View From Chesterfield

“Enjoyed that think we made our point be interested to see what blades fans thought
Thanks for your generous clapping of our season. See you at Wembley?”

“Should have won that.”

“Shame for the league that they’re above us; the league table never lies, but it doesn’t tell whole truth!”

“I do think if each team can perform to their maximum, Sheff Utd are the worst in the PO mix”

“Is the official figure from us the 3,397 that the club put on Facebook?
Doesn’t really make sense as we were given 4,300 tickets and when I collected mine Friday afternoon I was told less than 100
were left.”

“They’re clearly not very intelligent in Sheffield, given that there was no A, B or C rows in the lower stand. I’m guessing
they can’t add up either.”

“Thinking back over the 35 years I’ve been watching Town, and I think that was the biggest league crowd I have seen us play

“Largest Sheffield Utd home crowd of the season
They only came to see the Spireites!! “

“Not bad turnout for a team that means nothing to em…..not a derby……ha ha……they got spanked especially 2nd half”

“From radio Sheffield.”Interviewer to cookie ,I think the best complement I can make is a sheff u fan said to me “I wish I could watch chesterfield’s style of football every week” cooks reply” We are only 8 miles away,come down and buy a season ticket” Love it just Love it. “

“Oh and as for annies song. How can they be out of their senses on barrel of magnet when they only sell sodding lager in the ground…..poor like their vocal support!!!! “

“Hats off to the team, mcnulty took their goal well, but overall we were better than them. “

“With Swindon blowing it, it could be a Spireites v Blunts final! “

“Well in that case get ready for championship football against those wembley bottle jobs “

“Preston & blunts both…..Preston 9 times in play-offs never won, Sheff Utd 7 times in play-offs never won. “

“I think the blades will be on the discovery channel…clough still does not know his best 11. “
“Like how they think they going to play preston in the worst 2 teams in the play off thread….idiots “

“Another thing to note was the panicking of MeEverley as soon as he had to cope with Armand. Something to store in the locker if we get em at Wembley.
We limited them to 1 chance which they took and then a deflection that flew past the post. They were awful to say they were at home. BUT SAYING THAT HOW BOTHERED WAS CLOUGH.”

“even radio sheffield said we were the better team “

“Should we have all gone in black ties today?
All we heard before the game and at half time were tributes to departed fans, and whilst there’s certainly a place for such stuff it was like being at a wake.
‘Sheffield United sponsored by the Coop Funeral Service’, perhaps.
And a mate of mine made a good point: was that pitch heavy after overnight rain or was the grass left deliberately long?
The ball just didn’t seem to roll truly which hampered the likes of Roberts and O’Shea, and as we play/ed far more football than a workmanlike Blunts outfit it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a cynical Clough tactic. Like having ball boys who left the fetching to Town players.
Either way Town were by far the more entertaining side, the only one of the two that actually wanted to win, it appeared.
Bottom line I’ve seen nothing to fear from Sheffyoo should we encounter them at Wembley.”

“I thought the announcer was spot on and even credited CFC Fans several times for our support and also our achievements this season.
He even said Good Luck and he looked forward to seeing us in the Final…..”

Pre-Match View From Chesterfield

“Who would have believed at the start of the season this would be a nothing game for the right reasons?”

“In my mind it was a ‘good’ season if we weren’t already relegated and Sheff U couldn’t send us down on the last day. Going into it almost as equals means we’ve surpassed even my highest expectations. It’d worry me a little if we went into the playoffs without a win in 3 (and if we don’t score) but I’d understand Cookie (or indeed his caretaker 😉 ) resting players to avoid sendings off ….”

“I couldn’t care less who we get in the playoffs so this is just a party game/day for me. Still not sure how to work the pacman-mayweather into this session of a day.”

“I did initially want MK Dons, but the way they are playing at the moment I don’t fancy it. I’d prefer an out of sorts Swindon. On the flip side though I’d rather not risk injury to key players going into the playoffs. Tough to know how to play it”

“Best thing about this game is that we don’t have to give the Blunts a guard of honour on to the pitch, like i feared before a ball had been kicked.
Nice little bank holiday Sheffield sesh planned though.
Oh, and £29.00 for us exiles for a nowt match…i spat my cornflakes all over the iPad this morning reading that.”

“Not bothered about winning this one.”

