Blades 1-2 Peterborough 

“There’s no better feeling than beating a team in the last minute, especially when defeat looked on the cards despite dominating”

“So the 2 Posh goals were ‘incrediby poor’ but the #Blades goal was ‘brilliant’, eh, Nigel?”

“Well how surreal was that. Very emotional. Grown fans cheering like we’d won the World Cup, it feels like we have won the World Cup. Our keeper hardly had much to do other than tip one shot over the top. We won on corners and shots and must’ve won on possession. They won on fouls. Even the homer of a ref couldn’t spoil it for us. How I giggled at their ‘fans’ who left with 5′ to go thinking the points were in their bag. They’d shirley have had heart failure when they heard the result – some hopefully being accused of ‘playing away’ when their wives asked them the score LOL!! “

“Last night brought a tear to my eye”

“Our best result of the season”

“well done lads is that our first ever league win at brammell lane?”

“Not only our first points at Bramhall Lane our first goals there, come on Posh”

“Nice of Sheffield United fans to honour a 90 minutes silence”

“Wonder what #Shred would have made of those last couple of minutes?”

“No giant killing for the Blades today. Posh came, they saw and they calmly took the points home”

“Only a matter of time before Sheffield’s luck ran out last night”

“They were a total long ball team”

“We’re going to sneak in to the playoffs after 18 months of mediocrity, to knock out MK Dons, aren’t we?”

“This would of certainly been a game we’d of lost under Ferguson this season.
2 points off the playoffs with some big games to come. Going to be an interesting end to the season. Who’d of thought we’d be in with a shot of promotion two weeks ago!? Just goes to show what a few wins can do.”

“Fanstastoc scenes last night”

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Crawley 1-1 Blades

“Not a pen. The foul was outside the area”

“Just watched their goal again and stopped the action and foul was a yard outside the box, poor challenge but no penalty!!!!”

“What a truely memorable day”

“Decent point that for the Reds. Would have taken it before the game but not when 1-0 up. Still a long way to go.”

“Good game”

“Strange that one. Generally outplayed but disappointed did not win.”

“A valiant display by the Reds today, shame we couldn’t bag all three points but a positive performance indeed”

“Pre game, I’d have settled for point. Berkshire Red on way home disappointed boys couldn’t hold out.”

“Another game decided by a bent ref “

“worst incompetent refereeing display today since Darren Deadman”

“Ref 1/10 but I am generous to a fault.”

“robbed by a shocking ref!”

“The worst person on the pitch was the Referree – Spineless in all decisions !! “

“another unexpected point picked up!”

“Sheffield were by far the better team, their passing was slick and fast, but we deserved the point. “

“Thought we played well for 20 mins and then let them pass, pass and pass again. Possession seemed like 20-80% at times.I would have taken a draw before the game, disappointed that we could not hold on for a win, but a draw was a good result given Sheffield’s possession.”

“We defended very we’ll today as an entire team. Looked organised and in control. “

“We chased shadows for 90 minutes but still came away with a point,so all in all a good afternoons work. “

“They controlled the game but still didn’t test our back four “

“Couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I left the game, yes they dominated possession but we looked comfortable at 1-0 up and then gave away a penalty.
In the context of the game and considering who we were playing it was a good result no doubt”

“opening 15 minutes we looked in the game, then conceeded possession and they were totally on top
We nicked a goal but our defending deserved a good chance and it was well taken.
Then the ref had two big decisions to make – the foul on Mcleod which would have led to a red card and then the penalty.
He got both of them wrong – sadly for us
But I would have taken a point at 3pm but I feel a bit gutted”

“The challenge on McCloud was never a foul.He went down far to easy when going shoulder to shoulder with their player.He just ran out of steam at the wrong time.
I didn’t see the foul for their penalty clearly enough to make a judgement.I did think the ref was as keen as mustard to give it though,he loved it. “

“I don’t think it was a foul on McLeod, I think he bottled it and decided to try his luck and dive, let’s be honest he’s got form for that sort of thing.”

“Like most people I would have taken a point at 3pm but it feels like 2 points dropped. We got our noses in front and then let them back into it with the only real chance they had in the second half.
Personally I thought it was a certain penalty. You can’t put your hands up like that in the box – the slightest touch and the forward will always go down.
To be honest although he was poor I thought the ref got the McLeod one right as well, it looked a fall to me. “

“I would have taken a point at the start of the day as well but think it’s fair to say that we certainly deserved at least that at the end of play.
Lovely set piece goal for us and if we had pressured a bit more instead of being so deep all the time we could have made it a bit easier for ourselves.
Spot on with Mcleod, was waiting for him to go down and he didn’t fail to disappoint, not sure why it would have been a Red given the position at the time.
Penalty was spot on and given away cheaply as well. Unfortunate bit of modern day play. Push in the back and down they go. “
Sheffield pegged us back but for a 5th place side they didn’t look all that. One div was having a pop at Peglar on the way out going on about us being tin pot etc. If you’re going to call us tin pot at least have the decency to beat us easily otherwise your team isn’t good enough to beat a tin pot team. Total tool. Though Peglar did a first class job at winding him up, well played Jason.”

