Blades 1-2 Peterborough 

“There’s no better feeling than beating a team in the last minute, especially when defeat looked on the cards despite dominating”

“So the 2 Posh goals were ‘incrediby poor’ but the #Blades goal was ‘brilliant’, eh, Nigel?”

“Well how surreal was that. Very emotional. Grown fans cheering like we’d won the World Cup, it feels like we have won the World Cup. Our keeper hardly had much to do other than tip one shot over the top. We won on corners and shots and must’ve won on possession. They won on fouls. Even the homer of a ref couldn’t spoil it for us. How I giggled at their ‘fans’ who left with 5′ to go thinking the points were in their bag. They’d shirley have had heart failure when they heard the result – some hopefully being accused of ‘playing away’ when their wives asked them the score LOL!! “

“Last night brought a tear to my eye”

“Our best result of the season”

“well done lads is that our first ever league win at brammell lane?”

“Not only our first points at Bramhall Lane our first goals there, come on Posh”

“Nice of Sheffield United fans to honour a 90 minutes silence”

“Wonder what #Shred would have made of those last couple of minutes?”

“No giant killing for the Blades today. Posh came, they saw and they calmly took the points home”

“Only a matter of time before Sheffield’s luck ran out last night”

“They were a total long ball team”

“We’re going to sneak in to the playoffs after 18 months of mediocrity, to knock out MK Dons, aren’t we?”

“This would of certainly been a game we’d of lost under Ferguson this season.
2 points off the playoffs with some big games to come. Going to be an interesting end to the season. Who’d of thought we’d be in with a shot of promotion two weeks ago!? Just goes to show what a few wins can do.”

“Fanstastoc scenes last night”

Pre-Match View From Peterborough

“Reckon we’ll take around 400”

“Saturday was a breath of fresh air, after the atmosphere we have been in, and I got home before it was dark, must be a new spring.”

“Nigel should be wary on Tuesday, he has to outsmart Robbo (and his team)……not an easy thing to do.”

” A great start for Robbo and the team, a point or three at Bramall Lane to break our Tuesday night hoodoo will do for me.”

“looking forward to Tuesday night for a repeat performance.”

“This will be a lot tougher than against a poor, tired Bradford side.
Still, judging by our exploits against t’Bantams, we’re unlikely to be the soft touch we became under Fergie v t’Blades.
On the flip side we need to overcome our Tuesday hoodoo and the fact we haven’t seemed to have matched up as well against this lot as we have against Bradford in recent times.
Will settle for another 0-0 at half-time, then see if we can nick something. Actually, would happily settle for 0-0 at full-time.”

“Under Ferguson we would definitely have lost this fixture, now I have a bit of hope. Go Robbo go.”

“I know you didn’t expect us to keep a clean sheet against Bradford but I think we’re less likely to do it against Sheffield United. Maybe 1-1.”

“This may not be a “must win” game and it will be a tough game.
I hope and even believe that we’ll get at least one point from it.”

“Bramall Lane is a fantastic ground”

“A trip to another team best suited to cup competitions on Tuesday. AWAY WIN “


Crawley 1-1 Blades

“Not a pen. The foul was outside the area”

“Just watched their goal again and stopped the action and foul was a yard outside the box, poor challenge but no penalty!!!!”

“What a truely memorable day”

“Decent point that for the Reds. Would have taken it before the game but not when 1-0 up. Still a long way to go.”

“Good game”

“Strange that one. Generally outplayed but disappointed did not win.”

“A valiant display by the Reds today, shame we couldn’t bag all three points but a positive performance indeed”

“Pre game, I’d have settled for point. Berkshire Red on way home disappointed boys couldn’t hold out.”

“Another game decided by a bent ref “

“worst incompetent refereeing display today since Darren Deadman”

“Ref 1/10 but I am generous to a fault.”

“robbed by a shocking ref!”

“The worst person on the pitch was the Referree – Spineless in all decisions !! “

“another unexpected point picked up!”

“Sheffield were by far the better team, their passing was slick and fast, but we deserved the point. “

“Thought we played well for 20 mins and then let them pass, pass and pass again. Possession seemed like 20-80% at times.I would have taken a draw before the game, disappointed that we could not hold on for a win, but a draw was a good result given Sheffield’s possession.”