“Suprise we’ce sold 2200 on first day of sales. Thought many wouldn’t bother. Day out in Sheffield is all I see it as, would like to beat em but not that arsed.”

“I don’t want to win on Sunday which is weird. Obviously I’d take it and be briefly happy but I couldn’t make a Monday night at Swindon. Plus , though MK are the better side (as per league table) our three wins against them have to be a minor mental edge.”

“Yeah i’d rather go MK on a Sunday.”

“Weird not wanting us to beat Sheff U, guess to make it feel like a win we could go 4-0 down and draw 4-4. Swindon on a Monday night won’t get the seal of approval im certain”

“I think we would have a better chance against Swindon, given their form, but as still think we would have a chance against Mk dons think I would prefer to finish 6th. However I still wants us to beat the blades so it will probably be Swindon. “

“We should always want to beat them and their big club mentality”

“I want us to do the double over the blunts”

“Would love to see little Chesterfield beat em in their own back yard. “

“I feel that we should try and manipulate the games in an attempt to play MK franchise in the play-offs.
Folks seem to be put off by their recent form but lets not forget that Dale nearly pulled it off the other night and defensively we are more than capable of beating them. Swindon/Preston more or less took us to the cleaners in our own back yard so I’ll take my chance at Wembley having banked the money.”

“Having watched us for more years than I care to remember, when we came up the first fixture I looked for was the blunts away and home… why?
Put simply I hate them! Always have, always will…probably because thousands of them ran over our pitch and tried to take our kop in the 80’s! Probably coz they can’t talk properly! Probably coz they are arrogant! Probably coz they wear red!
But for once I am off to ramall lane and couldn’t give a toss what happens…..because the only thing that matters is the play offs and stuffing them at Wembley and going up to the championship which would make my life complete! “

“Strange one for me…I know people differ but for me it’s Mansfield I detest ..Yes I look upon the games v the Sheffield teams as big games but it doesn’t have the same knife edge feel. Of course I would have been there in a flash but the fact the game was at first moved to Sunday, then became a bit of a damp squib regarding play-off qualification means I’ll be watching my lad play for his Sunday side. Of course in a way I wish I was going but in the bigger scheme of my life as a dyed in the wool Spireite I’m extremely indifferent to Sundays game..hope you have a great day mind you mate, and you bring home the “bacon”!”

“Quite simply I want us go there and win. We absolutely dismantled them in the home game and the scoreline flattered them due to them eventually working out we were basically playing rush goalie. We’re a better side than them and I fully expect us to show it on the day. We could do with the tonic of a win after two draw and a no shame defeat. “

“A loose family member of mine is a Wednesdayite, never really given them the time of day or enjoyed a conversation before today, funny what a hatred of the pigs will do!”

“I despise the Blunts and always have nothing so would give me more pleasure in a league game than beating them soundly playing football our way and sending all 20,000 plus of them into next week near suicidal.
Say what you like it would also give our collective confidence a massive boost before the play offs and would send a real message to the other 3 sides in them that we are not along for the ride
So let’s go over be loud, proud and give em a real tonking they won’t forget COYB’s “

“I’m going to abuse my body as much as possible and that’s all I’m bothered about, to be frank.”

“As long as we don’t get thrashed and/or get injuries or suspensions I’m easy.”

“remember the game in 82/83 very well as a load of sheffulders invaded the kop and smashed my head against one of those old standing barriers, its dead easy to say not too bothered until the day comes and we stand in the away end, out come our players, the whistle goes, of course we want to win, remember the win there in 89/90, Bruno double, lets go beat em “

“Heart says YES full strength side beat the Deedahs finish above them have a great day out.
Head says NO, Clough’s cloggers will be all out to cause injuries and suspensions to weaken us for the final and I don’t like the prize of winning, worry, worry, worry”

“Should we play Dan Jones?
Blunts will be out to wind him up “

“I will be happy with a draw and a narrow defeat wont be the end of the world, esp as we beat them at home. Its not a win at all costs game for me. I will enjoy not having to worry about the result. “

“I think it would be a shame for football if this team were to finish below Sheff Utd as I firmly believe we are a better side than that lot, let’s hope we make sure the league table tells the truth at the end of it! “



“They were all over us first half”

“if Sheffield United would’ve had their shooting boots on, particularly in the first half, they would’ve won comfortably.”

“Not often our defence gets the best marks but they were the best players today.”

“The defence were not that good.
Utd, ought to have scored 3 in the first half it was only Cisak who saved us. He was the MOM.”