“My position behind the goal it looked like a foul on McCleod. Nothing horrible,nothing nasty just a foul.
There was one later as well where McCleod nicked the ball from the centre half in the centre circle and the centre half brought him down. Clear foul . Ref played on. It’s amazing what you don’t get then your reputation processes you.
The penalty was at the far end. It looked harsh but I was too far away to give an honest judgement. “

“We silenced the Chefs for periods rode our luck and nearly snatched all 3 points.”

“This may be effective football but don’t fancy watching it week in week out.
As soon as the game opens up we still look very sub standard..”

“A nice touch by the club to have ‘R.I.P Shred’ on the scoreboard before the game. I’m sure the Blades fans will have appreciated it.”

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Rochdale 1-2 Blades


“very disappointed with the Blades. Long ball rubbish.”

“Says it all when they’ve paid our seasons budget on one right back.”

“Didn’t deserve that, a keeper cock up lost us that. Very disappointed in with Sheff U, nothing special just hoofers. At least
Done didn’t score.”

“Very little football from the away side it was all played by us. We conceded to a very nice first goal. Second could of killed
us, horrific goalkeeping, but we kept on going. Didn’t deserve to lose.”

“All they did was hoof tonight. We weren’t great by any stretch of the imagination but we were the better side on the night and
ultimately lost to a piece of horrific goalkeeping.
Still only one team to actually come to us and outplay us completely on the day, that team was Donny.”

“Sad fact is over 90 minutes theyre still hardly better than us, when they’ve spent 1.5 mill on a RB and nicked our top scorer
too. Money talks for sure but they were bang average at best tonight, great first goal, calamity second.”

“Well done for beating the smallest team in L1 and doing the double on us, bet you’re so proud.”

“if they sold 1700 tickets before the game, plus some pay on the day, they easily brought more than the home crowd tonight. “

“Sheff U were far better than us in most departments.”

“Shambolic performance by Dale. “

“No shame in losing tonight, just frustration in losing to that goal”

“Maybe the goalie cost us a point? Who knows had we equalised – would Sheff Utd have gone for the win instead of wasting time.”

“Was obvious we would lose today”

“Can’t afford square pegs in round holes against teams with the quality we witnessed tonight.”

“We sold United our best player, showing zero ambition. Why would your regular armchair fan go to the Dale, to watch a team with
little ambition and pay up to £20 for the privilege, when they can watch the Champions League for free and have a good laugh at
the same time?”

“Done got a good reception. Then got a little bit of abuse from some for his constant fouling.”

“expected better from a team that cost so much, I’m not wrong to expect a ‘big fish’ in this league to come and try and play football against us, they closed us down well and made it pretty difficult for us going forward, just expected better all round from them though and was disappointed.”

“Dones departure seems to have deflated the supporters and there was a subdued atmosphere today, the team also looked flat.”

“It was flat, the whole game was in fact. Neither team played at a tempo or created much.”

“It wouldn’t have been the first time a team that didn’t deserve it could’ve snatched a point tonight – could easily have happened. Yes, we’re not going to match clubs like Sheff Utd in the longer term but just think of all the struggles we’ve had over the years – this season is like paradise compared to those years! “

“With the players they have at their disposal, bypassing a midfield that has that much quality is criminal.”

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Blades 2-2 Coventry

“Threw it away again. Not good enough”

“A point away at Sheff utd is a good result but when your 2 up against ten men and let it slip you deserve to be in the
relegation zone”

“Back from Sheffield feels like a defeat thought we played very well and deserved the win”

“Just tried changing my twitter password to ‘CoventryCitysDefence’ but I’ve been told it’s too weak!”

“Shows how bad it is when today’s performance was still one of the best this season”

“2-0 up against 10 men with 10 minutes to go…. Easy… wait this is Cov we are talking about #fail”

“Former midfielder Michael Doyle said: “Coventry were passing us off the park and then they got a bit giddy.” “

“Seeing some say we’d have taken a point before. All things being equal then yes but not against 10 men for 70 mins and 2 up”

“I bloody hate, and I mean hate ,our fecking manager.
we were playing against ten men and he’s still proud of them.
Get that twat out of my club”

“You go 2 – 0 up and suddenly the players start stroking the ball around – 20 to 25 passes in total control . The fans are
cheering every time we pass . Totally in control.
What followed was a total capitulation. Unacceptable.”

“People still defending Pressley are either on the wind up or have mental problems.”

“Any manager that cant stop his team vs 10 men in the last 10 mins is not good enough. He should have brought different players
on and not invited pressure the way he did. Still had we been 2-0 down I for one would be pleased with the result.”

“In his post match chat he actually said it can be difficult to play against 10 men!!!!!!! Is it more difficult to play against
10 or 11?”

“We were great today. If you look at the game without an agenda, we totally dominated a team in the top six before and after they
were reduced to ten men.I thought the crowd had a big effect on the game. The ref gave them everything and us nothing.”

“What are you on about? The ref reduced them to 10 men.”

“Yes for a deserved red card. Thereafter he gave us nothing, and them every fifty fifty challenge.”

