View From Doncaster

Blades 3-1 Doncaster


“They were were dog. All 3 goals were gifted by shocking defending, not a sending off and Adams dived. We were diabolical but the blades are far from promotion hopefuls on that performance. Looking forward to a relegation campaign now “

“They wont be top 4 playing like that or without getting more players in”

“We are crap not denying it, all their goals came from defensive errors though and has for dominating we had 10 men and they hardly made the keeper work. they will probably finish in the top six because they have the resources to recruit but I wouldn’t get over excited by yesterday as I thought they looked a poor side. “

“They were crap”
“Sheff utd, yes they are one of the better side’s in this league, and we have no divine right to expect to win, but they were playing in a derby game, where was the concentration?, the lack of football intelligence is unbelievable!. “

“We’re crap”

“We played against a good side today who i exepect to lose in the play off final today. “

“Until the sending off it was two teams who didn’t look particularly special and evened each other out. The sending off was at the other end of the pitch so I didn’t get a clear view but it looked like McKenzie went lunging in. He’s got history in that department. Pretty stupid thing to do. 1st and 2nd goals I think Taylor-Sinclair has a lot to answer for being out of position and giving the ball away stupidly. Third goal was another error by Butler I think. Sammon ran us ragid all game unfortunately. Their support was absolutely terrible – one of the quietest away grounds I’ve been to in a while. Our new lad looked alright, a few bright moments, but didn’t get much of a look in. “

“we were second best”

“ Sending off was a bicycle kick clearance.”

“ We got what we deserved I thought.”

“the sending off was very very harsh as he had his eye on the ball all the time never a sending off not even a booking. and yes i was there “

“Very difficult to tell from the away end. I did feel that the crowd made the refs decision for him though and it was noticeable that the player affected didn’t need the physio to come on and treat him.”

“No one could have seen it from the away end, we were all too far back. The question is really why was McKenzie flinging his legs around in a crowded penalty box 3 yards out from goal? A bit more mental composure is needed.”

“Firstly both teams were poor but we were worse. The sending off was harsh according to commentary and Blades fans at that end, McKenzie did raise his foot but their player dipped his head and neither looked at anything but the ball. I’m not saying it would have made a difference because we didn’t take the game to them but it didn’t help “

“I agree that there was no malice in MacKenzie’s challenge. But it was just stupid. If you go diving in with your foot 4 feet off the ground, you are giving the ref an easy option to send you off. You just don’t do it. “

“Never a red card in a million years
They were both as high as each other the other bloke just got there before him “

“ Went in the Sheffield Tap following the recommendations. Full of middle-aged denim glad real ale aficionados. “

“Excellent ales in the tap, cheers for that tip DW but the Howard was pretty crap – the only food they were serving was burger, burger & chips or chips!! Called in a couple more places which were ok then found a cracking fish & chip shop just outside ground. Went straight to Tap from game and a good day was had – except the match obviously!!
And in speaking to a number of blunts on way home, non said it was a red card – 2 players totally committed and looking at the ball – yellow card all day! Spoilt the game but we would probably still have lost!”

Pre-Match View From Doncaster

“We’ve not had a great start, not scoring enough goals nor entertaining much.”

“Even though I predict we will lose 3-0 I’m still going.
A slight change of subject…
Billy Sharp is a Doncaster Rovers hero, proven by his number of votes for the legends banner.
What reception will he get?
I’ll be singing his name! Even though he will 100% score against us! “

“He will get a polite round of applause from me prior to KO but I won’t be singing his name,Legend yes but he is now playing for our rivals in a South Yorkshire derby,I’ll be saving my vocal cords to sing & support our current players.”

“Billy Sharp was a good player for us ,but not a legend”

“More a cult hero than a legend.”

“Hope we can at least take a 1,000+, think our initial allocation was only 1,400 and we can’t sell that. As for the sharp thing.. Is he really a legend at our club? Personally he isn’t for me, was just a proven goal scorer and a few fans favourite.”