“We haven’t beaten a top half side at home all season”

“I said today during the first half we really cannot have any complaints going down. That team we played are 5th! Shows just
how poor we are.”

“Absolutely terrible. No desire or anything to win the match.”

“Been a while since something as benign as a stray pass going out for a throw-in on the half-way line cause real hateful uproar
by many”

“I thought the opportunity to win was there as Sheff Utd looked like they were happy to play for a point”

“They were clinging on at the end”

“Great attendance for a poor performance in return pfft”

“Our goalkeeper was certainly our best player”

“yet again Cisak was voted MOTM speaks volumes about the other 10”

“Cisak certainly deserve MOTM, quality keeper and kept us in the match and league. Please sign him up!!!!!! “

“Ciask was different class again today would have been down weeks ago without him “

” I assume Cisak will see sense and leave”

“we did well not to lose, Sheffield utd always equalize against us, well done the Os keeper, Man of the match, a great loan”

“Is now the time to say that I predicted #lofc would be relegated on the way home from the play-off final? No. Fair enough.”

“1,338 sheff utd fans there today. Good turnout”

“Weird mixture of boos and claps for the most awkward lap of “honour” ever!”

“Booked Saturday off work to go to Swindon and have just realised that we’re playing on Bloody Sunday”

“We were a disgrace.”

“The moment we scored, message from Liverani was “defend deeper.” He really doesn’t know what he’s doing”

“Gutted we’ve still got a chance, wanted it done and dusted before the last day “

“Col U playing PNE who need a win. Cov need a win to be 100% safe. Main worry is Gillingham……..oh and us!”

“Piss poor division 2014-2015, with those players we shouldn’t be in division four. Blame lies with mr president, players and

“Only at Orient. A fan throws his season ticket at the bench on the last home game of the season. We know how to protest. “

“At least our worst EVER home record was not beaten… Plus we go into the last game needing miracle. Stranger things have

“Keyword of today: Dreadful.”

“Orient fans at the final whistle today………


Pre-Match View from Leyton Orient

“The pressure is immense at the moment”

“Can you honestly, hand on heart, say that we deserve to stay up? Obviously if we’re in 20th place come the evening of 3rd of
May then we deserve to stay up over 46 games but seriously do we have any complaints if we go down?”

“Orient will not win on Saturday or at Swindon.
There’s nothing that’s happened in the last two games to make me think otherwise.
No complaints from me regarding relegation.
The whole club, from top to bottom, deserves no more, no less.”

” I cannot see us winning either game. You can’t see the players coping with the huge pressure, they couldn’t at Rochdale, MK
Dons or at home to Donny. The really annoying thing is that we were in a damn good position to avoid relegation but we have
bottled it big-time.”

“looking at Sheff Utd form of recent it gives us a bit of hope – losing at Yeovil, drawing at home to Bradford and away to
Oldham. Swindon’s isn’t any better, also losing to Yeovil and struggling to draw against Walsall, both at home, only just
beating P’boro and being thrashed by the champions (where they tried to kick City off the park) and MK.”

“If we beat Sheffield utd Saturday and then a rested Swindon side I recon that will be enough.”

“There is no chance of us staying up. It is clear that the players have given up, for reasons best known to themselves.
I think losing the Donny game killed us.
I would rather that we go down on Sat & we can then start preparing for next season.”

“We’re fecked. Just give up any hope.”

“Think we can beat Sheff Utd If we score first, but that’s a massive if…”

“Seriously guys, it’s over.
Use Saturday as a chance to make our feelings about Liverani known.”

“I just hope Ex-Well hero Wee Jamie Murphy isn’t the one to sink us on Saturday.”

“Sheffield Utd will beat us on Saturday.”

“The reaction of the players at the final whistle last night said it all.
They’re absolutely finished.
I would love to be proved wrong but it really isn’t going to happen.
Who the two opponents are in the remaining two games are is now totally irrelevant.
Right now, the way things are going, they could be playing Bristol City and Preston or Yeovil and Colchester and the outcome
would probably be the same.
They’ll get one point if you’re lucky.
If you truly believe that Orient could still stay up then you really need to get their head out of the clouds.”

