Blades 2-2 Coventry

“Threw it away again. Not good enough”

“A point away at Sheff utd is a good result but when your 2 up against ten men and let it slip you deserve to be in the
relegation zone”

“Back from Sheffield feels like a defeat thought we played very well and deserved the win”

“Just tried changing my twitter password to ‘CoventryCitysDefence’ but I’ve been told it’s too weak!”

“Shows how bad it is when today’s performance was still one of the best this season”

“2-0 up against 10 men with 10 minutes to go…. Easy… wait this is Cov we are talking about #fail”

“Former midfielder Michael Doyle said: “Coventry were passing us off the park and then they got a bit giddy.” “

“Seeing some say we’d have taken a point before. All things being equal then yes but not against 10 men for 70 mins and 2 up”

“I bloody hate, and I mean hate ,our fecking manager.
we were playing against ten men and he’s still proud of them.
Get that twat out of my club”

“You go 2 – 0 up and suddenly the players start stroking the ball around – 20 to 25 passes in total control . The fans are
cheering every time we pass . Totally in control.
What followed was a total capitulation. Unacceptable.”

“People still defending Pressley are either on the wind up or have mental problems.”

“Any manager that cant stop his team vs 10 men in the last 10 mins is not good enough. He should have brought different players
on and not invited pressure the way he did. Still had we been 2-0 down I for one would be pleased with the result.”

“In his post match chat he actually said it can be difficult to play against 10 men!!!!!!! Is it more difficult to play against
10 or 11?”

“We were great today. If you look at the game without an agenda, we totally dominated a team in the top six before and after they
were reduced to ten men.I thought the crowd had a big effect on the game. The ref gave them everything and us nothing.”

“What are you on about? The ref reduced them to 10 men.”

“Yes for a deserved red card. Thereafter he gave us nothing, and them every fifty fifty challenge.”

“I don’t see many people being unhappy about losing a 2-0 lead against ten men as hiding behind an agenda.”

“we were in total control. still probing for a third, solid at the back, even getting the rub of the ball. there wwas no way they
were gonna get back into it.
And then bang bang. Three mistakes, two goals.”

“He should go. The players didn’t look like they wanted to win. Attempting silly passes rather than going for the jugular. How
can 11 look so outnumbered?”

“7 wins out of 31. Sickening. Fuck this. I was going to go in to work and do overtime tomorrow but I’m having a beer. Fuck off.”

“Against 10 men. Shows how poor we are. Disgrace. Complete and utter disgrace.”

“Went for a shit and next thing it was 2-2. WTF”

“I used to wonder why my dad would laugh when we threw away leads or lost to shite teams, I understand now as I find myself doing
the same.”

“Please someone ask that twat why he made changes at 2-0 up against ten men.”

“We played 70 mins against 10 men, were 2-0 up. And then drew 2-2.
What a joke.”

“I guess if you would have offered us a point at the start of the day then we would have all taken that but after 2-0 up and
against 10 men and the other team beating the top tier teams, it is mentally damaging and I am not sure how he picks the players
up from that.”

“Pressley is a fucking dickhead is how polite i feel about it.”

“CWR said we were lucky to get a point, could have been a couple more in the second half.”

“well the blades fans are happy on twitter by all accounts we cheated, time wasted and were generally a disgrace to football”

Pre-Match View From Coventry

“ I think we are in serious danger of relegation. Why ? We are not winning. No other team in league 1 has only one win . Can’t win at home . “

“Our form is currently the worst in league 1.
With Pressley at the helm we are fucked. “

“It feels like a relegation season at the moment, only worse. “

“The way we’re playing, lack of attacking threat, shoddy defending etc, it certainly feels like we’re in the shite. Add to this we have the worst owners that have ever graced a football club. Then yep it’s not looking great. “

“I don’t think we are going to stop up and I can only see a struggle next year as well. “

“Over the last 10 games we are the only club in the whole of league 1 with only 1 win. “

“Another game, another loss. I don’t care anymore. “

“3-0. We’re shit. This may finally be the weekend we drop into the bottom four.”