“I don’t see many people being unhappy about losing a 2-0 lead against ten men as hiding behind an agenda.”

“we were in total control. still probing for a third, solid at the back, even getting the rub of the ball. there wwas no way they
were gonna get back into it.
And then bang bang. Three mistakes, two goals.”

“He should go. The players didn’t look like they wanted to win. Attempting silly passes rather than going for the jugular. How
can 11 look so outnumbered?”

“7 wins out of 31. Sickening. Fuck this. I was going to go in to work and do overtime tomorrow but I’m having a beer. Fuck off.”

“Against 10 men. Shows how poor we are. Disgrace. Complete and utter disgrace.”

“Went for a shit and next thing it was 2-2. WTF”

“I used to wonder why my dad would laugh when we threw away leads or lost to shite teams, I understand now as I find myself doing
the same.”

“Please someone ask that twat why he made changes at 2-0 up against ten men.”

“We played 70 mins against 10 men, were 2-0 up. And then drew 2-2.
What a joke.”

“I guess if you would have offered us a point at the start of the day then we would have all taken that but after 2-0 up and
against 10 men and the other team beating the top tier teams, it is mentally damaging and I am not sure how he picks the players
up from that.”

“Pressley is a fucking dickhead is how polite i feel about it.”

“CWR said we were lucky to get a point, could have been a couple more in the second half.”

“well the blades fans are happy on twitter by all accounts we cheated, time wasted and were generally a disgrace to football”

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Notts County 1-2 Blades 

“Fuck sake, we should have won that. Beaten by another bizarre lucky goal. “

“3 wins in 15. 18th. Classic Notts “

“Fucking hell, deserved at least a point there, shame Garry Thompson missed that one on one and then went to sleep for their second goal. Gotta take your chances.
At least we’re not playing shit though. Murphy was class for Sheff Utd, the rest…meh “

“I was absolutely amazed of the work rate. Unlucky not to get something “

“i felt we deserved a draw at least!!! “

“Close game. Notts were unlucky”

“You have to take your chances against the big teams and we didn’t, simple as that “

“5 mins extra time and we don’t bring on another striker? Absolutely ridiculous. Derry to blame 100%. 9 home losses, a joke.”

“ 3000 away fans on a Tuesday night is something else. Fair play.”

“Unlucky. Played well against a strong side. “

“Gutted! Didn’t deserve to lose based on that 2nd half performance. Football can be a cruel game. Unlucky guys! Keep it going! “

“same old. Team brings a big away following, we lose. “

“best football I’ve seen at meadow lane for a while. So unlucky not to come away with something”


“Decent game but gulf in class ultimately saw Sheff Utd through “

“Looks like we will be 18th after tonights one sided affair “

“ ‘One-sided’ – didn’t go again then? “

“Thought it was quite decent when we knocked it about and teed up Noble on the edge of the box only for him to blaze over. Or Badger controlled it and played a delightful through ball for Thompson, only for him to hit it straight at the keeper with the whole goal to aim at. Both at 1-1.
But y’know, Derry out and that. Danny Wilson’s available now as well. “

“I went tonight with my 10 year-old nephew. We both thought Notts played well despite the result. I don’t know what you two expect against teams with resources to stick Davies and JCR on the bench, but I think if you want to continue to support Notts and lead a sane life then you may wish to manage your expectations.”

“Losing to Sheffield United at ML in itself isn’t an unacceptable result, but I can understand why people are ****ed off in the context of recent results and our home form. “

“What pi.sses me off is the fact we can’t win at home against shi.te teams who aren’t much better than us!
Sheffield are nothing fooking special and were there for the taking. “

“For the first 30mins we were in awe of them and allowed them to pass it around and dictate the game but when we scored the game changed for quite a while.
The rest of the first half and right up to them scoring their second we gave as good as we got and were the better side much of the time.
Look at the depth of their squad one of their players cost more than all of our squad put together.
The majority of the crowd gave the players a good reception at the end even tho’ we lost.”

“I thought we played well tonight and restricted a good side to very few chances. We showed them too much respect in the first half but we finally showed some character in the second when we were the better side. When we pressed them and out worked them we could easily have gone on to win the game “

“We didn’t deserve to lose at all.
I can understand (but far from agree with) the Derry/Abbott out stuff after some of the dross served up at home this season – but not tonight. “

“Apart from the first 25 minutes I thought we played well tonight. We created quite a few chances and with a bit more luck could have had 2 or 3. I think a draw would have been a fair result and considering the quality they have that isn’t a bad thing.”

