View From Bury

Blades 1-3 Bury

“15 unbeaten away and finally won at Sheff Utd after 90 years of waiting.
No-one would have backed us to go to Walsall and Sheff U in the space of a week and get 6 points.”

“I thought we played superbly today and the tactics employed worked a treat. Going 442 clearly caught them on the hop and they weren’t really expecting it. I thought Sheffield looked very average consider the difference in size of club and obviously their spending powers. Lots of hoofball and banging it forward to their slap head of a striker.
Very funny coming home on BBC Sheffield most Blades fans still have the big club mentality “how could we ship three against little old bury”……however what griped me Adkins never mentioning how well we passed the ball and retained possession when we did have it. Tough Titties as the old saying goes……made up for the three points today. “

“We stopped their game firstly then imposed ours. Interesting was listening to Adkins pre match interview expecting us just to park the bus and how they’d practiced breaking teams down, for me today was a complete performance by us.
Great day to be a Bury fan. “

“I thought we played more wayward passes than any game this season and still came away with a 3-1 win! Having said that, it was still a memorable win.
Adkins made some strange substitutions and seemed to take off their better performing players and slow his side down. They did play a fair few long balls during the first half which our central defenders lapped up.
They looked better than Walsall but not a patch on Fleetwood.”

“They were missing Baxter and the young lad Che Adams, will be a better side with those 2 back in the side. Saying that they should still have had enough.”

“ We played very cagily in the first half but I thought we were very good in the second. Clarke and Cameron barely gave Sammon and Billy Clarke a sniff. We didn’t play our best football but I was pleased with our resilience. Once they took Campbell-Ryce off they didn’t look as threatening.”

“One of the best all-round Bury performances of recent times.
The game turned on Pope’s introduction. Flitcroft created a tactical problem which unbalanced United. All the goals were well-taken.
The game didn’t merit eight bookings. The referee was wrong to book Soares for his early-game challenge and thus trapped himself into showing yellow cards when there was no need.
Great support as always from the travelling Shakers fans.”

“Big team loses to minnows and it is always due to either a poor performance or bad luck, never is it due to the minnows playing well!”

“Have a look on the twitterblades hashtag if you want a giggle at some sore losers “

“I’ve not seen an opposition team do as much play-acting since the likes of Mansfield. The ref bought it every time though. It was a great all round performance and stunning win. Riley’s strike was an exocet. “

“Thought we was v disciplined and didn’t look in trouble first half without posing s threat ourselves. There main man was the kid on the wing Campbell -rice. When we opened up second half I thought they might dominate which wasn’t the case. We grew in confidence going forward and even their equaliser we kept going and never dropped our heads. Rileys goal was a bullet and clarkes finish sublime. We weren’t lucky we deserved the win.”

“ Funny how a result changes views – most people round me were moaning at half time.
But what a 2nd half and 2 of the best goals you’re ever likely to see and the celebrations were just as good!”

“We kicked them off the park according to their forum lol”

“Anyone else completely fed up with refs who think every time anyone falls over its a foul, that every foul is automatically a yellow card, and that if a player falls over and squeals it’s a red! The ref today consistently broke up play for no reason. He was desperate to be the centre of attention.
It wasn’t a dirty game today but he seemed to book half the players.
The only good thing about him was he was rubbish for both sides. “

“i thought they were far better than us first half.
I know stats dont tell the full story…but they tell part of a story – imo anyway.
14 corners to 1 for starters…it’s a funny old game as they say! “

Pre-Match View From Bury

“Another tough game on the road for us. We are unbeaten in a while so we fancy our chances of a positive result. Reckon 1000 plus make the trip to Yorkshire. “

“13 away games unbeaten, think it will come to an end this weekend, maybe an outside chance we can scrape a draw and keep the run going. Still undecided on going to this one, been to Sheff Utd so many times but rarely enjoy it, mainly due to the result”

“Going to be a tough away day to protect our 14 match unbeaten away record as The Blades will be fresh after not playing last week and unless our injury crisis eases we will be well understrength again . Just to confirm we have Rose.Hope.Nardiello,Etuhu,Lowe and O’Brien all out last weekend and they are all first team regulars bar O’Brien .
Sheffield are most peoples faves for promotion and not without good reason as they have a proper strong squad and they normally stuff us so history will have to change .”
“That was a great crowd(at home to United in 2012) and a great atmosphere, they were top we were 8th or 9th and was an entertaining game where their killer touch in front of the goal told in the end,. It was still poor that they outnumbered us in my book (by about 250 as I recall), should be getting 3500 home fans at least for such a game, Then again Fenton and co were running the club and they had limited ideas when it came to attracting fans and the locals, The game a year later was a far cry from this, us bottom, blades about 6th, barely 3000 at the game and a very routine but dour 2-0 away win. Been to Bramall Lane once in 2006 league cup game when we were unlucky to lose. Would love 1000+ Shakers there and I will be one of them but can’t see beyond a routine home win. If my predictions are as poor as last Saturday then I am laughing. This will be a big test for Lainton and the defence after they were showered with praise following last Saturday’s win. Sheff Utd are a different kettle of fish in my book.
Any Blades fans remember the league cup game in 1995 at gigg lane? I remember it well, what a game.
PS any ideas as to where Sean Bean drinks in Sheffield on match day?”