“We defended very we’ll today as an entire team. Looked organised and in control. “

“We chased shadows for 90 minutes but still came away with a point,so all in all a good afternoons work. “

“They controlled the game but still didn’t test our back four “

“Couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I left the game, yes they dominated possession but we looked comfortable at 1-0 up and then gave away a penalty.
In the context of the game and considering who we were playing it was a good result no doubt”

“opening 15 minutes we looked in the game, then conceeded possession and they were totally on top
We nicked a goal but our defending deserved a good chance and it was well taken.
Then the ref had two big decisions to make – the foul on Mcleod which would have led to a red card and then the penalty.
He got both of them wrong – sadly for us
But I would have taken a point at 3pm but I feel a bit gutted”

“The challenge on McCloud was never a foul.He went down far to easy when going shoulder to shoulder with their player.He just ran out of steam at the wrong time.
I didn’t see the foul for their penalty clearly enough to make a judgement.I did think the ref was as keen as mustard to give it though,he loved it. “

“I don’t think it was a foul on McLeod, I think he bottled it and decided to try his luck and dive, let’s be honest he’s got form for that sort of thing.”

“Like most people I would have taken a point at 3pm but it feels like 2 points dropped. We got our noses in front and then let them back into it with the only real chance they had in the second half.
Personally I thought it was a certain penalty. You can’t put your hands up like that in the box – the slightest touch and the forward will always go down.
To be honest although he was poor I thought the ref got the McLeod one right as well, it looked a fall to me. “

“I would have taken a point at the start of the day as well but think it’s fair to say that we certainly deserved at least that at the end of play.
Lovely set piece goal for us and if we had pressured a bit more instead of being so deep all the time we could have made it a bit easier for ourselves.
Spot on with Mcleod, was waiting for him to go down and he didn’t fail to disappoint, not sure why it would have been a Red given the position at the time.
Penalty was spot on and given away cheaply as well. Unfortunate bit of modern day play. Push in the back and down they go. “
Sheffield pegged us back but for a 5th place side they didn’t look all that. One div was having a pop at Peglar on the way out going on about us being tin pot etc. If you’re going to call us tin pot at least have the decency to beat us easily otherwise your team isn’t good enough to beat a tin pot team. Total tool. Though Peglar did a first class job at winding him up, well played Jason.”

“My position behind the goal it looked like a foul on McCleod. Nothing horrible,nothing nasty just a foul.
There was one later as well where McCleod nicked the ball from the centre half in the centre circle and the centre half brought him down. Clear foul . Ref played on. It’s amazing what you don’t get then your reputation processes you.
The penalty was at the far end. It looked harsh but I was too far away to give an honest judgement. “

“We silenced the Chefs for periods rode our luck and nearly snatched all 3 points.”

“This may be effective football but don’t fancy watching it week in week out.
As soon as the game opens up we still look very sub standard..”

“A nice touch by the club to have ‘R.I.P Shred’ on the scoreboard before the game. I’m sure the Blades fans will have appreciated it.”

Pre-Match View From Crawley

“Can we make it 3 victories in a row? Not sure when we last did that in the league.
This is likely to be our largest crowd of the season although that isn’t a very high bar!!
Hopefully the amount of games United have had in the last few weeks will catch up on them and we’ll be able to secure a dodgy 2-1 win.”

“Cant see us getting much”

“i am predicting an amazing game where we will win and send 800 Chefs home hungry for a winner crying into their soup
i could be in a bit of a stew with this one but its time we pulled a plum out instewad of constant rotten apples”

Tin Pot League 1 club 1
Big Time League 1 club 0 “

“No reason we can’t win it – I’m going for a 1-1 draw though. That would still be a decent result.”

“Sheffield United are superb against top quality players and useless against teams of cloggers.
Home win “

“If we don’t concede early on I think we can get at least a point.
The longer it stays level I think Sheff Utd will push for a winner and we may get lucky for a break-away goal for the 3 points.”
“As they did well in both cups they’ve been playing twice a week for a few weeks now, so hopefully they might be getting a bit fatigued, and again hopefully a long trip South will wear them out even more.
They’re also without one of their better players in Jose Baxter (3 game ban for getting sent off at home last Saturday) although they have a good squad. “

“This should be the largest crowd of the season”

“Obviously within the rules of the ground but can not wait to express my delight at Clough being back at the Broadfield on Saturday. He really thought when he left the conference he would never have to come back to such a hostile tin pot ground like ours. It may have been years ago and his brought teams back and lost since but I can not let it go. Would love it for us to beat them”

“Let’s be honest. The table doesn’t lie. They should win this one.
Come on football, make a fool of me again. “

“They also have Matty Done who caused us no end of problems for Rochdale twice this season.”