 “Everyone spent the entire week talking about Sheff Utd having a million pound full-back and all these attacking players and how we’d get beat 4-0 and 5-0 in the predictions thread. Then, we actually play well, are a Garry Thompson one-on-one from probably winning, Sheff Utd score twice from their only two real sniffs at goal and it’s MAYHEM. “

“despite losing 2-1 it was our best performance in a while. County started off slowly and Sheff Utd went ahead through a great finish by Murphy. County equalised against the run of play and were competitive for most of the second half before Sheff Utd went ahead with a backheel similar to Noble’s for our equaliser
The fact that we were applauded off the pitch today instead of booed shows that it was an improvement. We were beaten by a better Sheff Utd side though “

“We just let them take the throw-in quickly cod Hayhurst wasn’t switched on then Muzzy gave Murphy a bit too much room, no worse than what every team does 5 times a game, hardly put it in the net for them, just gave him too much space and he twatted it in the top corner…Neither goal was terrible defending, just both avoidable. Pretty much the only two sniffs they got all game.
It was a good performance, not calling it incredible but we did enough to get a result against Sheff Utd. “

“we deserved to win & They scored a scrappy goal”

.”Good performance in the second half I thought and we definitely deserved to get something out of the game, we had some good chances if the one on one Thompson had with their goalie had gone in it could have been a different game. Bajner was unlucky with his chance too.”

“OMG we didnt deserve to lose that game. We played fantastic ” 

“Jamie Murphy is a very good footballer“

“I thought we went out scared and expected to lose, then realised we had a chance. After that we should have romped it.”

“Theres something about Sheffield United that brings the best out in us”

“We let them control the first 30 minutes but once Noble scored they lost it a bit, even their winner looked a bit of a fluke. We were well worth a point overall, but we need to match this level of performance for the rest of the season.”

“I thought we deserved at least a point. And tho we lost it was one of the better home performances of the season against a very good side.”

“We started off shi.te and they ran the 1st half and we scored against the run of play…2nd half we decided to go on the front foot against and nearly scored when Thompson was one on one. For the first time they looked shaky but if nothing else they are well organised and play to their strengths.
Whoever scored for them looked like he helped the ball in with his hand, but I might be wrong.
Also gotta say that their crowd numbers were impressive but the noise they make was shi.te.
And who was that little tw.t at the front with his Dad in the black puffa jacket giving it the big un to Notts fans for 90 mins?lol
Scruffy Yorkshire tramp. “

“joker in the black puffa with his dad
I don’t think he or his old man watched the game…all they did for the whole match was make v signs and wan.ker signs to the Notts group of fans to the left of the Kop in full view of the stewards who did nothing at all!
The old man just stared at the group of Notts fans non stop(the lads who put the banners up)!
Weirdo’s! “

“I think they were the Blunts’ firm. Talk about scraping the barrel! “

“The lad was going mental and I might be wrong but did his bird flash her ti.ts when they scored the winner?
His old man/uncle or whatever just stared and stared and stared at some of our lot! “

“Yorkshire born Yorkshire bred strong in t’arm weak in t’head”

“Only heard them sing ‘Scabs’ once in the 1st half.
I look forward to that tune! “

“The state of them United mongs on the front row….Christ”

“Sheff Utd fan was making the wanker gestures at the kop all the way through the game, 5 feet away from the stewards and nothing was done!”

“The Notts fans responded so I dont see the problem”

“so what ? get a grip or don’t go if you feel offended so easy if somethings done we’ll have no fans home or away”

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Bristol City 1-3 Blades

“Great day for Preston! Sheff Utd have an outside shot at it now after today as well “

“We werent good at all but its a loss we can totally live with providing it doesnt signal a bad run. The table is still looking great from our point of view! “

“Ha, looking at the results our loss doesn’t seem so bad now”

“ Nice to see the glory fans leaving before the end… Shows the true fans”

“I know it wasnt our best performance,but god how many people leaving after 3rd goal.this city team have done us proud and are giving us our best season for ages.just think its poor and disrespectful that so many thought..’f### it im off now,”

 “We’ve had a good run but today we were beaten by a side who played much better on the day.
Clough had done his homework and closed the good parts of our game down really well..
SU won just about every 50:50 ball and wanted it more today..
Their movement was far better than ours..
Despite us leading at half-time being honest we were poor throughout the first half and they looked the only team destined to win the game..
They took their chances well and we didn’t ..
The good news is we’ll quickly have the chance to put it right on Tuesday – well done to SU today, they deserved the three points but let’s quickly move on and focus back on the many positives! “

“Quality of opposition was much better today and they gave us a masterclass in passing and moving in the first half. We didn’t deserve anything.
 They took their chances and we squandered ours, such as they were.”

“They were also clever enough to not jump with Smith ( outside the box) in the 2nd half.
They let him flick it on and just picked up the pieces.”

 “ What’s the betting we get a five-minute slot on the FLS now we’ve lost at home? “

“Credit where credit is due,today sheff utd were excellent,first half was even stephens,second half they were by far the better side.
Made us look very ordinary.played the better football and dominated the play.
I went to Bramall lane first game of the season,wd won the gane,they have come on big time since then.
I say they hsve been the best side to play us at Ashton Gate so far this season.
I said we would finish top and them finish second,don’t discount them from doing it.
Today was always going to be a hard game,However we have a big lead over them at present.This should be too hard to catch up. “

“Agreed, best team I’ve seen at AG since MK.. Very surprised we have 20 more points than them. “

“The best team won and fair play to them,second half they were by far the better side.
Us very very poor,i hope just an offday.
I said us and sheff utd would be top two,do not under underestimate them. “

