheffield United would still have got relegated and WHU stayed up
Ultimately Rob Styles relegated Sheff Utd on the opening day of the season for awarding a penalty for Chris Morgan’s “quote ” intention to foul Stevie Gerrard”

“However you dress it up he was inelligible to play.”

“The relevant compensation ( deemed necessary by some **** who in his own admission has never seen a game of football you do realise ? )…. has been paid
Nonetheless Sheff Utd are languishing one division above the basement of English Professional football . West Ham United aren’t “

“Funny seeing some of the Blunts trying to make out it wasnt a big deal…we know for a fact at the time they were bleating about it. That said at the end of the day it wasnt Tevez scoring that sent them down…all they had to do was not lose at home to Wigan who were also near the bottom yet they managed to fail to even do that!”

“Fully expect us to get hammered on Saturday with Banks and Gardener playing – praying Drew and SEB are fit so we don’t have to make do at RB and play Armand up top.
Looking froward to a day in Sheffield, suffice to say the match may ruin it! “

“Fully expect to lose this one. Not gonna bother, it only seems like the other week we were playing there before.”

“I think that we’re going to lose at Sheff Utd. Lets face it, the only reason we won against Barnsley is because they were rubbish in the second half. Our midfield with Banks in it isn’t good enough and we will be easily dominated as Sheff Utd are usually strong at home. We need signings asap, hopefully one will be done before tomorrows deadline. “
“I want to believe but realistically we won’t win.”

“ So far we’ve beaten an outfit most expected us to lose to, and lost to an outfit most expected us to beat.
And don’t forget that the Blunts will be under all sorts of pressure after their four-nil hammering last week. “

“ Can’t see us taking 2000. A lot of negativity flying about but still piss poor to say it’s 15 mins down road , in my opinion anyway.”

“The opening two games have seen us winning plenty of corners but still not really any greater threat than last year. If the style of play is going to mean we get corners then we need to convert more.
Last night we were defending corners using a zonal system with no one up field. Not sure if it was the same on Saturday. I’m not a great fan of zonal marking but given how abject we were defending corners last season perhaps it will work.”

“We scored from a corner against Barnsley.
Re. defending them, I hate having everyone back. I really don’t understand the logic. If you leave someone up then the opposition has to keep an extra man back so… what’s the point in having everyone back? There is zero chance of retaining possession up the field after a cleared ball if you’ve got nobody up there but both Cook and Saunders do/did this so there must be logic somewhere…”

View From Morecambe

Morecambe 0-1 Blades

“Sheff Utd have good cup pedigree in the last 2 years but it looks like it cost them in the league, the manager must be under huge pressure to get them up this year “

“good game of football. Their keeper looked dodgy”

We battered them. Absolutely played them off the park.”

“Sheff United 21 attempts Morecambe 13 attempts…. Doesn’t sound like we battered them to be honest “

“We were by far and away the better team.
With a bit more help from the dodgy liner on the North Terrace side (who was a spitting image of Carl Baker) we’d be in Round 2 now. “}}

“We more than matched them and I’d say we created more and better chances. Who collates the BBC stats? Great game to watch, some great football from us. Very unlucky and cruel on us at end. We need to be more clinical in front of goal, as we were in pre-season, but if we continue to perform like we do, some team is going to get a hammering. “

“Played some neat football but we didn’t take our chances when on top. In the second half they came into it, but created little other than their goal. Another disappointing result in a cup but far from a disgrace.”

“At times we were exceptional tonight, I thought Devitt was superb in the first half and we played some fantastic football. But we are not taking our chances, and players seem afraid to shoot, always looking for that extra pass.
Losing Wildig was a huge turning point in the game, though they did come out much stronger second half. “

“Gutted ! Brilliant team performance again but all means nothing if we can’t take our chances. Devitts being the worst in the final 6 minutes shouldn’t be passing the ball that close in on goal ! “

“If thats the standered of football in leage 1, We have nothing to fear next season after promotion.”