“Matty Done is as good a player as I’ve seen at this level this season”

“Ditto. Took us to the cleaners at the Broadfield.”

“Swindon should have won last Saturday too. We can make fools of Sheffield Utd as well. It’s not like we haven’t beaten them before”
“Having watched us being consistently outplayed this season, often by equally lower ranked teams, I think our prospects of surviving at this level are quite slim.
OK, a couple of good wins keeps us interested and no doubt has a great effect on team spirit and the general moral of the supporters, but the bottom line is regrettably, from all that we have seen, that we are one of the four worst teams in the Division. “

“let’s try and be positive as we have only had majority of possesion once this season it is unlikely to be pretty.But defensively we look strong “

“Big crowd expected tomorrow. Make sure you’re here to get behind Dean and the lads”

“Its now time to have our own defined terrace song and identity.
The TIN POT Flag ( sorry I don’t know how to insert picture ) and the new chant, we’re tin pot Crawley we know who we are, should form our own self mocking identity.
Millwall have the “no one likes us” theme and I think the lads with the tin pot flag have just created a good fun identity that we should all adopt.
Well done to them ( please insert the pic here for anyone who has not seen it The flag pic )
There should be car stickers, tee shirts, more flags, even more songs etc etc etc.
So here’s to tin pot Crawley , at last we have our own song and identity. “

“‘We’ve got less fans than you’
‘We’re supposed to be at home’
And many more…”

“We are the TIN POT MEN and we come from the town of Crawley “

“We know who are, we know who we ararre, we’re tinpot Crawley, we know who we are.”


Rochdale 1-2 Blades


“very disappointed with the Blades. Long ball rubbish.”

“Says it all when they’ve paid our seasons budget on one right back.”

“Didn’t deserve that, a keeper cock up lost us that. Very disappointed in with Sheff U, nothing special just hoofers. At least
Done didn’t score.”

“Very little football from the away side it was all played by us. We conceded to a very nice first goal. Second could of killed
us, horrific goalkeeping, but we kept on going. Didn’t deserve to lose.”

“All they did was hoof tonight. We weren’t great by any stretch of the imagination but we were the better side on the night and
ultimately lost to a piece of horrific goalkeeping.
Still only one team to actually come to us and outplay us completely on the day, that team was Donny.”

“Sad fact is over 90 minutes theyre still hardly better than us, when they’ve spent 1.5 mill on a RB and nicked our top scorer
too. Money talks for sure but they were bang average at best tonight, great first goal, calamity second.”

“Well done for beating the smallest team in L1 and doing the double on us, bet you’re so proud.”

“if they sold 1700 tickets before the game, plus some pay on the day, they easily brought more than the home crowd tonight. “

“Sheff U were far better than us in most departments.”

“Shambolic performance by Dale. “

“No shame in losing tonight, just frustration in losing to that goal”

“Maybe the goalie cost us a point? Who knows had we equalised – would Sheff Utd have gone for the win instead of wasting time.”

“Was obvious we would lose today”

“Can’t afford square pegs in round holes against teams with the quality we witnessed tonight.”

“We sold United our best player, showing zero ambition. Why would your regular armchair fan go to the Dale, to watch a team with
little ambition and pay up to £20 for the privilege, when they can watch the Champions League for free and have a good laugh at
the same time?”

“Done got a good reception. Then got a little bit of abuse from some for his constant fouling.”

“expected better from a team that cost so much, I’m not wrong to expect a ‘big fish’ in this league to come and try and play football against us, they closed us down well and made it pretty difficult for us going forward, just expected better all round from them though and was disappointed.”

“Dones departure seems to have deflated the supporters and there was a subdued atmosphere today, the team also looked flat.”

“It was flat, the whole game was in fact. Neither team played at a tempo or created much.”

“It wouldn’t have been the first time a team that didn’t deserve it could’ve snatched a point tonight – could easily have happened. Yes, we’re not going to match clubs like Sheff Utd in the longer term but just think of all the struggles we’ve had over the years – this season is like paradise compared to those years! “

“With the players they have at their disposal, bypassing a midfield that has that much quality is criminal.”