“ We made their number 19 looks like Franco Baresi, “

“Fair play Sheffield Utd……Gutted but wish them well for the rest of the season”

“Well done Sheffield Utd winning at the league leaders is no mean feat “

“Bit of a weird one that. Sheff Utd were a good team and it was a pretty even game, but I never really felt our goal was under pressure for any extended period and yet we conceded 3 goals!
Don’t think it was a bad performance, just they were clinical whereas we paid the price for missing several chances at 1-1 “

“These things happen, fair play to Sheffield United for punishing us and it will hopefully give our players a wake up call, always was going to be a tough game as United raise their game when they are underdogs. “

“We are perennially crap against Sheffield Utd”

“ well played Blades. You came with a game plan and executed it perfectly. “

“You have to say well done to Sheff Utd. Threw bodies in the way especially 2nd half.
First half it should have been 0-0 but we scored with our only decent chance.
Second half, we created much more but they also looked dangerous. Was their first goal offside?”

“Can tell why Sheff utd are good against the better sides to be fair, good counter attacking team. “

“Fair play blades. Got to say, what a day to lose! “

“I don’t think any team is going to win it easy, I would say that first is there for any of the top 3-4 to take, still a long way left and incredibly close, good luck to the blades though- biggest club in this division and should be in the championship “

“Knew it would be tough. The Gills fans saying they were shite will probably say the same about MK Dons now they’ve beat them… 
Sheff Utd were the better team in the first half and dominated possession, our first goal was lucky via a deflected cross. Second half I actually thought we played better, created some chances but have ended up conceding 3 without reply!  “

“Sheff Utd did well tactically and scored their only chances so good luck to them. Wouldnt like to face them in the play offs. “

“Well that was a kick in the teeth. Forgotten what defeat feels like! Not meant in an arrogant way, just feel like complete shit. ”

“An annoying game .We had three shots cleared off the line & they scored with every chance. Hey ho, at least Mk & Swindon lost. “

“Bad day at the office”

“I know it’s Valentines Day and all but we didn’t deserve to be fucked that hard! “

“Fair play to Sheffield United”

“Not used to that happening!”

“We didn’t really deserve anything more today”

“However ref did miss off ball incident as an elbow was directed at Joe Bryan”

“Sheff Utd were professional, played time and the referee well. “

“We looked very average today”

“Our work rate today has been matched and more, the difference. Epitomised by their lad up top “

“I thought the player who put it away was close to the goal line and offside for their equalizer
 But it’s what the linesman and ref thinks that’s important”

“Looked offside to me. “

“I think most of the Atyeo thought he was offside “

“The intent on ayling with the foul in the build up was worth a red 2 footed off the floor attempted tackle” 

“Sheff Utd have 2 games in hand on Swindon, win those and they’ll only be 6 points out of the autos. “

“No panic here,not much between the sides,they have just out cited us today,we have won many close games when we shouldn’t have “

“grow up Steve Cotterill . Great manager and doing a great job, but we were beaten by a better team on the day. Childish attitude towards the reporter.Accept defeat gracefully, admit you f**ked up the subs….and move on”

  “Cotts does not always sound at his best when losing.
Luckily, he does not get a lot of practise. “

“Agreed. Comes across as arrogant and childish.
 We were beaten by a team who played much better football than we did, on the day. 
 Absolutely played off the park in the first half and not much better in the second. I’d rather hear him say that”

“Close game against one of the better sides in the league.”

  “Just like Fleetwood and Port Vale we allowed the opposition to turn up and dictate the tempo of the game, and keep the ball under no pressure whatsoever. I don’t know when we stopped pressing completely but it’s frustrating to see us content to hand as much possession to the opposition as they want, when we’re at home. They were a textbook example of how to pass and move today, while we were – for the most part – flat and lifeless. “

“This just goes to show, we need to avoid the playoffs.
 I thought Sheffield United worked really hard for the win and I have no complaints.”

“Typical Sheffield Utd really.”

 “They are a strange side. They’ve lost their last 3 away games! “

“Bristol City – 11 shots, only one on target.
Sheffield United 9 shots, seven on target!
Not a good stat that one.”

“ they were lucky with the equaliser so who knows what would have happened if that was ruled out”

  “Their goal came at a really bad time, and according to the radio was a foul in the build up, but just a really bad day at the office.
 Just be grateful we are a pile of points ahead of them!”

“Sheff Utd are starting a little too late for automatic promotion but they will finish in the play-offs and are very much promotion candidates.”