“ Sold about 700 so far. Odelusi is back which (should) be a good thing. I feel we may play better against better sides (Preston) than relegation threatened sides (Scunthorpe). Not beyond the realms of possibility us getting a surprise result here.”

“Think we can get something out of this to be honest would be big points if we could. Always like Brammel Lane always a good atmosphere.”

“What on earth makes you think we can get something out of this? They have been on a great run in the league and beat Bristol City away last weekend. Plus we’re shit! “

“Probably the fact that they are only another league 1 team and an inconsistent one at that “
“Can’t believe 700 are going. Surprised it’s not less than 500. “

“Shaun Miller hasnt been given a chance”

“Cannot see us winning. Really cannot see us scoring. A lot depends on whether SP has successfully converted Odelusi and Samuel to non-goalscorers yet. I think we may score one or two but Sheffield will probably get two or three. “

“They will love tugay there ex sheff Wednesday player should be well motivated and will be booed a lot but hopefully not by the CCFC fans this time  “

“Heavy home win. And i think it will be SPs last game before the sack. “

 “As ever going to Sheffield is more about decent pubs and beer than football. “

“It will be by no means full but we will only have the lower tier I guess, which will be well populated…
Love it as an away day… great city, ground is close to the centre, and the lower tier is a carbon copy of the west terrace…. that Friday night game a couple of years ago with our last minute winner was awesome..!! “
“I remember that game well. Great Friday night game. I think kitson scored for them and Leon Clarke bagged a brace. I seem to remember who else but Connor Thomas missing a sitter in injury time to secure the victory quicker which really annoyed me at the time “

“We’ve got the upper tier. Looking forward to it. Always have a good /night up there. “

“1-1 would be a good result. “

“We are going but only because I want to go to Meadowhall before the game. “

“Be very surprised if we get anything there. “

“I think we’re down. We simply don’t have enough goals in the team, are suspect at the back & poor at home. “

“I agree, we are going down. We do not deserve to stay up.”

“even if things changed its to late, we have lost to many fans to be a big club again. “

“6 points against Sheffield utd & mk dons and we’ll be fine, had this feeling twice before “

“a point at Blades and a better show against MKD will help. “

“The Sky Blues have lost only one of their last seven league duels against Sheffield United.the Blades have proved on several occasions, they possess an obdurate streak,  “

“Remember that Sheff Utd game was the quarter final. Would have got Newcastle in the semi. We would have done ’em too “

“Had won 7 games on the bounce and then drew at home in the first game with Dublin at centre half and Moldovan up front with Huckerby – the pair of them barely got a kick. Although the Utd keeper (Alan Kelly I think) had a blinder. Couldn’t get to replay (thank God). It was a massive opportunity – convinced we would have beaten Newcastle and given Arsenal a game in the final. Hey ho “

“Was absolutely gutted with that game.
The worst was before the game, going along the wrong row to get to my seat in the next block(had too much to drink), when couldn’t get past one guy who had his head slumped down, said “excuse me mate” a couple of times(thought he might be worse for wear a bit like I was), but no joy, then realised something more serious was up, his son(I think), noticed and tried to rouse him, but his lips were blue and didn’t look like he was breathing.
Stewards were called over, then St Johns Ambulance guys came and got him and carried him away down the stairs. Think it was a heart attack and he died, but didn’t know that til after the game.
Obviously the game was gutting(will never forget Moldovan faking injury after that horrible miss and going off), but things a lot worse for that bloke and his family. “


Notts County 1-2 Blades 

“Fuck sake, we should have won that. Beaten by another bizarre lucky goal. “

“3 wins in 15. 18th. Classic Notts “

“Fucking hell, deserved at least a point there, shame Garry Thompson missed that one on one and then went to sleep for their second goal. Gotta take your chances.
At least we’re not playing shit though. Murphy was class for Sheff Utd, the rest…meh “

“I was absolutely amazed of the work rate. Unlucky not to get something “

“i felt we deserved a draw at least!!! “

“Close game. Notts were unlucky”

“You have to take your chances against the big teams and we didn’t, simple as that “

“5 mins extra time and we don’t bring on another striker? Absolutely ridiculous. Derry to blame 100%. 9 home losses, a joke.”

