Loan Update: Northampton Fans Views on Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Taken From The Month Of August)

“As for the young centre forward Calvert-Lewin he did pretty well but is a bit light weight and shudder for him on wet pitch against L2 cloggers. Was not entirely convincing in the air although he did manage a couple of decent headers. Very promising for one so young and for those who doubted CW for signing him – you were proved wrong. Very useful reserve to have and am pretty certain will score goals. One for the future. “

“Calvert-Lewin continues to catch the eye. “

“He looks lively”

“Dominic Calvert-Lewin had me purring, the turn and shot second half was pure class. Whatever we got for Toney, this boy is worth a lot more.”

“He is a barely capable squad player”

“I disagree about Calvert lewin I think the lad is going to be fine for us. He’s got a great leap on him and a good touch, problem we had today is we were just blindly aiming balls over the top. Needed to pass it round them not over them.”
“ Everyone was raving about Calvert – Lewin after the Blackpool game and now he’s not up to the job? Are Barnet that much better than Blackpool?”

“Calven-Lewin was asked to play almost as a target man winning balls in the air, I don’t think thats his game.”

“Calvert-Lewin looked exactly what he is, a young lad playing a men’s game with little support”

“He Runs around like a headless chicken.”

View From Hartlepool

Hartlepool 1-1 Blades (Blades win 4-3 on Pens)

“Poor first half with Worley not looking match fit. Changed things in the second half and we looked a lot better, good finish by Fenwick like. “

“plenty of positives tonight…..Bartlett. Worley. Harrison, Carroll.Jones, Hawkins, thought after going 1-0 down and the following 20. mins it was going to be a long night but we grew into it after that and with a bit of luck might have even won it……unlucky.”

“Really enjoyed that tonight, quite a few positives”

“We were hopeless with the 352 formation again, looked much more solid and like we might score after going 442 midway through the first half.”

“Enjoyable game on the whole. “

“Was expecting a hammering after the first twenty minutes………………but thereafter, thoroughly enjoyed it. “

“For the first 20 minutes of the game I feared the worst, but we improved as the game went on”

“1st Half possession stats probably something like 10/90”

“Great second half”

View From Swindon

Swindon 0-2 Blades

“Blades were stronger and faster in attack and solid in defence.  Kasim’s lack of pace was really shown for one goal, which has happened before this season.  A well deserved win but I enjoyed our good passing game and good teamwork, with better defending than usual, especially Branco.”

“ No arguments from me, we weren’t shocking but we never looked like scoring and Sheffield United deserved the points.”

“Toothless unfortunately whereas blades have more firepower.
We played well but the better side won”

“Shit sticks that we lost. We’ll lose games  this season so will others. We will win many though. Today *seems like a bad example of that, although there were many stages of play that could have gone either way.”

“ We didn’t play badly at all. Sheffield United very well organised, defended well as a team. Soaked up all our play, scored a bit of a fluke and then took charge. Blades will be up there for sure. “

“I’m not sure what happened defensively.  Up until conceding a soft (own?) goal from a corner, which should have been a free kick.
Never really looked like pulling it back today though. “

“Deserved win for Blades. Thought we played quite well – looked tighter at the back and Traore was a huge plus.
With the missing injured players and 2 others – Smith and Byrne – making sure they didn’t get injured it was a big ask for 9 men against a very impressive Sheff Utd side.
Smith was truly shocking and I can’t believe there is a club willing to pay money – any money – for the useless fucker.
Blades will piss this league and we will be OK – we do have some good players.
Overall, well done Blades and the sooner Smith fucks off the better.”

“Thought Town were the better team for large parts of the game. Traore was very very good and deservedly the man of the match. Vigouroux made some decent saves.
A bit of a freak goal and then we switched off.”

“Thought we shaded first half despite them hitting the bar but we still never looked like scoring.
You could tell a goal was going to come 2nd half but what a soft one to concede, after that we barely clung on, would have put the house on the keeper getting a red for that clumsy challenge despite going away from the goal.”

“They should piss this league. Deserved win today and we obviously can’t cope with injuries with such a small squad.
Add to that we played 2 players that will be off before Tuesday that put no effort in it was always going to be a struggle against an impressive Blades team.”

“Very disciplined performance from Blades. There wasn’t a great deal in it up until the first goal really but no complaints about the final result.”

“A deserved win for the Blades. The way they played was not pretty but it can’t be argued that it wasn’t effective. Solid at the back and particularly threatening when going long, with Sharp feeding off of Sammon’s scraps. They’ll be up there come the end of the season, as they should be with their squad and budget. “

“If ever the cliche “the first goal is crucial” applies to a game, it was this one. In the first half, with Swindon on top (although Sheff Utd had a couple of good chances and hit the bar), we couldn’t score. In the second half, Sheff Utd had us under pressure for about 5-10 minutes before the goal, scored and that was it. They then defended the rest of the game comfortably and hit us on the break with several good chances and the second goal.
If we had scored that first goal when dominating, it would of been a very different game. We didn’t, we lost, well done Sheff Utd and good luck for the rest of the season. “

“we were beaten by a better side, nothing wrong with that.
Class team class manager
BUT not many will beat us On today’s showing “

“Beaten by a physically stronger side. That was the difference.”

“Men against boys!”