“ I got talking to some Sheffield United fans whilst walking home.
They were furious at their teams performance tonight. “

“We had more ball than at Hartlepool but failed to create really telling chances despite looking good on the ball again. We more than deserved extra time though”

Birmingham and Huddersfield fans views on David Edgar

Birmingham Fans

“He’s Championship standard anyway.
Unless he wants to play midfield still”

“ GR does not seem to favour Edgar either as a defender or midfield player. We would seem to be lacking a player ourseleves who GR might want, who can cover both centre back and defensive midfield options, so if it frees up some “wages” and a place in the squad and we can quickly move in for a replacement then why not? “

“unless we sign somebody, makes no sense. In fact I’d still say we need an additional centre-half even with Edgar on board.”

“I am still a fan of Edgar. With Spector slipping up in pre-season, I think that Edgar will play a crucial part this season if he remains fit. Despite not being at the peak of his game for the Blues’, he is certainly a talent. Not as good a signing as I had hoped unfortunately.”

“I would like to see Edgar play more”

“Edgar was solid until the Bournemouth disaster”

“He’s finished at The Blues. Bad egg I think”

“Wouldn’t mind seeing Edgar partnering Morrison”

“I still think Edgar and Morrison would make a great CB partnership”

“Quite surprising he has had to drop down a league.
Wasn’t overly excited when he signed, however was a solid player at the back for us IMO. “

“No surprise, face doesn’t fit. “

“No recall option either so that’s his Blues career over. “

Huddersfield Fans

“In the games he played you he has done what was asked.”

“defending Edgar is just plain blind faith – he is not good enough”

“did we ask him to miss headers, miss place passes every single time, miss tackles, miss open goals and be generally crap. If so , job done.”

“David Edgar did what was asked,battle, “

“Appeared in midfield away from home in 5 games
Won 2 (Millwall and Wigan)
Drawn 2 (Bournemouth and Wed)
Lost 1 at Brentford.
8 points from a possible 15 is an excellent return in his midfield starts given we have 18 from a possible 60 all season.
The team seems to get results with apparently the world’s worst footballer in midfield”

“Edgar is a chuffing centre back not a holding midfielder, as crap as he is in that role it really isnt his fault, Its powell for being so stubborn”

“I dont know what Edgar earns (not a lot I hope) but I suspect there were better loan players available. “

“I think edgar is a very limited midfielder. It doesn’t help that he stands about five yards off the centre backs, which is stupid when the opposition only have 1 striker”
“I dont think he’s even good enough as a midfielder to be described as a limited one. It would suggest he is in some shape, way or form a midfielder. “

“He’s garbage”

“ He’s wasn’t outstanding or noticeably better than what we had (arguably, noticeably much worse)”

“he’s shockingly awful. “

“Hope this guy never puts on a town shirt again! “

“I wouldn’t say he’s a bad option to have in the squad.”

“Hes had one or two decent games I suppose but not sure hes the sort of standard we should be looking for.
Id hope for better, or at least a different player that might be better.
Edgar to me is a bang average League 1 standard player at best who wouldn’t look out of place in L2 . He can do ‘a job’ but at the same time hes one of those players who lacks so much actual skill, touch and ability that you wonder how he ever made the grade as a pro in the first place. ‘kicking the ball properly ‘ is often beyond his capabilities.”

View From Gillingham


Gillingham 4-0 Blades


“4-0 flattered them”

“Sean Bean, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jeremy Clarkson, Sir Michael Parkinson, Darren Gough, Lord Coe are you listening? Your Yorkshire boys took a hell of a beating today!
Coming down to earth for a moment. What is a typical Gills start to a new season? Played 3, won 1, drawn 1, lost 1.
That is why I milk every great moment like today! Who needs McDonald? “

“Thought Parkinson supports Barnsley…..and Sebastian Coe is Chelsea”

“But fair play, they are all from Yorkshire.
Anyone know any celeb Sheff U fans?They are probably all hiding right now
Might pop onto a sheff U fans forum for a look, anyone know best ones to check out? “

“there were a number of blades fans who waited and clapped every one of our players off the pitch – felt that was a nice gesture and showed they also knew we had played them off the park. “

“You know you have done something special when a good number of Blade fans hang around to clap our boys off the pitch. “

“They’ve been in this league for 5 or 6 seasons, so I didn’t see any arrogant or derogatory comments pre-game. “

“I hereby demand that they give us back our title – “That pub team”. “

“To be honest if we want to get out of this league we need to beat rubbish like this
How does it feel Blades? “