“ 3000 away fans on a Tuesday night is something else. Fair play.”

“Unlucky. Played well against a strong side. “

“Gutted! Didn’t deserve to lose based on that 2nd half performance. Football can be a cruel game. Unlucky guys! Keep it going! “

“same old. Team brings a big away following, we lose. “

“best football I’ve seen at meadow lane for a while. So unlucky not to come away with something”


“Decent game but gulf in class ultimately saw Sheff Utd through “

“Looks like we will be 18th after tonights one sided affair “

“ ‘One-sided’ – didn’t go again then? “

“Thought it was quite decent when we knocked it about and teed up Noble on the edge of the box only for him to blaze over. Or Badger controlled it and played a delightful through ball for Thompson, only for him to hit it straight at the keeper with the whole goal to aim at. Both at 1-1.
But y’know, Derry out and that. Danny Wilson’s available now as well. “

“I went tonight with my 10 year-old nephew. We both thought Notts played well despite the result. I don’t know what you two expect against teams with resources to stick Davies and JCR on the bench, but I think if you want to continue to support Notts and lead a sane life then you may wish to manage your expectations.”

“Losing to Sheffield United at ML in itself isn’t an unacceptable result, but I can understand why people are ****ed off in the context of recent results and our home form. “

“What pi.sses me off is the fact we can’t win at home against shi.te teams who aren’t much better than us!
Sheffield are nothing fooking special and were there for the taking. “

“For the first 30mins we were in awe of them and allowed them to pass it around and dictate the game but when we scored the game changed for quite a while.
The rest of the first half and right up to them scoring their second we gave as good as we got and were the better side much of the time.
Look at the depth of their squad one of their players cost more than all of our squad put together.
The majority of the crowd gave the players a good reception at the end even tho’ we lost.”

“I thought we played well tonight and restricted a good side to very few chances. We showed them too much respect in the first half but we finally showed some character in the second when we were the better side. When we pressed them and out worked them we could easily have gone on to win the game “

“We didn’t deserve to lose at all.
I can understand (but far from agree with) the Derry/Abbott out stuff after some of the dross served up at home this season – but not tonight. “

“Apart from the first 25 minutes I thought we played well tonight. We created quite a few chances and with a bit more luck could have had 2 or 3. I think a draw would have been a fair result and considering the quality they have that isn’t a bad thing.”

 “Everyone spent the entire week talking about Sheff Utd having a million pound full-back and all these attacking players and how we’d get beat 4-0 and 5-0 in the predictions thread. Then, we actually play well, are a Garry Thompson one-on-one from probably winning, Sheff Utd score twice from their only two real sniffs at goal and it’s MAYHEM. “

“despite losing 2-1 it was our best performance in a while. County started off slowly and Sheff Utd went ahead through a great finish by Murphy. County equalised against the run of play and were competitive for most of the second half before Sheff Utd went ahead with a backheel similar to Noble’s for our equaliser
The fact that we were applauded off the pitch today instead of booed shows that it was an improvement. We were beaten by a better Sheff Utd side though “

“We just let them take the throw-in quickly cod Hayhurst wasn’t switched on then Muzzy gave Murphy a bit too much room, no worse than what every team does 5 times a game, hardly put it in the net for them, just gave him too much space and he twatted it in the top corner…Neither goal was terrible defending, just both avoidable. Pretty much the only two sniffs they got all game.
It was a good performance, not calling it incredible but we did enough to get a result against Sheff Utd. “

“we deserved to win & They scored a scrappy goal”

.”Good performance in the second half I thought and we definitely deserved to get something out of the game, we had some good chances if the one on one Thompson had with their goalie had gone in it could have been a different game. Bajner was unlucky with his chance too.”