“Went ‘berserk’ after scoring against us for Southampton. Total lack of respect that? He’s no hero of mine. Didn’t see darren Moore do that when he scored for derby against us. Now that’s a true rovers legend “

“He didn’t go berserk at Southampton he jogged over to a disabled fan and kissed him and got booked for going into the crowd.
I’ve no problem with him celebrating in Saturday especially as he’s a sheff utd fan, I loved it when he went mad scoring for us against scunny “

“I seem to remember sharp came over to the rovers fans at the end of that game to give us a clap, Shame the 11 players on our side couldn’t be arsed that day.”

“After the way Billy was helped by the Rovers fans after the early death of his son it would be very bad if he was to over celebrate a goal against us whether it was for “his team Sheff Utd” or anyone else.
Respect should be a two way thing.”

“He won’t over celebrate but I don’t expect him to not celebrate at all”

“My mate is big scunny fan, sharp was his hero,
But he’s hated him ever since that celebration, it’d be tough to watch him go wild like that, taking his shirt off and booting advertising board”

“Players should celebrate scoring a goal, it shows no disrespect, i hate that holding the hands up sorry gesture, he would never have joined us if Sheff utd hadn’t wanted him to go.
He was always a big Sheff utd fan, he was” loaned” to us when we got him, his affections were always the same, but i do think he loves our club as well, for how the fans treated him and the best time period of his career, we had his best years.”

“He celebrated for us against sheff u so were naive to think he won’t the other way around”

“Do we care – really? If he scores against us he’ll celebrate! If he doesn’t – he won’t! Personally I hope that any celebrations come from our players! I’m not bothered either way whether if he scores agains us he celebrates or not! He ain’t our player anymore so I don’t give a monkey’s personally!”

“Ooh. Ooh. I wonder if Billy still loves us.
Whatever happened to having a bit of self-respect? I don’t give a flying f*** what he thinks about us. I hope Butler puts him over the Kop roof after 30 seconds and he doesn’t land until the 89th minute.
Or, alternatively, I won’t give a shite if Sharp scores 5 goals and celebrates every time by dropping his shorts, thrapping himself to tumescence and revealing his swollen organ with the words “Donny, Aids, Pikey, Scum” in foot high neon letter dangling from his bell end, just as long as young Curtis scores 6.
And yes, that final scenario is a little far-fetched, I’ll grant you. “

“Couldn’t really be arsed whether he celebrates or not.
Thing is, if people moan about our prices for tickets, they won’t pay the £25 at Sheff Utd will they? We’ve sold out in the past and we don’t portray ourselves to be a massive club, unlike them (maybe its just a Sheffield thing).
What I will bring up though, remember when we played Blades on TV and they brought 750 to the KMS? Hardly massive that, considering it’s down the road and there seems to be a stronghold of ‘Donny Blades’.
I’m looking forward to it though anyway, love a local derby. They’ve not been on form recently and personally it’s a decent time from our perspective to play them, got a feeling BS will score against us in some form although I think he’s probably only capable of taking a penalty. “

“Not sure he will be on penalties after missing two the other night.
I always thought he was a poor pen taker.”

“Got me tickets today. Never been to Bramall Lane before – any atmosphere in the place? Got to admit I did like Hillsborough when I visited that will take some beating.”

“I went a few seasons ago CiM when we drew 1-1 and Hayter scored.  I found the big video screen in the corner of the away end quite distracting.”

“ The main downside to Bramall Lane is it is not really built for people who have legs…the tightest, most uncomfortable away end I have ever been in. No doubt people will just say I should just stand up but that’s a whole other debate!”

“I won’t be going to Bramall Lane again in a hurry. “

“I’m just hoping we give it a go “

View From Bradford

Bradford 2-2 Blades


“After about the 55th minute we completely changed the way we were playing and became wank again.
Can anyone reading this honestly say they were surprised when they equalised?”

“I said after they scored their 1st that they’d get another. The only surprise is that they didn’t go on to win. “

“I think they settled for the point not realising we were there for the kill”

“They changed their system with the subs and we didn’t adapt up until they got their first goal I thought we would get 3 or 4 today Cole and Marshall had them for the taking but once the changes were made we seem to sit back “

“Baxter was the best player on pitch last season when we played them. As soon as he came on. Oh Uh.
We’re too vain. Our players love themselves. Walk in the park at two up. Checking hair, Lovin tattoos.”