“Seemed like we’d had the luck when Baxter went off but … “

“ ******* wanky northen Sheffield *****!! “

“Oddly, three of Sheff’s last wins have been us, Preston and Swindon. As disappointing 45 mins as we have had this season, but need to push on and take advantage now on Tuesday. The gap to Sheff ‘should’ be enough, although as a further aside think they have now played the top four twice. “

“the Blades roughed up our wing backs and the supply to forwards dried up . “

“I said it wouldn’t be an easy game, but didn’t expect that result either.
Despite taking the lead I thought we were poor overall for most of the game compared to recent performances “

“either yku accept that Sheff Utd are a really good team and probably the only ones too nullify us oreveryone else will copy and havessimilar results.
I personally suspect the former rather than the later.  “

“Today sheff utd were very good first half but hoofing loads . In the 2nd half we dominated leading upto to their equalizing goal and we were playing alot better football . Unlucky not to be 2 nil up “

“That’s been coming for ages now, luckily we get away with below par performances because of poor opposition. Wade Elliot hasn’t been the same since he was sent off against Swindle, JET, although I love the bloke really doesn’t help the flow of our game when he just sits in the centre of our midfield without moving. Better quality defenders were always going to find playing against two big strikers easy, but it’s the perfect wake up call, and teams around us lost so it’s not the end of the world. “

“Another poor attendnance. This game was a sell out a while before the game and only a 11,000 there today? I understand its valentines day but why don’t City set up a system for non attending season ticket holders to ring up or contact the club to make more tickets available.”

 “Glad to see West Ham got their just deserts today. Bunch of cheats”

“West Ham Ha ha ha ha”

“Blow them bubbles you cheating cockney chappies!”

 “ Sakho didnt look fit to me!  “

“Cheats never prosper”


 “Wham Bam F *** You Ham ! … 4-0 Valentines Day Massacre .”

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Blades 4-1 Colchester 


“Bottom four seem to be in a competition to see which one us is the worst in the league.”

“Sheff 4 – 1 Colchester Utd (U10’s). TH says the kids did ok considering most of them are eligible for the U9’s. TH and RC will be at Stanway Villa vs Colchester Athletic U14’s Sunday as they step up the search for an experienced defender to sure up the back four. 
Always look on the bright side of life! “

“Are there statistics anywhere for corner conversion rates? There can’t be many teams worse at corners. It must get to the stage where our opponents will kick it out for a corner rather than risking a throw in.”

“Depressingly predictable as always. “

“What a bloody shambles and an embarrassment this team has become!!!”

“I think we should win a bonus point for the amount of corners we have”

“Taxi for the defence.”

“Sheffield away; view from outside is that Col U are not expected to win.”

“ I’m putting it out there…. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Colchester”

“Absolute shower that was. Sheffield United weren’t even particularly impressive either, we were just abysmal”

“Sheffield United biggest ever win over the U’s – previous best has been 3-0 (on four occasions)”

“Travel all that way for that & manager & assistant not even acknowledge us at end prick !! “

“Hahahaha as if Humes made a change in the 89th minute when we were already 4-1 down. Great banter that is. “

“Despite all the good play in the 1st half we still came in 2-0 down and David Fox in his interview referred to them gifting them goals – in particular the goal which came from a Colchester corner and within two passes was in the back of our net – and some of our play as ‘schoolboy stuff’ but we now need to ‘scrap our way out of it’.”

“F*** Off You Utterly Clueless P****
My Message to Mr.Humes “

“Don’t think I’ve ever known a manager to criticise the players so much in interviews let alone every week. “

“another embaressing result tonight, Team selection wasn’t very good, relegation looks on ffs”

“ Humes blaming the defenders that he signed is priceless, Moron.”

“ Bad result, defended poorly, didn’t have enough going forward, changes too late.”

“Went last night and it was a disgraceful performance. Even calling it a performance is going a bit far. It was a complete farce. Last night was one of the most heartbreaking experiences I have felt supporting Colchester. It was Men v Infants all over the park and it is really quite hard to put into words just how awful we were. We started brightly and should have been 1-0 up after a minute after Sammie slammed a shot at their keeper from a few yards out. Great work by Massey to create the chance.But every corner we had was absolutely shite, powderpuff, so easy to defend against. Their goal was a joke, with Gordon starting things by making a ridiculous foul. The free kick went through everyone, David Fox did his best cabaret act of air kicking the ball and Baxter was able to just stab it home with consummate ease.We then proceeded to get the ball up to Porter or Massey as Gordon was an attacking non entity sadly. The second goal came from our own shite set piece, long ball over the top, Clohessy was left on his jack to defend and he was turned inside out by Done, who then calmly stroke it past Walker.Second half started like the first ended, we just could not get a foothold, our passing was wayward and we looked beaten. We introduced DSF who got stuck straight in, but minutes later we gifted their left back, who hasn’t scored in years to launch a daisy cutter from 30 yards which somehow evaded Walker. It was another woeful attempt at closing down. 
Please note that Sheffield United didn’t need to break sweat, we were playing that bad. “

“BBC’s match reports suggest Crewe had 3 on target and scored with all 3;
And that Sheffield United had 4 on target and scored with all 4; which is rather frightening.”

“Not exactly amazing strikes yet they all go in. “

“I  haven’t seen the goals again but first goal I think Walker could have done a lot better , hesitated in coming out and when he did was half hearted so led to fumbles with him and Clohessy?
Second goal Clohessy shouldn’t have shown him towards goal onto his stronger foot , placed into corner.
3rd goal was a case of the player closing him down slowly almost forcing him to shoot for it to be a good effort to beat the keeper , I think it was but I don’t think Walker was unsighted. 
Penalty straight down the middle , almost hard for keepers to stand there. “

“What is Walker appealing for at the first goal? Clohessy can f### off with his s### attempt at stopping Done , even worse than I remembered. Can sort of understand Walkers frustration for the 3rd but against quick to blame others. What a shambles :(“

“Despite our position, Sheffield United are the first side to double the U’s this season.”

