“People need toer realise the importance of Europa cleague qualification to Leicester as a club. This could make or break us as a club. Haven’t you realised how we can’t attract the higher class established premier league players because of our current situation. Remember how Micheal Keane and Sigurdsson choose everton over us it is because of us lacking European football if we don’t qualify for Europe we will become a one season wonder mahrez wants to leave, vardy’s getting older and our champions league money won’t last forever the chance for this club to go to the next level in football is fading away. This season is a make or break season for us fail to qualify for Europe this season and it will be along time before we will go to Europe again. The EFL cup is more important for us then it ever was before because it is our best chance of getting to where we want to be. “

“Such a pants name for a cup, sounds like something you’d win for best dance routine at a family holiday park. “

“Decent test for our fringe lot. I want us to take a cup seriously this year.” 

“Full first team and smash fvck out of them.”

“nice draw!. we should have enough steel to beat these!”

“I almost never say this about the league cup but I’m so confident we’ll be mid table this year – let’s ****ing go.  Can’t hurt to take this completely seriously and get another European tour”

“Sheffield United will be no pushovers so I hope we select a strong enough team to progress, admittedly there will be a few changes but hopefully we will still have enough to win.”

“hope we play a strong side. We got Man Utd away few days later but I’m so desperate for a league cup or FA Cup win this season.  We’ll probably lose at Old Trafford regardless so let’s priorities this and not underestimate the Blades”

“We’re gonna rest players so we can lose 2-0 to United next week instead of 4-0 if we don’t rest players. “

“I expect and accept that there will be changes but lets not throw the tie. In my supporting lifetime this season may be the best chance we’ve had to win one of the cups.”

“Wouldn’t be surprised if we change all 11. Pearson always used to bin off the cups so I assume we’ll do the same now”

“Fantastic draw. It’s about as hard a tie as we could’ve got but we should take a good away end to this. “

“Nice draw, nice trip, love Sheffield.”

“Excellent draw. ITS BEEN YEARS!!”

“Wonderful pricing well done. Definitely looking forward to going.”

 “really dislike Sheff United. Think it was the Warnock days in the championship”

“I like Wednesday lived in Barnsley and met some great owls. I  hate the pigs Sheff utd from my time in Barnsley as above.  At least we don’t have to let them in the KP. they are second behind spuds on my cvnts list. Cov the sheep and florist take 3/4/5th in any order “

“Wasn’t there serious needle the last time we went there when Mattock snapped his leg and our fans took the piss”

“Yeah he went down right in front of our end, got royally abused for the next 10 minutes and when he was stretchered off. Don’t remember it kicking off but their lot were seriously unhappy about it all. They were even more wound up when we nicked the 1-0 win when we played absolute horse shit once Yakubu scored.”

“I remember an absolute s**thouse 1-0 win there under Sven, missed the goal due to the appalling attitude of their ticket office. “

“Ched Evans will be in for a fun night!”


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