“Last time i went i left at 4 nil down after 70 mins so it’s redemption time – Sheff Utd 0 Bury 3
Scorers – Clarke (L), Mayor and 30 yard screamer from Sedgwick, who would have come on to shore things up at 2-0 (well 1-0 actually!).
With chants of “Wednesday Rejects, Wednesday Rejects, Hello, Hello…” ringing out around the Lane by a 1000 Shakers…with 19000 Yorkshireman walking sadly out of the ground before the final whistle.”

“I’m no statto, but I don’t think we’ve won at bramhall lane in 30 attempts. Would take 0-0 now.”

“1925 was the last time we won there. The season after that we beat them 7-4 at Gigg.”

“Didn’t we win a League Cup game there once? I remember loads of Wednesday fans clapping the supporter’s coach on the way home? Maybe we drew and went through on aggregate or something??”

“We went there and lost 2-1 (if memory serves correctly it was the same night Manchester United lost 3-0 to York at Old Trafford), then beat them 4-2 in the return leg to go through. Back in 1995 when they still hadn’t built the John Street stand, and the resulting wind made Bramall Lane a horrid cold place to go!”

“Goalless draw at a frustrated Bramall Lane with a 1000 passionate Shakers happy to take a point home from the future Champions”

“I’ve got quite a big bet (by my standards) on Sheff U winning the league!”

Loan Update: Halifax Fans Views On CJ Hamilton (Taken From The Month Of August )

“I like a lot thought why bring those kids in from Sheffield, similar thoughts when they came on for the last 15mins, why subject them to this but I have to say they & Macdonald contributed heavily to turning the game our way. ”

“Hamilton has a nice touch, speed & a good left foot”

“Good to see him net as he looked a frightened little kid against Wrexham so the goal might do him a bit of good.”

“He was very positive today”
“Hamiltons finish was superb”

“Brooks & Hamilton make us look a completely different side” 

Loan Update: Halifax Fans Views On David Brooks (Taken From The Month Of August )

“Pleased with Brooks contribution of playing simple passes and keeping a cool head. Almost played a great through ball to Tuton. He needs to go on the Mick Kennedy (if anybody remembers him) diet at the Shay cafe! Has a good pedigree with Man City and obviously has talent. “

“Three kids brought on, but somehow they turned the game on its head. How old are Brooks and Hamilton?”

“Brooks although slight in build totally bamboozled the Barrow midfield with his ball skills & left them kicking at fresh air”

“genuinely thought Brooks did really well when he came on and looked solid”

“Talking to a Man City fan at the game who has watched Brooks come through the ages for them. Big things were expected, but he just didnt grow physically, he said he was always an outstanding footballer. Let him go and he ended up at Sheff Utd.”

“The two young lads from Sheff U changed the game”

Loan Update: Northampton Fans Views on Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Taken From The Month Of August)

“As for the young centre forward Calvert-Lewin he did pretty well but is a bit light weight and shudder for him on wet pitch against L2 cloggers. Was not entirely convincing in the air although he did manage a couple of decent headers. Very promising for one so young and for those who doubted CW for signing him – you were proved wrong. Very useful reserve to have and am pretty certain will score goals. One for the future. “

“Calvert-Lewin continues to catch the eye. “

“He looks lively”

“Dominic Calvert-Lewin had me purring, the turn and shot second half was pure class. Whatever we got for Toney, this boy is worth a lot more.”

“He is a barely capable squad player”

“I disagree about Calvert lewin I think the lad is going to be fine for us. He’s got a great leap on him and a good touch, problem we had today is we were just blindly aiming balls over the top. Needed to pass it round them not over them.”
“ Everyone was raving about Calvert – Lewin after the Blackpool game and now he’s not up to the job? Are Barnet that much better than Blackpool?”

“Calven-Lewin was asked to play almost as a target man winning balls in the air, I don’t think thats his game.”

“Calvert-Lewin looked exactly what he is, a young lad playing a men’s game with little support”

“He Runs around like a headless chicken.”

View From Hartlepool

Hartlepool 1-1 Blades (Blades win 4-3 on Pens)

“Poor first half with Worley not looking match fit. Changed things in the second half and we looked a lot better, good finish by Fenwick like. “

“plenty of positives tonight…..Bartlett. Worley. Harrison, Carroll.Jones, Hawkins, thought after going 1-0 down and the following 20. mins it was going to be a long night but we grew into it after that and with a bit of luck might have even won it……unlucky.”

“Really enjoyed that tonight, quite a few positives”

“We were hopeless with the 352 formation again, looked much more solid and like we might score after going 442 midway through the first half.”

“Enjoyable game on the whole. “

“Was expecting a hammering after the first twenty minutes………………but thereafter, thoroughly enjoyed it. “

“For the first 20 minutes of the game I feared the worst, but we improved as the game went on”

“1st Half possession stats probably something like 10/90”

“Great second half”