“Parkinson has spoken about the need to be able to decide results from the bench. He was outdone by Adkins today. We were well on top until they made their changes – we didn’t respond until too late and then when we did he made the wrong calls . For the most part it was a good performance, certainly our best at home this season and against a decent side, so we’re improving. But Parkinson made the wrong calls at key points of the game in my opinion. “

“I would give credit to Adkins today. As soon as he brought on Sammon & Baxter it made a big difference to Sheff. Utd.
I was very impressed with Sammon especially.”

“Utd made their changes and the game completely swung in their favour, Parky should have seen that and tried to counter it as soon as possible. on reflection, a draw was probably a fair result, although it does feel like a loss when you throw away a 2 goal lead. “

“We’ve had our own comebacks but when a team looks as slack and timid as SU did in the first half you have to punish those periods. SU were there to be thumped on the basis of that first half but to their credit organised themselves.”

“Their centre half Edgar looked abysmal. , we are playing much better football than 3/4 weeks ago and yeah we should have had three points but still felt positive enough leaving the ground. “

“We didn’t change the way we were playing, Sheffield United did and their substitutions transformed the game.
I thought they’d go on to win, and I’m pretty delighted that they weren’t able to.
Parkinson’s changes came FAR too late, United made their 3 and it was instantly clear they were overrunning us in midfield with Sammon pushing down the wing and Baxter joining Reed in controlling the CM positions with pace. Liddle had an appalling ten minutes which obviously helped Sheffield go on and dominate.
Parkinson should have reacted, IMO, after their first goal, but instead he waited 10 minutes after they’d actually equalized, effectively neutering us by taking off our livewire, goalscoring forward and our set piece taker and lead playmaker but credit PP for absolutely nailing the tactics for the first 55 minutes, we were a class above Sheffield and really should have bagged 3 or 4.”

“Almost feels like a loss when you boss the first half like we did, get two nil up and then let them come back into it. Dropped two points today. We were on complete control”

“Judging by today, I am glad we didnt sign Woolford, who we were supposedly linked to in the summer. I haven’t seen a player so disinterested in a game for a long while, as he was in that first half. It was a surprise he lasted as long as a hour before Adkins replaced him with Baxter”

“all in all a decent point, which I’d have taken before hand, even more so after backing 2 a piece (shrewdly) but disappointed after being 2 up against a poor Sheffield side.”

“Jose Baxter changed the game.”

“Must have had another of his “pep” pills.”

“They were so crap we should have killed them off earlier but that’s always been our trouble. Problem was we didn’t test the keeper enough after our second. Bald guy for them seemed to steady them and brought some aggression into their tactics which they needed.”

“Agree that Baxter made a difference but thought the no 18 Sammon was excellent when he came on. Led the line well, bullied Rory and dropped off to take the short ball.
However, for the negatives, there were many positives in this game and we will not becoming across a SU each week. “

“Totally agree about Sammon. He changed the game completely. Just glad he didnt start!”

“I thought sammon changed it for them we couldn’t handle him.”

“Enjoyed that, decent game of football. A fair result in the end. Questionable refereeing especially what constitutes a foul when James Hanson’s involved. Credit to Adkins, changed his tactics second half when two down and looked dangerous.”

“ Did not look like one of the better sheff utd teams that i have seen,which makes the second half flop all the more galling.
Just loved it when an ex-leeds player gets on the scoresheet against us.”

“A draw isn’t a bad result on the face of it. Sheff utd will be up there at the end of the season, and our unbeaten run continues… “

“That is 2 points lost against a team that we should have spanked out of sight.”

Pre-Match View From Bradford

“sheff on the back of a defeat will be looking for a strong showing “

“Sheff Utd is a massive game and I think it’s perfect to play our big players such as Jones and Anderson. “

“Devante is gonna have a field day by the looks of the highlights (of United against Colchester)”

“**** they could be back for Phil Parkinson before Christmas”

“ What a difference a few games makes sheff utd now on the ropes there for the taking we need to take the game to them early and with purpose their confidence will be shot. Attacking formation plz parky and go for it

“Back to back defeats at home could make Sunday interesting. Do we think ‘beware the injured animal’ or actually they’re not all that great kick them when they’re down! Hopefully the latter is what pans out!”