“OMG we didnt deserve to lose that game. We played fantastic ” 

“Jamie Murphy is a very good footballer“

“I thought we went out scared and expected to lose, then realised we had a chance. After that we should have romped it.”

“Theres something about Sheffield United that brings the best out in us”

“We let them control the first 30 minutes but once Noble scored they lost it a bit, even their winner looked a bit of a fluke. We were well worth a point overall, but we need to match this level of performance for the rest of the season.”

“I thought we deserved at least a point. And tho we lost it was one of the better home performances of the season against a very good side.”

“We started off shi.te and they ran the 1st half and we scored against the run of play…2nd half we decided to go on the front foot against and nearly scored when Thompson was one on one. For the first time they looked shaky but if nothing else they are well organised and play to their strengths.
Whoever scored for them looked like he helped the ball in with his hand, but I might be wrong.
Also gotta say that their crowd numbers were impressive but the noise they make was shi.te.
And who was that little tw.t at the front with his Dad in the black puffa jacket giving it the big un to Notts fans for 90 mins?lol
Scruffy Yorkshire tramp. “

“joker in the black puffa with his dad
I don’t think he or his old man watched the game…all they did for the whole match was make v signs and wan.ker signs to the Notts group of fans to the left of the Kop in full view of the stewards who did nothing at all!
The old man just stared at the group of Notts fans non stop(the lads who put the banners up)!
Weirdo’s! “

“I think they were the Blunts’ firm. Talk about scraping the barrel! “

“The lad was going mental and I might be wrong but did his bird flash her ti.ts when they scored the winner?
His old man/uncle or whatever just stared and stared and stared at some of our lot! “

“Yorkshire born Yorkshire bred strong in t’arm weak in t’head”

“Only heard them sing ‘Scabs’ once in the 1st half.
I look forward to that tune! “

“The state of them United mongs on the front row….Christ”

“Sheff Utd fan was making the wanker gestures at the kop all the way through the game, 5 feet away from the stewards and nothing was done!”

“The Notts fans responded so I dont see the problem”

“so what ? get a grip or don’t go if you feel offended so easy if somethings done we’ll have no fans home or away”

Pre Match View From Notts County

“Was hoping Sheffield Utd would get a drubbing on saturday – they will really be up for it on Tuesday night after their result”

“We will thrash them…”

“I admire the optmimism”

“One very average team will make the play-offs, unfortunately it won’t be us. The points needed to avoid relegation will possibly be quite high this season, maybe 51 or 52. By no means out of the woods on that front yet. “

 “The likes of Oldham and Chesterfield were 5th and 6th and have lost at home to Orient and Colchester today, regarding the former quite a few were saying on here that it wasn’t supposedly much of an achievement to beat them last week and didn’t mean anything. The likes of Doncaster, Gillingham, Scunthorpe and Crewe have been woeful all season, arguably a lot worse than us at out worst (the latter three for sure) and now their fans have their tails up and are talking about maybe nicking a play-off place. It’s a weird league and how good you are and what your previous form has been seems to count for absolutely nothing most weeks. “

“Great win for Sheff Utd ton Saturday I think a point would be a very decent result on Tuesday. “

“After their convincing win at Bristol City today, I expect there to be more Sheff Utd fans at Meadow Lane than our faithful. Shame the match was rescheduled for midweek as this could have been a real money spinner for Notts – regardless of the result.
I feel home defeat number 9 coming on BUT you never know, a Bonkers-Bajner-Party moment might see us scrape a draw !!”  “

“Possible – but unlikely. Hopefully, we’ll top 5,000 for a midweek game tho’.”

“Think we’ll outnumber them…just!”