“Meaningless with no in ya face direct football,just the same boring stuff…
Utd just sat back and waited for there chance and bang goal… “

“Blades always looked dangerous and Vigouroux made a great save from a goal bound effort.
The game really turned on their first goal and I doubt anyone will see a more bizarre goal all season with Rodgers probably getting the last touch. That seemed to unsettle Town and they were always chasing the game after that. It was always going to be tough against a team who gave been able to retain most of their players and I’d have Sharp & Campbell-Ryce in my side any day and they’ll be there or thereabouts come next May. “

“We meet plenty of teams like Sheffield United, not great footballing sides but ones who understand what’s needed at this level – physical presence, hard graft and commitment. In the end we were easily beaten by a technically inferior side – because party tricks performed at a snail’s pace may look pretty but they get you nowhere “

“out of their 9 shots at goal 6 were on target, compare that to our poor tally of 10 shots but only 1 on target and their attacking play brought about 7 corners to form more pressure and yet again for the second match in a row we didn’t even manage one. We had 55% of the posession but again it didn’t really bring about one solid call of that should have gone in, while they hit the post and always looked more likely to score. First half was OK..ish, second half was an abject lesson which the club needs to learn from. Atkins is no idiot, in fact he is probably the best guy they could have got in, as they will go up with him at the helm, but he undid us too easily without parking the bus, and our reply, was there one ??? “

“Blades didn’t have to play well to beat us and that hurts.”

Pre-Match View From Swindon

“Two teams that know each other well from last year and are both fancied again to challenage for promotion this year. Changes at both clubs, is Sheff U stronger or weaker than last year? Has Swindon replaced their outgoing players with better? Will managerial experience of promotion, finally mean that Sheff can get over the line finally? Will the system change at Swindon finally stop seeing them let in silly goals after dominating matches.
An early season barometer of a match that could give us an inclination of which team if either has moved on from last year, “

“ I think it’s still too early to tell, we have a lot of injuries, they have a few suspensions. I’m inclined to think Sheffield will have more than enough to win the league this season and could well run away with it. That would leave the rest of us to battle it out. “

“Toughest game thus far for us this. Sheff U will be top 2 the question will be who joins them in promotion.
We have a few players missing but apparently Kasim will be available for this according to local media. Let’s hope so as we are very thin on the ground at present.
Not expecting a win at all and will be pleased with a point.”

“No idea what the score will be “

“Our first big test of the season – and we’re 5 men down! Kasim and Stewart on international duty, Thompson, Obika and Hylton all injured.
I’d gladly accept remaining unbeaten at 5 o’clock Saturday but I think we’ll get beat.
Should be plenty of goals (again), decent crowd with plenty of hairy-arsed Yorkshiremen.
Looking forward to it. “

“Bit worried about our midfield without Yaser but we coped fine last season when he and Mass left for Asia. Looking forward to it. Shame we have so many out but Sheffield United are missing some players as well. The difference is they have a bigger squad (apart from defensively maybe) while we’re down to the bare bones already.
Hopeful we can sneak a draw. 1-1.”

“Kasim has been poor so far this season – Traore looked biscuits against Sarfend, so no worries there.
It’s the RB slot where we’ll struggle to cover for Thompson and the midfield does look a bit ‘samey’ with no particular oomph there.
Smith is a bit of a passenger up front at the moment – so thank God for Froggy Robert, a real classy dude. “

“Hope they do well this year. Don’t think many fans would begrudge them promotion.
I think they’ve more than done their time down amongst the dead men. “

“Hope it’s as entertaining as my last home game of last season!”

View From Fulham

Blades 0-3 Fulham

Enjoyed that, for seemingly the first time in ages. “

“Fantastic night! One that will live on in the memory for myself and 5 friends that attended! The team is really showing their potential under Kit! I apologise for any spelling mistakes as I had a number of cloud nine beers after the game!!! “

“SU had a few chances and a better team could have punished us. “

“Still took us over an hour to score our first goal past a league 1 team that got smashed by Gillingskum. “

“Fair play to Kit in that he saw we had the start of a confidence problem and he backed up a late equaliser with a strong team against lower division opposition. The team won well and will now be full of beans.”

“5,927 was the attendance tonight. Must be the lowest crowd in the last 15 years “

“Credit to the team and Kit, in the 2nd half they pressed Sheffield United much more and increased their work rate and tempo. They won 3-0 and probably could have been 6 or 7.”

“ So they’re a league below us and send their reserves but we still pretty much play our strongest side. Guess tonight was about keeping Kit’s job rather than maximising our squad depth “

“If I had come all the way from Sheffield to London to see my team play in the cup and they made 10 changes I would be livid…”

“Sheffield Utd looked genuinely unfit. A win was on the cards despite a quiet first half. “

“Let’s not get carried away they’re a league below us, in the premiership we would’ve expected to beat championship teams and in the championship, there’s an equal quality gap to that of championship and premiership. We should have won that – it took a penalty in the 65 minute to set us on our way and two sending offs before the third – the score line flattered us. “
“People are aware of the fact that United rested 10 players tonight ?
We beat a League One reserve side “

“Pleased with the result but we were still so poor in the 1st half. “

“can’t understand why Sheff Utd fielded such a weak side”

“They want to focus on getting promoted.”