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“what a fantastic result. Well done everyone.”

“That Pub team.
This was how we were described on the Blades fans forum on our last 2 meetings with them in keeping with our many admirers in South Yorkshire. No mention of it tonight though”

“One poster on the Sheff U board compared us to dogs_hit, well they just got turned over by a Richard the Third”

Do you mean they didn’t batter us and the officials weren’t crepe etc……….. or is it only the big club on the eastern side of the M1 who do that?”

“A United fan on the Sheffield Star match report did call us a “village team” though.”

“Sean Bean where are you now? Your boys took a hell of a beating!”

“It is a very close thing as to who has the most gracious supporters between mighty Rovrum and Shef Utd whenever we beat them (and it is always undeserved). Must be a South Yorkshire trait along with breeding whippets and pigeon racing in between shoplifting at Meadowhall.”

“It sounded all United until the subs came on. Then woosh.”

“Best day as a Gills fan for ages. New manager, clean sheet, victory over a top team. And we’re now closer on points to the play-offs than the relegation zone.”

“It would have sounded like all United, the ref must have had them down for an away win by the decisions he was making for them but giving us nothing.
We had a fantastic game against a team of actors and their time wasting towards the end of the game soon stopped when we went one up.”

” the ref was atrocious. his decisions were made far worse by the play-acting and feigning injury by the Sheff U players, especially the northern monkey that hurt himself trying to do Dack as he went up the line, only to end up off the pitch, he then cynically crawled onto the pitch and stopped play.”

“Great atmosphere from the start. Good confident display with only one dodgy period in the middle of the first half. Strong finish and not really a huge surprise when we got the late goal. The second was just the icing on the cake.”

“Egan was a rock that Sheffield Utd couldn’t get past.”

“An absolutely fantastic result against a massive side who can afford splash out £2m on a single player.”

“Fuck you Clough, and fuck your team of cheats.”

“Fantastic result as our home record against the blades is pretty much rubbish, a couple of times I did wonder if their players legs were made of jelly as they struggled to stay upright”

“(To A blades fan saying the result was a disgrace) Sensationalist rubbish. Ideas well above your station if you think that’s a disgraceful result. You should be used to being nothing special in League One by now.An entertaining game which could have gone either way. Sheff Utd are another team of cynical cheats though not as bad as Oldham were, so it was satisfying to see them get what they deserved. Clough is yet another manager that spends all game whinging at the officials. Shame on him. Unfortunately referee Iain Williamson fell for United’s cheating time and time again in a very poor performance. Marquis and McDonald were the biggest victims of the ref’s bias towards United. Any time they went near a United player they were penalised.”

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Blades 1-3 Preston 

“I’m lost for fucking words! GET THE FUCK IN!”

“Jay MCEveley is still the worst player ever.”

“That’s what happens when you attack teams! “

“Woods was outstanding. Stopped JCR taking us apart again.”

“Players right at it from minute 1 and would have been so easy to fold after being undeservedly behind at the break, have to admit I had dropped my head!
Fans were terrific and got their just rewards!”

“Just on the way back now on the coach, with a smile wider than Ched Evans victim list.

“The fans were fantastic!! There will be a lot of sore throats tonight/tomorrow, including my own.”
My in law sheff U fans said that it’s hard to get anything from an intimidating Bramhall Lane and that we’ll do well to come away with a win. Good for confidence and in case we happen to meet them in the playoffs.”

“The other team wanting to play proper football, that was the difference.
Sheffield UTD, couldnt sit back because they were at home they left themselves open and we picked them off with ease, like we have done against other teams that have tried playing football against us this season.
A little bit of luck too made the different”

“It was nothing to do with Sheffield playing football – we didn’t allow them to play. Woods at left back was a great decision, maybe influenced by how he handled Campbell Ryce in the league game. “

“They didn’t play football though, they were dreadful – but (at least in my view) they were dreadful because we stopped them playing. Tonight was how to play one up front and make it work.”

“I think they thought that they had to just turn up to win.”

“My father and brother in law are massive sheff U fans and you could see how physically sick they were when the goals went in, needless to say its a quiet house now apart from me”

“That second half was as good as anything I’ve seen from a Grayson side”

“Beating a major play off rival soundly 3-1 must give us a huge boost of confidence.”

“Blimey, never saw that coming well done.”

“This performance against quality opposition away from home is rather special – gutsy and determined”

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Blades 2-0 Swindon


“I might have been nearly 46years ago, but we’ve still won 1 major trophy than them, despite all the money they have spent over the years”

“Oh well a blip on the way to the championship. I’m the most pessimistic fucker I know and I still think we’ll do it. Not many sides will get anything at bramall lane to the end of the season. We can afford this defeat.”