“I’ve never met a nicer bunch of fans. Went for a drink after and to a man they were fulsome in their praise for GFC. They said we wanted it more and looked like a side that cost millions. The Blades cost millions, we begged stole and borrowed. It was of course only one match but what a match. “

“Spoke to a blades fan who was full of praise and said we had a really good side full of pace that will do well in this league. “

“I know we’re having a bit of fun on here with the comments from previous meetings, but it should be noted that they applauded Dack’s goal as well as staying behind to clap us off the pitch.
Very decent of them. “

“I think they just wanted to cheer for a goal. “

“Came across a few drunk lads near Gillingham Green, was expecting the worst… only to get a congratulations, best wishes and they went off on their merry way “

“Agreed they were generally very sporting towards us, but I was shocked at how early they got on the backs of their own team.
The venom and abuse given to the keeper and defence 10 minutes into the game didn’t help at all. I’ll admit their players were abysmal but it was an object lesson in how not to assist your own team. “

“Yeah, it helped us that one of their defenders gave their goalie an absolute XXXXXX after the first goal though. He needed an arm round the shoulder and a quiet word in his ear. “

“Like every club, they have their share of good fans, as well as their share of XXXXXXs.
Drank with some decent fans from their end both pre and post match, but it is the first time I have ever seen an opposing fan attack Gilla fans with a flip flop after the match!
The Sheff Utd fans we spoke with on the train home were banging on about Dack. Am glad they missed the masterclass from Osadebe, as well Dickenson’s best game for the club. “

“As the Owls cruise past last seasons pub league champions
The Blunts get thrashed by some pub league no hopers!
Hahahahahah” “

“Big name players such as Billy Sharp were expected to terrorise us yesterday but Jed is building something special here and we have sent out a strong messege of intent based on that performance.
Money doesn’t always guarantee success. “

“I would have been content with a point against the favourites for the League,but this was a result that no one would have expected “

“outstanding performance against the favourites to win the league. Our keeper never had a shot to save, and with players like Cody, Loft, Garmston and Ehmer not in the side, I fancy us for an exciting season. As for Sheff U, bloody awful. Feel sorry for their fans who had to put up with that rubbish. “

“The first goal looked very poor from Sheffield’s point of view. It looked to me like Long punched the ball into his own net though I couldn’t have been much further away. Other reports suggest he completely missed the ball and Norris got the all important touch from the throw in. It’s hard to tell if Long got more stick from us or his own fans during the game!
Oshilaja’s goal from another cross which caused havoc in the United box gave us a buffer at half time.
Third goal from a corner – free header from Egan. Great to get a clean sheet and a goal each for our centre halves and at least one assist for the full backs each.
Fourth goal was sublime – bit of teasing in the corner playing keep ball taking the piss out of United and then Dack curls in a worldie after some showboating. Especially pleasing given we normally make ourselves look stupid trying to run down the clock. Dack could very easily bring our highest transfer fee if he keeps up his form since Xmas (since he started regularly). “
“To be fair to Sheffield, I think we would have beaten any team in this division today with that performance.
The pace and intensity was quite un-Gills like. “

“Sheffield Utd looked like a lower league team to me, and after we went 3-0 up it looked like we were going to score every time we attacked!
I’d have settled for a draw before the game, as some our strongest players weren’t playing; Cody, Loft, Ehmer, Garmston etc, not realising of course how poor the opposition were going to be. Feel sorry for their fans who travelled. “

“Was very surprised by Sheff Utd as I will admit I was fearing a bit of a hiding but we were the ones that dished it out. Their goalkeeper was not one of the better ones I’ve seen shall we say.”

“Did not expect this, worrying for Sheffield Utd and Adkins “

“Simply put, we were too powerful. We ran harder, jumped higher, challenged more strongly and United just couldn’t deal with it. “

“Sheffield United looked horribly unbalanced in the first half. The keeper though, as bad performance as I’ve seen. 3 set piece goals for Gillingham mind”

“Who is that dreadful co-commentator on Radio Sheffield, someone Edwards? What a total arse. We’ll be no better than mid-table? Dream on sonny. “

“Sheffield United are utter fucking gash. “