View From Panama

“What was that Panama? Bad memories”

“They are only talking about Panama that conceded 6, please talk about football and the forcefulness of England, which is aggressive in the big tournaments”

“God only knows how to do petty punishments. Colombia, exit door for Venezuelans, Triumph 3 to 0, Panama, door closed for Venezuelans is defeated 1 to 6 in favor of England, for more humiliation by the way.”

“The first goal in the history of Panama in a World Cup, today the result is the least important  thing lets to celebrate the story they wrote”

“Defeat to England but still victory of Panama. Even after conceding six goals to the British, the Panamanian players and sympathizers made a beautiful party in today’s game, for the country’s first goal in a cup”

“The British dominated the game, were superior at all, are ranked and Harry Kane made a hat trick. However, the most beautiful of all was the excitement of the Panamanian fans by celebrating the first goal of our selection in the history of the hearts. Ah, Football S2”

“Despite the landslide to England ⁠, and that we are eliminated from Russia 2018, all the fans of Panama celebrated with a tremendous emotion the goal of Felipe Baloy. And that’s the first time we’ve sung a global goal in our entire history. A dream come true.”

“Beat, thrashed and swept England (6-1) to Panama that goes from the clash with a defeat but… With his first goal in a World Cup… All Panama, happy and celebrating that goal is worth a lot”

“I cried with the goal for Panama”

“Baloy has more goals than Messi”

“All that matters is we lost but got a goal, we are more than happy . More loved the only goal of Panama that the 6 of England that is happiness gentlemen…”

“Panama loses to England 6 to 1, but that 1 are worth more than those 6, left the stadium celebrating as if we had won, that is my Panama”

“Panama made history, entered the World Cup and made its first goal… And England! , divine that they are”

“The Panama manager said: “I emphasized that my players were not allowed to concede 10″.”

“The manager of Panama begged the coach of the ‘ Three Lions ‘ to get no more goals”

“England should have been less heavy with us, so I think”

“My father: if Colombia passes and play England it would be a good match. They could get revenge on behalf of Panama”

“I woke up and I was met England shoving the eggs to Panama”

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Pre-Match View From Panama

“24. 4 million Panamanians praying for a great game and a miracle. Anything can happen.”

“If Mexico can beat Germany, Panama can beat Belgium and England. Who said fear?”

“England can not bring their money onto the pitch”

“Panama must go out to score before England, trusting in God can be achieved.”

“Today’s dream was the best, I dreamt that Panama was putting some goals to England in the last few minutes.”

“if Panama beats England I’m going to tattoo the map with the flag.“

“If Panama wins England I make the marginal hairline in the eyebrow”

“The icing on Maradona’s cake would be for Panama to beat England.”

“Panama proved to be a worthy team against Belgium and the defeat was a beautiful victory. I’m proud”

“Panama’s debut was dignified. The differences are very large (in every sense) and that is why it happened what was likely to happen. Not to forget the 1st half where Belgium was not as comfortable as I thought it would be. Now to prepare for England”

“if Panama plays as he played against Belgium, it will be a lot of work for England!” “A World Cup debut is a lot of pressure. We did very well, with dignity. I think we will play the next two matches better.”

“We have already fulfilled a dream”

“Panama is a baby if compared to England that is an adult. Do not require him to run, to stop crawling and a few steps is enough. Then who stops that little boy. Up Panama.”

“I have faith in Panama. England I saw it very loose against Tunisia”

“England are solid”

“Panama and Honduras are at its lowest level. A shame, otherwise Honduras was in the World Cup or Panama would be giving more battle”

“Crisis in England HQ as the media of the country released a photo of the sheet with the escalation and tactical planning pro game against Panama.”

“England team technician Gareth Southgate says Dele Ali will be unlikely to play”

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View From Tunisia

“The curse of the 90s minute” “All the teams finish the games at the whistle of the referee except the Arab teams end the game at ️ ninety minutes”

“Heartbreaking end to the game. And the 90mins+ curse continues for Arabs in this world cup”

“Hard luck, it was a good game”

“England leave it to the lAst and broken my heart”

“Unfortunately really great game and great for the Tunisian team. Better luck if God wants next match”

“Congratulations to our friends England”

“Congratulations for winning the team of Tunisian brothers”

“England excelled in the game, Tunisia outdid the fans”

“England deserves to win Tunisia had no attack and no attempt”

“In general England has earned the victory.. Tunisia was able to hijack the point after a superb defensive performance.. A simple error of defense by distracting first and then by not observing and leaving Harry Kane alone..”

“We played well but England has achieved what others have been unable to do like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal. And that’s winning the three points.”

“ At least the English team and England were on their nerves for another minute…. The Tunisian team was not easy”

“Belgium are stronger than England”

“England and France are of similar level”

“before match even the coach of England was very afraid of the Tunisian team and the proof was playng 4 defenders in front of one Tunisian striker”

“The foul team won”

“the last minute we have lost everything with many serious mistakes it is known that the England team relies entirely on the fixed balls and the Tunisian warrior team gave enough mistakes to achieve the goal of the opponent team”

“They are England they lost many dogs”

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Pre-Match View From Tunisia

“The presence of Belgium and England as two powerful traditional teams in the history of the World Cup in this group makes the entry of the playoffs not easy for us”

“We have to learn the lesson from Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia who played against moderate teams and lost. England is stronger be awarrre !!! The game is 90’min + .. never give up !! Allez tunisie !!”

“Egypt lost, Morocco, lost Saudi Arabia. lost Tunisia win? But England is strong.”

“England is strong but hopefully Tunisia win”

“ I promise you the players will believe against England and when you believe it is 50% of the job”

“I know that Tunisia is worth a surprise and whipping England. We are the best Arabic team”

“Tunisia will beat Belgium and England you can screenshot this”

“We will take a 5-0”

“Admit defeat England”

“I expect the Tunisian team to qualify in this group. England,  Panama tie and win Belgium probably”

“It will be England and Tunisia that will pass through to the 2nd round”

“Tunisia will fulfill the surprise of England if Allah wills”

“Wahbi Khazri 7th best Ligue 1 player according to French Football magazine and Tunisia 14th world team according to the FIFA World Cup rankings. The lights are green for the match against England”

“Harry Kane is more expensive than the whole team of Tunisia”

“Tunisia should rejoice, England has summoned Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck”

“The key to victory is no space + possession + bcp easy goal.”

“This will be the most bouncing game of the 1st round”

“We have shown that we are capable of doing beautiful things. We have a good team, a good generation and a quality coach. I hope we will be able to go as far as possible and it goes through a good performance against England.”

“ I hope the players will be paid tribute before the duel against England! They qualified us after 12 years of absence, we will offer you the second round”

“Unlike the Arab teams, Iceland has held the blow physically and that is the difference. I hope that Tusnisa are successful to stand out on this plan Monday against England”

“I hope Tunisia saw this game of Iceland PCK Monday against England, will have to fight like this as a team on all the balloons*

“Tunisia will automatically lose from England and Belgium, both of which are potentially catastrophic.”

“Morocco are better than us in terms of performance, tactics and artistic value and this group is very difficult with the presence of England and Belgium”

*That’s what it translated to anyway

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