“This is must win but a point could do (Strange football isn’t it?)

This is huge, the biggest game of the season by far. I think we are in it till the last day which worries me as surely we don’t get out of it three times with last day drama.
Difficult one to predict as I think Wolves away has really unsettled quite a few.”

“We seriously need all 3 points and I dont give a toss how we get them. If they are brinking 2.8k then the atmosphere should be good, but feck em,all I want is the 3 points. “

“I honestly think we can take Sheffield United in this match. I would maintain that, even if they are chasing a playoff place, their team is no better than ours and we are at home. The way Monk has got us playing, I think a win is definitely possible”

“No excuses for not winning this. Sheffield United are not in great form”

“They are 3 points from play offs, Villa couldn’t beat them at home could they? Donaldson!!
We will show you them it’s done Saturday”

“They may be but they are not in great form and if you remember we completely matched them earlier in the season.”

“This game will be difficult, Sheff U are still in the hunt for a play-off. However we should remember that they are in this good position because they got off to a flyer at the beginning of the season, they have come off the boil since.
I don’t think I have been to a squeaky bum game in years.”

“Anyone else as worried as me about where our goals are coming from? 1-0 would be great and if Barnsley lost I think we would be close to safety- one more point in the remaining two matches I reckon would be enough”

“Sheffield will be a tough nut to crack because they are still chasing a play off place, but we are the home team and we’ve got to want and go for a win.
Adams will be available, but Dean will be missing, which is a big blow.
However, we’ve got something else, the St Andrews crowd. The noise we made at the final match of last season was deafening and helped us to victory. I’m sure it will be the same again for this match.”

“We need goals if we are to improve our goal difference compared with Bolton, so I think Adams has to start. Davis has scored goals, but he’s not a natural goalscorer.”

“Adams has scored 3 in 27 League games this season. I know he’s been injured but he is not prolific. He’s inconsistent and can go missing in games but because he was previously with the Blades and it could be a case of ‘scoring against yer old team’ I’d start with him in a 4-4-2 and hope he get’s his head down and drills a powerful one in as he did v Cardiff. “

“I think we simply have to win
Hopefully Monk feels the same way and goes all out for the win
IF we are going to go down then lets go down the right way and not trying to defend defend defend and hope that Juke somehow manages to get one goal in the 2 or 3 chances that we may be able to give him (at home) when he usually needs 10 chances to get one goal.
So come on Blues, don’t be afraid anymore, its past that point now, just go for them from the off and get that win.
I don’t want to see Jota anywhere near our box and he should be told to go wherever he likes.”

“I have posted previously about that night game in the 70s, i said then that it was the worsy hiding i had ever seen an away following endure at st andrews.
It was sureal, the police had literally vacated the ground to take up position outside the ground, leaving 6,000 sheffield fans behind. Que groups of blues climbing the fencing that had kept us apart now minus the lines of police. The sheffield fans although in large numbers didn’t know what to do and were like sitting ducks as probably no more than a couple of hundred blues fans rained down on them.
Our away games in sheffield in the 70s were also carnage with police being pulled from there horses and the city centre shops taking a batterig. So many blues fans were arrested they had to lay on a special train to take them homeo one year and the night game when we were fighting relegation was carnage, over 10,000 travelled that night.”

“They tried to come the ‘big I am’ up there in November. I know somebody who gat smacked from behind, the bloje that did it got filled in. Wasn’t the only incident that day”

“Must have been a couple of different things going on, as I know a small group of our lot came Second, this season.”

“They got a kicking at their place earlier this season and a fairly decent scrap prior and after the 4-0 fa cup game.”

“Never really minded Sheff Utd, even when Colin W*nker was in charge, although I’m still scarred by that 0-0 draw in ’98 when we missed the playoffs on goals scored – goal difference would’ve seen us make the top 6, but the FL had changed the rules that year to supposedly inspire more attacking football – after Sasa Ilic spent 90 mins channeling his inner Lev Yashin. “

“I like Sheff Utd fans to be honest.”

By Roy

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