“We have not beaten Sheff Utd at home since 1983 I believe? Their 1500 fans will rock them to victory. Can not think of a worse
team to play at home. We do not have a chance end of. Donny at home was when I knew the game was up”

“This Is The Time To Show What We’re Made Of
Leyton Orient 0-4 Sheffield United”

“we still mathematically have a chance of staying up, irrespective of what most of us generally seem to think is a foregone
Talk of protests on Saturday is in no way going to help our chances in of staying up over the last two games.
We need to put our feelings and opinions (including mine!) behind us IMHO for the last two games, starting Saturday, and get
behind the team and try and do what we can to help get us over the line. We need to stay in this league.
If it all ends up as most of us fear it will, at least we tried and did our bit….then we can make our feelings known, instead
of thinking back about any protests we made or any booing during the game that did not help the cause.We can still stay up, our
heads may be admitting its too late, but its time for the hearts to rule for these two games. Should be a big crowd on
Saturday, lets get behind the team.”

“I’ve already given away my tickets for Saturday. Our esteemed owner and that OAF Liverani have succeeded in convincing me that
its not worth the heartache.
Its actually not the losing, or relegation – more a despair for the hijacking of a great family club with an ethos of
competitiveness – and its transformation into a wasteland inhabited by confusion and pain”

“I too have given away my season tickets, Mk and Rochdale was enough
for me I can’t stomach these underachievers for the last two games….”

“How is this team getting relegated?”

“I know the game isn’t played on paper, and they haven’t performed anything like consistently, but you do wonder how it’s all
come to this!”

“You’re right, it’s not bad is it? The mess we’re in, is unbelievable”

“Since I last shaved, Orient haven’t won a game. Moral of the story? Never shave”

“Anyone else already biting their fingernails waiting for Saturday?”

“Supporting Leyton Orient..a bit like a Greek tragedy. Everything starts all right, then shit gets real. From wembley to this.”

“Saturday and swindon matches are arguably the most important matches for our future in recent history! “

“We are favourites to win on Saturday… I have absolutely no idea why we are though”

LOAN UPDATE: Lincoln City fans views on Kieron Wallace (Taken From The Month Of April)

“Wallace was instrumental, driving forward and causing panic in defence, and his through-ball for the first goal was superb. “

“Wallace looked below par. “

“Maybe a bit early to say this, but he seems a bit of a nothing player”

“Say what we like about Nolan, he is a better player than EWallace on today’s evidence.”

“The midfield is causing the problem, completely non-existent. Everington, Keane and Wallace are individually and collectively hopeless and hardly touch the ball”

LOAN UPDATE: Port Vale Fans Views On Neill Collins (Taken From The Month Of April)

 “Collins is dodgy. He contributed to their first goal “

“Collins is too slow”

“I think Collins looks a good centre half but not match fit.  “

“when Collins challenged clumsily for t”he ball on the half way line in the second half he then turned round and blamed Veseli!

“Collins worst signing ever! Great player ain’t he silly own goal then injured well done page fantastic signing!!!!  “

 “Collins started ok but had nothing to do. Only time he had to do anything he cocked it up for their first then got injured. Another crock. “

“Collins man of the match for me by a mile. Rock. “

“Collins were excellent at the back. Collins had a very good game, reading the play and getting great distance with his headers. “

“I’ve not been impressed with Collins to date but he was a rock in the defence. Fantastic performance “

“Thought Collins was excellent, won all he had to win,and was on the back of other defenders all game “

“Collins mate today you were magnificent! “

“Second half was better, if only due to the individual character and determination of individuals such as Collins “

“the lad Collins has made a huge difference to us . He was a rock at the back”

“Well done Neill Collins. Excellent game again.”

  “Collins was excellent tonight”

“Id like to mention a bit of praise for Collins, he came in for quite a bit of stick on here after the Orient match, but since then has been excellent, a real rock, was brilliant against MK, apparently solid against Scunny and very good again tonight, would like to see if we could sort a deal out for him next season, a potential centre back partnership of Collins and Innis. “

“I’d have given Collins MOTM tonight. He was outsstanding. “
“Collins had a blinder and we looked better when duffy went off lol. I would love to see inniss and Collins at the back next season that would be a solid defence! “

“Collins was our best player”

“Collins was solid “

“Collins has been a rock at the back and from what I’ve seen is very vocal, just what was needed. “

“Collins was the rock on which our performance was based”

 “Collins has been a great loan signing. “

“Collins was like a man possessed”

“Collins is starting to show why he has enjoyed such a good career”

“Collins is a great leader”