“ We have to take the game to them. They’ll be nervous, as will the fans. An intense first 10mins attacking their week areas, but being aware of a counter attack, is what I would like to see.”

“I really wouldn’t read too much into their last 2 results. There’s been a strange trend so far this season across England which has seen far more away wins than usual. In fact significantly more away wins than home ones (I don’t have the actual stats)
Both sheff Us last 2 games were at home. It seems our home ‘advantage’ may be a significant weakness of ours (sound familiar?) as it has been for many others this season. “

“I cant wait to get stuck into the blunts on Sunday now. We as a crowd need to get on their backs straight from the kick off.”

“I think they have fallen into the trap of signing players that are intimidated by big crowds. School boy error.”

“The Blades supporters views on their side is that they can play some good football at times, but lack a hard edge. This said, I expect them to be up for it in Sunday after losing two at home. Not a pacy team either according to their supporters and vulnerable to being ran at from midfield and being pressurised.
Looks like a few goals in this game, so probably 0-0! “

“Home support will need to be at it’s best – failure will mean SU could sound like the home support. I can see both sets of supporters being vocal, owing to the Sky cameras, yet the football on the field, will dictate proceedings – Lets hope PP gets this SPOT ON.”

“Just ” slightly” got the upper hand have the Blunts
16 wins to City with 15 draws and 25 wins to the Blades
Total in all comps : 17 wins to City 17 draws and 28 wins to the Blades
Saying that, they where playing sheite when we last beat them 2-0 at home
I’m going for a 2-2 draw”

“Sheffield Utd has a poor defence at the moment, but can cope with long balls all day apparently. They will probably set up 442. From a bit of scouting on their forum I’ve learnt a few things. They have said they signed poor quality players in the transfer window and done it all on the cheap, they needed more quality*…ahem. They have no pace in the squad. The midfield is a shambles, with no penetration or creativity. Their strikers can’t finish. Baxter is now ****e. Billy sharp can’t finish. The entirety of the staff at the club are a shambles (Poor tea lady). So they don’t sound too pleased.”

“By the looks of it there fans are nearly in meltdown mode everyone is s###e in the team .
manager don’t know what he’s doing and they still have plenty of tickets left for Sunday .”

“Their forum almost makes our resident doom merchants look sensible. Almost!!!”

“Win and we are flying with 11 points from 5 games – championship winning form. The team more or less picks itself, so this down to how Parkinson sets up to play.
By no means a must win, but it could go a long way to giving us the confidence to kick on.”

“Watching Sheff Utd’s highlights against Colchester, one thing stood out and that is how similar Colchester’s first two goals were to Devante’s strike against Oldham and his effort against the post at Fleetwood, i.e. a bit of movement from the front man and a through ball round the back of the defenders. Cole’s movement could really punish defending like that.”

“Don’t think they will be able to handle us tbh it’s about tine we beat them and beat them well”

“Really looking forward to sunday against sheffield, imo its the biggest game of the season for us as it will be the biggest attendance (Home & Away) and atmosphere, and should be a thriller based on sheffields recent slump and our up and down form but now unbeaten in 4 games and look to be playing better.”

“I think it will be scrappy. Adkins will probably play 442, if we match them it will be a scrappy, tense game. Neither side want to lose this. As said, I’d like to see us go for the kill, their defence is shipping goals like ours was. Devante could run riot if knott is on form and we can boss midfield.
Also, can the moron who signed up to the blunts forum under the name BigBantam, stop posting and making us look like a pack of tits. Why you want to go on a forum and shout about our season ticket sales to a team who consistently have 18000 is beyond me, and how you can shout about their ‘poor’ away ticket sales is stupid as well, since we have been debating what has happened to our away support. Stop hitting yourself. Just stop it. “

“Sheffield have only sold 1350 at close of sales today.”

“Gotta admit surprised at those sales and disappointed.”

“Can not say I am surprised with it being on TV. Hopefully the TV money should cover the missing 1000 or so”