“We’ve not had the best of luck with our home fixtures against them … it should be our big money spinner and best atmosphere of the season at ML. Thinking back to night game 11/12, barely survived the weather 12/13, awful home form and freezing weather 13/14 (but finally a cracking win for those of us who were there! ), night game again this year “
“2800 Blades, 4000 Magpies I reckon”

“ Should be a decent game tuesday, depends if we have finally stopped the rot with that win last week – or was it a flash in the pan!.
I see they have have dropped Campbell-Ryce…part of me wants him to play so we can give him stick and part of me thinks that it’s the kind of game he will fancy doing his party tricks and skinning us. I’m sure Derry will have a plan for someone to ‘upset’ him “

“If it was a Saturday match Blades would bring about 3500-4000 but with it being Tuesday night I reckon about 2800 as well. “

“It truly is wide open for that 6th play-off spot.
If only, and I know it is a BIG if, we can beat Sheff Utd on Tuesday, then I honestly think SD and GA can pull off a spectacular end of season run-in.
Unfortunately a loss on Tuesday, and our “make-up” game being against Preston, could mean we end up looking behind us rather than above us! “

“Massive win for Sheff Utd, which suggests that they should win at Meadow Lane on Tuesday but they are very inconsistent. “

“If Che Adams scores I’ll chuck myself head-first into the Trent.  I’ve had mates who played for Ilkeston in recent years so I knew about him ages ago obviously because they all raved about him being in the yoofs and training with the first-team, so I rather relentlessly hounded Notts in a one-man campaign to sign him (they could have got him for a nominal fee in the summer) – to me it was kind of like unearthing a gem but when he scored against Spurs and my Twitter mentions and phone went a bit mad I realised it was probably closer to a weird obsession with an 18 year old boy.
When he signed for Sheff Utd I was in a car crossing the Channel tunnel on the way to Belgium and I think I spent a solid 5 minutes having a rant telling Notts to fuck off and ‘we’ll never learn’.
The moral of the story is, as ever, listen to me.
We’ll lose this comfortably. Although our record against Sheff Utd isn’t the worst and there’s no Harry Maguire to score his obligatory goal either – remember when we beat them last season with Showunmi and Fotheringham scoring?! – I’d be embarrassed if that happened to my powerleague team. “

“Sheffield United watched Adams several times before they eventually made their move, which left Notts County fans asking how this talent had slipped through their grasp. Notts were certainly aware of the Ilkeston striker’s availability but the transfer fee, which was around £150,000, was way out of their reach.”

“We’ll probably lose, hopefully United’s win at Bristol means Tues might be a bit of after the Lord Mayor’s show? He says.
Don’t they have a few injuries? JCR’s reception will be ‘interesting’ “

 “a piss poor team beat them last year and a piss poor team got a draw at their place this year. They even struggled to beat us last season on opening day when we had 10 men for 81 minutes or whatever it was. We always seem to play better against them than the other ‘big teams’ in the division. “

“I’d take a draw now”

“My affliction with Sheffield United since going to uni up here continues and me and a couple of flatmates are going in the Blades end
Baxter and Murphy always stand out as United’s star players for me”

“I Personally think we miss JCR more than anyone else who left last summer. As poor as he was for 18 months, the last few months of last season he was absolutely brilliant.
As with Sheehan, though, deserves a shit reception after being a bellend at the end of last season. “

“Unchanged team? Not sure our management team know the word “unchanged” surely if we were it would be the first time this season it has happened ? “

 “Sheff Utd seem to switch things up more than we do so no use over-thinking it. “

Motherwell Fans Views On George Long

“I’m a fan of Twardzik but Long is a class keeper. He looked really confident in the air, made some smart stops and just a generally top keeper I think.”

“Long looks decent”

“Long looks a good keeper, commanding and made a few cracking saves to keep us in it. Don’t think he had much chance with any of the goals.”

“Long looks promising”

“George Long is a cracking keeper on football manager!” 

“Looks like George Long likes to command his box”

“Fair bit of experience behind him for a young keeper. Imagine he’ll have featured in some of Sheffield United’s big cup games prior to this season. “

“We needed a commanding goalie”