“We have a fantastic away record, but we cant win them all away. Its a shame we lost but Shef U are a decent team and by all accounts the result could of been different with the chances we had. I’d be worried if we didnt create anything and lost. WE’ve got 2 of our best players back for the next game”

One of those games today. Too many players not quite at the races. Didn’t take advantage of being well on top of them for most of the first half. Front men weren’t a threat of any kind and midfield ponced about a bit too much.

“Abysmal referee (supported by one of the most inept linesmen I can ever remember seeing). That said, the Blades should have had a penalty in the first half (Toffalo’s handball WAS in the box) and N Thompson might have got a red card instead of the yellow on another day.
Good turn out by Town fans.
That’s five defeats from five visits to Bramall Lane for me but I still like the place. It’s a proper football ground.”

“We started the match like we were the home team, applying pressure, but sadly creating few chances. We needed to turn that possession and pressure in to goals. I said at the time that it could come back to bite us in arse, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that. We did try to play football today, but I think that the lack of Mass and Yass finally caught up with us. Of course it’s hard to play football when the opposition are intent on fouling constantly.
Opposition fouling is something we can’t control. We are better than most (all?) the teams we play, so they try to hassle our young squad and disrupt our rhythm. However, it is presumably fair to expect the referee to apply the law and sort this out, but he was a clown of the worst kind. How their fat 21 wasn’t sent off is a mystery. He should have received a second yellow, instead got a very firm talking too…and then fouled again…a second yellow this time? No! And to prove that even Sheff U thought he should have been sent off, they subbed him. Late tackles form them, no booking, but a tiny little tug of an arm from Swift and he gets booked. A truly appalling performance from the ref.
A bloody frustrating day, but if you offered me a defeat today, and our squad remains intact after Monday, I’d have taken it. So fingers crossed for a quiet couple of days.”

“So it’s all the refs fault”

“Dirty bastards they were, ref bottled it against the home crowd.
Could have been worse if Tommo would have been sent off.
That fat piece of shit should have got a red, an absolute disgrace and lucky he was substituted first half.
They were nothing special. Needed to have a few more efforts on goal with all that possession.”

“Ref was shit for both sides and missed a penalty for each…cannot blame him for defeat.
Too much tip tap back and forth instead of tip tap tip…bang.
Just didn’t do enough to score….hit the bar, miskick in front of goal and didn’t cross enough until they went a goal down and by then Blades were happy to do a Doncaster and just pack out midfield and defence and stifle…job done… Hit us on the break and 2:0.
We didn’t play badly and a million miles better than last years embarrasment but just not enough.Nice finish from Murphy for the first goal. “

“they should have been down to ten men in the first half… Very different game if the ref actually does his job properly.”

“Its a disgrace. Everyone is against us.
I am being slightly sarcastic.”

“2-0 flattered them “

“Bramhall Lane is never a happy hunting ground for us.”

“Had a feeling we’d lose today. Never get anything at Brammall Lane irrelevant of form.”

“Well, normal Bramall lane bollocks then.”

“Blades are no mugs”
“Unlucky town disappointing to loose after doing so well “

“Not going to Sheffield again, loose every time I go there”

“Ref was a spectator wasn’t he ? Let far too much go and we should’ve had a pen”

“Played well but goals win games……over did it when sometimes a shot on goal would of delivered. Ref was appalling for both sides..”

“Sheffield Utd on a bit of roll at the moment so always a tough place to go!COYR”

“1 of toughest games over”

“Anyone who doesn’t understand that a good side is going to suffer the odd defeat now & then – especially away from home to sides like Sheff United – is either (a) new to football or (b) an idiot.”

“Result doesn’t do us justice we was the better side just failed to convert chances.”

” SheffU did a job on us… Fair Play.. Good luck on Tuesday, Extra time would be nice”

“We were bound to lose sooner or later, and away at Bramall Lane is no disgrace. Just sounds like it wasn’t ever going to be our day after dominating the first half and not taking advantage of it. I can see United using their cup runs as a catalyst to put a run of form together and chase the leading pack to a strong end to the season..”

“First half we were the better team, but didn’t take our chances.
Ref was amazingly poor for both sides.
When their striker didn’t get sent off (I have no odea why) taking him off was the best thing they did.
Second half they looked the better side (as we didn’t play our normal game)
Strange result though”

“Well done Sheffield United, there won’t be many to beat us this season – we are a top, top side for this level with some very talented footballers.”

“Sheffield United were the filthiest team I’ve seen all season. Higdon seemed intent on getting sent off, he went in that hard on Thompson he split Thompsons socks in half and his boot went flying, yet according to the united fans Thompson was ‘cheating’
Referee was awful for both teams, both teams had stonewalls turned down and the game just couldn’t flow.
We were the better team for the duration but didn’t capitalise on the advantage. for those Sheffield United fans calling us ‘cheats’ both teams were as bad as each other, remove those rose tinted specs”

” Given he was given stick for going down softly by Sheff Utd fans, you should see bruising & cuts around Louis Thompson’s left ankle. Nasty.”

“Fair play to the blades after their cup exit, seems like their squad depth paid dividends. “

“Congratulations Sheff Utd., seems Cloughie just about knew what he was doing after all.”

“We had to lose at some point and I had a feeling it’d be today. Was always a tough game. “

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